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AuctionGrooVe RIDES AGAIN! -

Item Description
Rides Again!
July 2019
We are brushing off the trail dust to present, for your consideration, a fine assortment of various and sundry treasures heretofore unseen around these parts. Vintage La Crosse Related items, Coins, Stamps, Postcards, Jewelry, Military, 1937 Life Magazines, Tokens, Comics, Antique Ammunition, Antiques, Collectibles, 1950s & 60s Playboy Magazines, Ephemera and More
Don't be the Lone Ranger. Time to grab your side - kick, saddle up and get Rowdy. Check it out for a Bit and Spur on the bids.
Hi-Yo Silver (coins & jewelry) Away!

                          BID ONLINE NOW
ENDS Tuesday July 9th  @ 6:15pm Central Time
Pick Up SOUTH La Crosse
10% Buyers Fee and 5.5% WI Sales Tax apply.
Bidders receive pick up location in South La Crosse.
Added lots 152 - 216  since start of bidding
 You Are In The GrooVe ~ The AuctionGrooVe!
Bid on Spurs at lot #39, Rawhide comic at #69 and 
The Lone Ranger Comic at Lot # 74,

5 Federal Duck Stamp Artist's Autographs on
2 album pages with 10 stamps. 

A Unique collection of Artist's Signatures (some rare) including:

RW 7 ~ 1941 Francis Lee Jaques
RW 25 ~ 1959 Les Kouba
RW 16 ~ 1950 Roger E. Preuss
RW 21 ~ 1955 Harvey Sandstrom
6 stamps by Maynard Reece include:
RW 15 ~ 1949
RW 18 ~ 1952
RW 26 ~ 1960
RW 36 ~ 1970
RW 38 ~ 1972
and 1972 Iowa Migratory Waterfowl Stamp

All stamps are hinge mounted on 2 pages. 
Dates listed as shown on stamp.
Examine photos for condition of stamps

1960 and 1964 Proof Sets.
Both from the US Mint in Philadelphia in Original cellophane packages as shown in photos. No envelopes.
Want more coins? Click on "Coins" category this Auction.

4.Spanish-American War Veteran medal 1898 to 1902. Approximately 4 1/2 in Long by 1 and 3/4 inches wide Metal Mart 16352 on back of crossed gun, sword, Cannon. No box see photos great condition.
see Spanish-American War Veteran RING at lot 65

4 - Hold to Light Postcards
Official Souvenirs of the St Louis World's Fair 

Cards include Palace of education and social economy, Palace of varied Industries, the art Palace and Palace of liberal arts. See photos for condition. Selling the group of four as one lot. World's Fair Collectibles and postcard Collectibles Ephemera category.

Miller High Life
Vintage13 in beer tray. Features of pretty beer Maiden sitting on the moon toasting to the High Life. Tray has been used. Minor scratches overall good condition see photos.

7.Smoke 'em if you got 'em!
WW2 Era Lucky Strike Cigarettes. 
Original unopened cellophane tax stamp and contents totally intact. Appears to be World War II era as there is no foil used in the packaging to help the War Effort.

8.HUBLEY~ Junior Flintlock Toy Cap Pistols. 
Marked Hubley, Made in USA. Both appear to be in great condition and are totally functional double action by cocking the hammer and firing it or pulling the trigger to fire it. Photos show all sides and angles

Authentic Handmade Inuit Mukluks and Doll.
Made of hide and fur with some cloth material on the doll. Some old insect damage see photos

Beautiful Topaz
Size 7 ladies ring pear-shape cut set in 10 karat gold. 

Bronze Star and Medal for Meritorious Service.
Both include presentation boxes. 
The Bronze Star Medal, unofficially the Bronze Star, is a United States decoration awarded to members of the United States Armed Forces for either heroic achievement, heroic service, meritorious achievement, or meritorious service in a combat zone.  Per WIkipedia.

Defense Meritorious Service Medal decoration set. Includes regular and mini medal and Lapel Bar. Comes with box and case.
Awarded by the Department of Defense. 
Eligibility any member of the U.S. Armed Forces or any member of the armed forces of a friendly foreign nation
Awarded for Non-combat outstanding achievement or meritorious service. Status Currently awarded

United Nation postage stamp
featuring blocks of four and souvenir sheets and a very nice White Ace album. Over $175 catalog value per note found in album

Playboy Magazine Entertainment for Men.
17 Issues from 1956, 1957, 1958 and 1959
all with Centerfolds.

Includes 3 x 1956, 1 x 1957, 4 x 1958 and 9 x 1959
That's 17 plus 4 with damaged covers (1955 & 4 x 1958)
Want more Paper? Click on "Ephemera" category this Auction.

Whitman folder contains 37 silver Canadian quarters 1937 to 1968. Includes 35 up to 1966, 1 each 1967 & 68 plus an additional nine clad quarters for a total of 46 coins.
Want more coins? Click on "Coins" category this Auction.

Roll of 50 1909 - p wheat back pennies. 
Shot 1 photo of entire lot and then 2 photos of each section of pennies so lighting shows details. Tube is marked G to VG (grade). 
¢ See photos make your own decision. 
NEW PHOTOS 7/5/19 show front and back

25 miniature pewter Stein's by John pinches Limited.
All fit inside of and comes along with a Hemingway wooden cigar box

1959 us proof coin set in original envelope with certificate. 
Want more coins? Click on "Coins" category this Auction.

Antique Camel Back Trunk.
Photos show 1880 date. 26 in w x 21 in t x16 .5 in deep
1 handle intact 1 pulled off and inside of trunk.

Pair of Sterling Silver Salts
 one has larger holes so I'm calling it a salt and pepper. See photos minor blemishes

20.HaPpY UnHaPpY !
Tragedy and Comedy Clip ~ Marked Sterling Silver 925 
See photos for clip details ~ 1.75" long x 5/8" tall

Lois Lane Superman's Girlfriend
DC Comics 1960s.

Number 17 from May 1960 and number 51 from August 1964 according to owner's stickers on sleeves.

Aircraft Sextant Mark V BU. AERO., U.S. NAVY
Eclipse - Pioneer a Division of Bendix
in Original Box.

Sextant - Bubble Type
(with Altitude averaging device)
Lots of photos. Will look even better after you clean it up.
My Curtis Helldiver is in the shop so I was not able to test it. 

Military issue Airplane Mooring case type D - 1.
Zipper in case is there but is damaged near end. Case is approx. 27 X 7 inches wide and 3 inches high when closed. This would be a neat, unusual piece to add to any military or early aviation collection for you or your favorite pilot.

Mack Truck Bulldog Hood Emblem
Cigar ashtray in Chrome. Mark II Central die casting and Manufacturing Company Chicago Illinois on the bottom the dog itself is marked Mac on the collar and design patent 87931 on his chest. Approximately 7 in diameter 4 and 3/4 inch Height.

16 millimeter Elmo projector 16 - CL Optical with sound. 
Seems to work as far as reels turn, fan blows and projector bulb lights. Includes case 2 large reels extra light bulb as shown.
Needs cleaning but I know you can do that!
Rubber on drive Wheels is deteriorated so you need to replace them before running a film through it

Black powder Flintlock Pistol.
Once owned by an infamous pirate (maybe, maybe not)

Appears Middle Eastern or African in origin. 16 in Long 5/8 diameter bore. Seems to be functional. Do not attempt to fire this as it may be strictly a Decor piece.

8 inch long metal key from the
1934 Century of Progress

Markings on the key include Hall of Science, Travel and Transport, Chicago 1934, Enchanted Island, Belgium, and a century of progress - 1934.

5th Reunion of the
National Society of the Army of the Philippines
St Louis 1904 and 
1904 St Louis World's Fair press Association ribbon. 38th Annual Meeting of the Missouri Press Association. More World's Fair souvenirs to be found in this auction

Mostly Military and related pins, 42 pieces total. Photos show 9 Sterling Silver pins with covers removed from individual display cases. Lot includes Tray and individual cases as shown.

Peter's High Velocity 16 gauge shotgun shells.
This antique box claims they're Restless long-range hard-hitting smokeless shotgun shells with the new Peters crimp and they're made in the USA. 25 shells to box this box is full top has not been unsealed bottom flaps do open. Do not fire these shells for collectors use only. More vintage shotgun shells this auction.

UNOPENED BOX of Blackstone Bantam CIGARS 
by Waitt & Bond PLUS open box with 26 cigars
and Season's Greetings label attached to top. Inside box marked,
"Guaranteed all Havana filler -
Extremely Mild - Tips Punctured - 2 for 15¢ "

45 United States state quarters from 1999 up to 2007.
All brilliant uncirculated and slabbed coins except for one 2005 S California quarter that's cameo grade. All but nine are in three-ring binder pages as I ruined one page taking them out. Includes binder and damaged page photos show dates and mint marks

Fluted Carnival Glass Footed Compotes.
Green Iridescent Compote measures about 6 inches across and the Marigold about 5". Both are around 6 inches tall.

Viva Mexico! Handmade Sword or Machete by Melesio Sanchez Medina.  Engraved Eagle on blade with Mountain scene on one side the other side has a design with the words inscribed "Pa' Los Toros del Jaral!  Los Caballos de alla mes' mo!!. Melesio Medina Diaz Ordaz 18 Oaxaca, Oxa. Length is about 32 in end to end leather sheath included.

Antique Spinning Wheel or flax wheel
. Measures approximately 36 Long 35 high and 22 in deep. Appears to be complete For What Little I know. Needs a couple of minor repairs to hook up the pedal and you'll be spinning and no time.

14 Life Magazines from 1937.
2 - January, 3 - February, 6 - March, + 3 - April.

1936 and 1937 Harley Davidson Flyers

2 Different Flyers. 1936 and 1937 Harley Davidson Dealer Flyers. Original ~ Vintage ~ Antique ~ Classic. Provided to dealers and printed on one side only so they could print personalized messages and advertising. New Old Stock originally from HD Dealer in Wisconsin in business from the 1920's to the 1980's. Each measures 11.5 x 17 7/8 inches.

You are buying 1 each:
"THE SERVICE That Continues Owner Satisfaction Through The Years." ~ Featuring 1936 Harley Davidson EL Knucklehead World Speed Record.     
"Built in Instrument Panel and Enclosed Speedometer Drive on All 1937 Harley Davidsons." 

60 Dog License Tags from 1963 - 1973.
All from Iowa includes 5 - 1963 Jefferson County, 7 - 1966 Jefferson County, 30 - 1971 Wapello County, 17 - 1972 Wapello County and 1 - Wapello County Iowa 1973

Git  Yer Cowboy On!.

Spurs appear to be Hand Forged in the late 1800's 
Hand wrought iron. Heavy duty cowboy work gear probably Mexican made.
Check out the photos for the handwork engraving details. Two Spurs and two bits. Authentic Old West all the way.
Saddle up the stove Ma cuz we're riding the range tonight!

3 - Authentic Antique Photos featuring the
Leveraus Brothers Shop,
Si and Henry, per notes found with photos.
Not sure if they were located in La Crosse.
Do you know? Please enlighten us. 5 x 7"

50 pins total includes 
Military, different organizations and some jewelry. Two of the pins shown in photos with covers off are marked sterling silver. Includes glass top cover for case as shown in last photo

1960 Playboy magazines
missing January and February but extras for August and May 12 total. Centerfolds intact.

Graceful Agate Cabochon set in
10 karat gold ring size is 5. 

Pretty Little Coral Ring
Set in 14 karat gold size 6 and 1/2.


10 K Gold Ring w/10 Channel Set Diamond Chips.
Size 8 . Diamond # 11 is missing

Peter's Antique shotgun shell box
20 with shotgun shells.

This is a Peter's high velocity 20 gauge shotgun shell box. Features long-range hard-hitting smokeless shotgun shells with the new Peters Crimp and they're Rustless according to the Box. Looks like there's about 20 shells in the Box.
These shotgun shells are not for shooting, only for collecting.

Antique box with about 13 - 20 Gauge Remington Express Extra Long Range Smokeless Wet Proof Shot Shells for 20 gauge shotgun that says Kleanbore Priming a New Remington Crimp on the box also 5 other 20 gauge shells. See photos. These are for collection use only not sold to be shot are used for hunting

48.Antique box of 16 gauge Shotgun Shells by Peters Victor Rustless Smokeless Shotgun Shells DuPont what is 2 and 9/16 in on the box these are for collecting purposes not for shooting purposes. Shells include15 - Peters Shells to match the Box Plus 4 - Remington Sure Shot 16 gauge and 6 - Western expert 16 gauge see photos for detail. 25 total

Canadian Small Cent Collection
coins from 1920 to 1962 and blue Whitman folder some of these are pretty tough dates nice collection see photos for details.

14-karat Gold and CZ ~ Cubic Zirconia size 4

50 pins total including
military, different organizations, jewelry and more. Includes tray and containers.

1961 Playboy Magazines x 8 
Missing issues from July, August, September and November.
All have Centerfolds per Seller Notes. 
Notes on covers tells month, year and name of centerfold

53.14 karat gold ring with Diamonds. Size 4.5 

54.Possibly Citrine? Mounted in 10 karat gold size 6.75

Fifty State commemorative quarters 1999 to 2008 nice presentation book good for every collection

1957 Proof Set
in original cellophane from the US Mint in Philadelphia no envelope

1959 United States Proof Set
from the Philadelphia mint no envelope

1960 Proof Coin Set
from the US Mint in Philadelphia. Includes original envelope, card and description.

1962 United States proof coin set in original cellophane from US Mint in Philadelphia includes envelope and card cards as seen in photos

1964 United States proof coin set an original cellophane from the United States Mint in Philadelphia. Includes envelope cards and information

1962 Playboy magazines​​​​​​​
includes issues from January April May July and August. Centerfolds attached note says Centerfolds loose for August issue.
Search Keyword Playboy or go to Category for Ephemera for more

10 karat white gold ring with clear baguette in-center. 
Size 7 

10 karat yellow gold size 6 Ring with blue Center Stone.

Roll of 50 1912 p Lincoln wheat back pennies
in good condition according to notes on coin tube.
NEW PHOTOS 7/5/19 show front and back

Spanish-American War Veteran Ring
1898 to 1902. 

Brass design mounted on what appears to be nickel silver. No markings found inside of ring see photos. Size 7.5
  See Spanish-American War Veteran Medal at Lot 4
keyword search Spanish or see Military category

66.1901 Pan American Exposition souvenir plate and
Rear Admiral George Dewey souvenir plate from the
Spanish-American War.
Plates are approximately 7 in diameter.

67.Exceptional Nippon Nut Serving set featuring Acorns and Peanuts. Bowl measures approximately 8 in across and five small cups each measure approximately 2.5 in across. Hand-painted Nippon by Morimura

Superman DC Comics ~ The Man Who Married Lois Lane number 136 April 1960 and Superman's pal Jimmy Olsen DC Comics number 33 December 1958. Details from seller as shown on stickers

Dell comics The Rat Patrol
issue number to April 1967 and Rawhide number 1028
as shown on stickers provided by seller.

Norman Rockwell Classics and Historic American Stamps. Approximately 27 covers in the album not a complete album obviously. Four or five pages have been cut removed. A couple show in photos.

10 karat white gold size 5.5 with a Clear to Pale Blue Oval cut Center Stone and  single small diamonds on two sides.
See photos with and without flash. 

Size 7.5, Yellow 10 k Gold Ring with
Beautiful Pale Green Round Cut Center Stone.


DOUBLE your pleasure double your treasure. 
2 - 50 State commemorative quarter sets 1999 to 2008
in great-looking presentation binders

The Lone Ranger Silver Anniversary Issue
according to sticker on cover its number 118 from 1958. See photos

Adventure Comics featuring Superboy and
Tales of the Legion of Superheroes

 issue number 306 tember 1962 according to sellers sticker

True Sport Picture Stories featuring Cohn and Lewis
each predict how they'll win. Volume 3 number 8 July August 1946 according to sellers sticker on sleeve protecting comic.

19 life magazines from 1937
Includes 4 - May, 5 - June, 3 - July, 7 - August. Some duplicates check out the photos

19 total consists of 18 issues from 1937 and single issue from 1936. Includes 6 - September, 4 - October, 5 - November, 3 - December, and single December 1936. See photos for duplicates issues.

Thurow Motor Sales Chrysler Plymouth Wilton, Wisconsin
framed advertising piece. Measures about 7 by 9.

Civil War Era Militia Officer's Sword
Probably Ames manufacturer. No Scabbard. Approximately 29 in Long and 5 inches at the guard. Handle appears to be bone or?.

Joe Palooka Comics.
Reader copies. 6 total see photos.

Mighty Samson Gold Key Comics and
Spartacus Dell Movie Classic Comics
Sticker on Spartacus States 1139 1960
sticker on Samson indicates number one July 1964

Charlton Comics Space Adventure and
Feature Presentations Magazine Moby Dick
Space Adventures sticker states #8 July 1969
Moby Dick sticker states #2 June 1950.

Beautiful Hand-painted Bowl featuring Peaches and Branches by Nagoya Nippon Shofu.  
Fluted Edge, pierced handles 7 in diameter and approximately 3 in high.

Nippon 7" Hand-painted floral dish and
an 8 inch Pressed glass bowl.

New York World's Fair Souvenirs
1964-1965 metal trays and three maps.
See Photos for Official Preview Book with Huntley-Brinkley Report on the fair.

87.Two 1933 Official Guide Book of the Fair and two international exposition pamphlets. 1934 Your birth-month pamphlet has damage, see photos.

1939 New York World's Fair pictorial map and a
Fact pamphlet.

1939 Souvenir of Chicago World's Fair, crumb tray marked Japan.
Probably pot metal or spelter material.

12 Life Magazine from the 1950s.
Includes 12 March, 21st May, 24th July, 6 August, 27 August, 20th August, 24th September, 1st of October and 8th of October. See photos for duplicates

6 Life Magazine from the 1960s and one Saturday evening post. Included are April 1963, September 1963, October 1963, December 1963, special anniversary addition 1966, and January 1964

1904 New York World's Fair Amateur Journalists Day ribbon and a Pennsylvania ribbon featuring the Seal of the Great State of Pennsylvania.

11 Life Magazines from 1949 and 1946. 
Includes May 1949, June 1949, July 1949, September 1949, February 1946, and April 1946. Some doubles, see photos.

14 Life magazines from 1946 & 49. 
Includes 1 - November 1946, 2 - August 1949, 8 September -1949, 3 November 1949. See photos for duplicates.

Set of 13 Bicentennial State Seal Spoons.
Mfg by International Silver, spoons measure 6".
INCLUDES spoon rack 20"H × 9.5"W × 5"D

Three hand woven trays
diameters measure 10" - 12.5" - 14"
possibly African?

Handwoven Picnic basket with handle.
14"H × 14"W × 12"D

Three Handwoven Baskets
10" - 11" - 13.5. See photos

BOZO the Clown Action Coin Bank with Original Box!
Constructed of heavy duty plastic, opens with key (lost...not included), made in British Hong Kong for Banthrico, Inc. Chicago USA 1971

Bayfield county WWII honor roll album

Three military manuals 1916, 1951, 1952

John Deere Model 40 Tractor and
McCormick-Deering No 61 Harvester-Thresher
Operators Manuals

1915 Fred Campbell Automobile Supplies Catalog

Journal of the Brotherhood of Locomotive Engineers

1915 Missouri Auto Specialty Company catalog

World War II
Das Auserwahlte Volk
Information on England for the German soldier

The Birds & Flowers of the 50 Capitals
1st day of issue Covers April 14 1982

Simmons Liver Regulator horseshoe, take in time

41 pcs of sheet music dating from 1920's and 30's.

10 issues of The Youths Companion 1915-1919

6 vintage advertising trade cards.
3 for Columbia Baking Powder and 3 for Magic Yeast Cakes.

The Best Coffee on Earth!
Seven advertising trade cards for W.F. McLaughlin & Co. Chicago.

Burnett's Cologne Water advertising trade cards.
Set of four cards designed in Paris.

Magic Yeast Cakes advertising trade cards.
Seven cards for the best yeast in the world!

Lion Coffee is the King of Coffees!
4 trade cards for Woolson Spice Co Toledo, Ohio.

La Crosse Advertising trade cards for
A.M. Watson dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries.
Seven Alden Fruit Vinegar cards with floral and fruit designs.

La Crosse Soap Co. and ​​​​​​​A.M. Watson Alden Fruit Vinegar trade cards.

La Crosse Soap Co.'s Magic Soap trade cards.
Five cards with floral design.

Trade cards for Armour & Co Chicago,
The New York Tea Co, F. Baggeler, and

Columbia Baking Powder trade cards.

Trade cards including Armour & Co, Metropolitan Life Insurance, Arbuckle Bros., E.R. Pantke Co., and B.T. Babbitt soap powder. Also Woolson Spice Co. Easter greeting cards.

7 - Lion Coffee by Woolson Spice Co and 
3 - Easter Greetings trade cards.

Political buttons, 32 total.
Various candidates and positions. See photos

4 quart liquid lunch pail. 
Railroad stencil on side looks like Saint Paul & ? 11 inches tall 7 inch diameter can

Presidential campaign buttons, 12 different candidates.

Antique Mermaid Hood Ornament from 1930s era Nash automobile.
About 9" long and 3" at the elbows.

Feel like fiddling around? 
Miniature violin and case entirely constructed of wood interesting piece great conversation piece and decor. Violin is about 8 inches long case is about 9 inch.

Camp Harvey Wisconsin from the Wisconsin National Guard, to the Volunteer Army of the USA.
Bailey & Weis Magazine & Papers La Crosse WI.

Betty Bonnet's Army and Navy Cousins by Sheila Young. Page from Ladies Home Journal for November 1917. 
Cut out paper dolls

10 issues of The Youths Companion 1919-1922

10 issues of The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial from 1915

14 issues of The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial 1917

16 issues of The New York Times Mid-Week Pictorial 1916

14 Indian Head pennies
including 2 - 1860 1 each of 1863, 1864, 1880, 1881, 1882, 1883, 1886, 1887 and 1909. Includes 3 - 1865 Indian Head pennies.

President Nixon- Vice President Agnew
1973 Bronze inaugural medallions.

Each measure 2 3/4". See photos for condition

Copper tray with wood handles measuring 14", see photos for condition. Also a Wooden Keg Tap (or spigot) measuring 9"

A Well Deserved Break by Emmett Kaye from the collection entitled Farming the Heartland.
The Danbury Mint plate measures 8".

Autographed record albums and sheet music by Edwin Lemare.
Bruce Channel, Chet Atkins, Roger Whitaker, Sammy Kaye,
Noel Coward album is his reproduced signature.

Presidential Champaign Buttons Collection includes Nixon, Rockefeller, Carter, Ford, Humphrey, and more.
20 different buttons, See photos

20 - Political pins. Includes
2 - 1924 La Follette / Wheeler Bronze pins,
Landon / Knox, Nixon / Lodge, Hoover, Roosevelt, LBJ, Dewey / Bricker and more. 
See photos

Uncle Sam 1962 campaign pin.

Political pamphlets, 95 Nixon Now bottons, and
Ron Paul 2012 business cards.

Political buttons, pins, and coins. Also includes some miscellaneous not political, see photos. 111 items total

Tokens and more tokens!
New York World's Fair 1964-1965 tokens, 74 total about 12 have blemishes. See photos.
110 - good for 1 pack token, and 1 - good for 2 pack token.

146.Political memorabilia, 5 ribbons including two 1888 Moline Ratification, two 1892 Moline Auditorium, and one Moline Graham Post (no date).

Political bumper stickers.
6 - Kennedy, 2 - Humphrey, 1 - Nixon-Agnew, 1 - Humphrey-Muskie, 1 - Bush-Cheney and 1 - Ron Paul. Also round Ron Paul stickers and two other political pamphlets. 

148.Living Presidents colorized United States of America $2 bill, includes certificate of authenticity and book case with photos. Also Thomas Jefferson $2 bill with stamp & coin collection.

3 - Encased United States coin sets.
Includes 1965, 1970 and Bicentennial 1776-1976 coins.
Cases included.

Official 1972 & 1973 Christmas in Bethlehem Sterling Silver Proof Medals by
The Franklin Mint with Stamps and Cancellations on Covers. Certificate of authenticity for each cachet.

Fifty State Commemorative Quarter Album 1999-2008 Philadelphia and Denver mints.
Ten pages with 10 quarters with printed descriptions.

Rare 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar Love Token. 
More Love Tokens this auction.

Whitman Folder of Washington Quarters from 1946 to 1958. Missing the 1946 S and the 1958 P Quarters. 

Very unique piece of jewelry / coin / numismatic antique brooch.
The front centerpiece has the name Joe with sets of initials on each side engraved on 3 - Silver Seated Liberty Dimes dated 1872, 1884 and 1884.
More love tokens this auction.

United States of America Large Cent dated 1824.
More large cents in this auction.

United States Standing Liberty Silver Quarters
dated 1926, 27, 28, 29 and 30.
All are mint mark P. Seller's grade is G4 for each coin.
More Standing Liberty Quarters this auction.

11 - 90% Silver Washington Quarters.
Included are 1934 P & D mint 1935 P & D mint 1936 P & D mint 1937 only a p mint 1938 P and S mint marks 1939 P & D mint.
More Washington quarters in this auction.

Gold Cross in Beautiful 14 karat Multi Color Gold.
15/16" long X 9/16 wide. Bail marked 14k.
More 14 karat gold jewelry in this auction.

1.2 grams Alaskan gold nuggets
mounted in a 1/20-12 k GF rolled gold two sided bezel. Photos show views of both sides with gold free to move around Inside the bezel. 10 pieces of 14 karat gold jewelry plus 9 pieces of 10 karat gold jewelry coming to this auction.

A pair of unique Mercury Dime earrings cut from United States issue Silver Mercury dimes.
Currently on screw back post easily fitted with pierced earring. Coins
More silver jewelry in this auction.

1922 United States Silver Dollar 
Peace Dollar Pendant & Chain

Comes with an unmarked 18 in chain.

Filigree Pendant with Chain
Appears to be a Middle Eastern design. Probably 50% silver but it's not marked. Your favorite belly dancer will love this.
18 inch chain spring ring is marked Sterling.

Unicorn Pendant
Unicorn rearing up on it's back legs. Appears to be hand made with Silver but no mark found. Includes 20" Sterling Silver rope chain marked .925 Italy.
More sterling silver this auction.

Stick Pin with Turquoise set in Sterling Silver
on a 2 1/8 in pin. More sterling silver jewelry in this auction.

10 karat Gold Shriner pin.
Pin is marked 10K, screw back fastener not marked. 

Black Hills Gold Earrings.
Backs are marked Black Hills Gold Jewelry 10K. 

Beautiful Cross in Sterling Silver with CZ
(cubic zirconia) 1 1/8 in Long by three quarters of an inch.

Antique Pin with Seed Pearls and Garnet set in 10 k gold.
1 inch wide.

Sterling Silver Ring size 9
One ring built around another allowing you to rotate the bands.
Great for fidgety fingers. 

14-karat Yellow Gold Antique Cufflinks.
Classy classics.
4.3 grams

Collection of 33 different Hell Bank Notes

30 different World War II Philippines Guerilla Emergency Currency
issued by stranded United States troops in the island. 

Collection of eight different Hawaiian dollars.

78 - 1930s sales tax tokens from various States.

Collection of 17 different prison tokens.
Perfect gift for that special someone who's going away for awhile. 

Collection of 19 different coal tokens

Collection of 28 different laundry tokens

4 - Hold to Light Postcards
including the Temple in Salt Lake City a Merry Christmas Angels Christmas Tree, Christmas Ice Skating on the Lake and Christmas evening theme.   Ephemera
More postcards this auction

2 -  Ceylon Sapphires and
1 - Native American Natural Pearl.

Pearl is marked 2 carats, Sapphire on left is 4.69 carats and Sapphire on right is 3.49 carats according to information on cards accompanying stones. Gemstones Gems

Barber Coins

The Americana Series The President's Coin Collection.

Finished adding inventory 10:30 pm 6/29
Adding more next several days

Spanish-American War Era Antique Photo Album.
Image of Rear Admiral George Dewey Our Hero of Manila
Contains 50 antique photos of children and adults portraits.
Binder in tough shape.

Masonic and Knights of Columbus
fraternal organization memorabilia.
The last photo shows back of the 2 - long red ribbons.

59 bronze medallions by Longines Wittnauer
featuring Historical events of the United States.
Extremely well done in nice presentation frames.

2009 United States Mint issued Proof Set.
Original box, certification, 4 holders with 18 coins minted in 2009. 

World War II
United States Army Air Force Observer armband.

45 Indian Head pennies.
Bottom 9 in tough shape.

1838 Large Cent
Nice Grade per seller VG - 8

1837 United States Large Cent
Blue toning grade AG - 3 per seller.

1853 Seated Liberty Quarter Dollar w/Arrows & Rays
and a most unusual Scalloped Edge. A very unique coin. Token

1884 Seated Liberty Dime Love Token

36 Indian Head Pennies

1846 United States Large Cent Love Token
Engraved WTH. 


Silver German Coin with the Lord's Prayer on back.

2 - Cameras. 
De JUR 8mm movie camera and
Bell & Howell 2103 XL camera

Kodak EK6 and Instamatic X-15 cameras, and a Brownie Hawkeye camera. Unable to test

3 - Polaroid Cameras: OneStep Express, Spectra System and 360 Land Camera.
Did not test

RCA PRO EDIT camcorder and
DUKANE Micromatic II cassette projector.

Not tested needs cleanup

9 - Hallmark, American Spirit State Quarter Ornaments. 
2 South Carolina, 3 Maryland, and 4 Georgia.
$15 each Retail price.

Five packages of Gold Edition 50 State Commemorative Quarters
from 1999 up to 2003. Includes certificates of authenticity.

50 states commemorative quarters platinum edition
from 1999 2000 2001 and two 2003 With certificates of Authenticity

Commemorative quarters platinum edition
from 1999 to 2001 and commemorative quarters gold edition 1999 and 2002 all with certificates of authenticity

3 - sets of coins 
2 - 1971 United States proof sets and
1 - 1971 u.s. uncirculated Mint set.

African Carvings

Hand Carved African Art
3 pieces

Genuine Stetson US Cavalry Wool Hat with Captain's bars and Calvary insignia.
Size 7  1/4.

8 antique leather postcards

8 antique leather postcards

Antique leather postcards

United States military cadet wool uniform.
Jacket, pants and hat.
Photos for details

210.U.S. Military Cadet Dress Belt. Adjustable leather.

United States Marine Corps
Executive Detachment Flight  patch and

2 - Head Hunters Patches
2 - 227 AVN regt

Assortment of U S Military patches including
Army Aviation Association, Old Ironsides 227 and more.

U.s. military buttons. 5 - large 2 - small.

United States military World War 2 style steel bucket helmet with 1966 helmet liner.

One album some Hawaii and Tokyo photos military-related the other has more family related probably Upper Midwest.
180 vintage photographs with 90 in each album total. Albums are made of wood photos are probably around 1940's and up for the family and somewhere around Korean era military photos.
FINISHED ADDING LOTS 181 - 216 7:40 pm 7/1/19

4 - Copper and 1 -  Wooden
5 - postcards total

6 Antique Fold Out Postcards

4 - Moon Theme Antique Postcards

Antique Color Change and Puzzle Postcards
Appearance changes by tilting cards

6 - Antique Mechanical Postcards

8 - Antique Postcards with Fabric add ons

8 - Antique Embossed Postcards

16 Antique Post Cards of Beach Scenes

Check back later this week.

Golf Clubs & Accessories
and other

Will provide numerous photos  and preview dates for car once detailing is completed.

Guerrilla Art Show (#7)
Friday, Jul 19th, 2019, 6pm-9pm (or until)

We are anticipatingaround 25 local and regional artists working in various media will exhibit. Just like the previous Guerrilla Art Shows, all of the work shows up an hour before the doors open. What ends up ondisplay remains a mystery until then!

Save the date and please help spread the word.

About Guerrilla Art Shows: These events have roots in the street art movement and are sometimes called “pop-up” shows. Our version is a little different: exhibiting artists are invited by a secret committee, and the names are not published or publicized in advance of the show. Artists are free to exhibit whatever they like (subject to a few simple rules) in the medium/media the artist uses. Artists are not even required to exhibit in true name, so there could be some real surprises! Best of all, the artwork shown is for sale!

A bunch of reasons to attend:

It's way more fun than camping with bird-sized mosquitos!

A chance to hang out with the cool kids and who doesn't like to do that?

Impress your friends with your cultural savviness.

You never know what kind of art will show up for the event. Mysteries are fun, right?

Great chance to talk to some artists and ask them entertaining questions about their work.

Get yourself that art masterpiece you've always wanted but were afraid to look for.

Monkey business aside, this is going to be some serious fun. Don't think about missing it

So here’s the important stuff:

Date:Friday, July 19th, 2019

Time:Opens to the public at 6PM, goes until 9PM or so


Location:1311 Market Street, La Crosse WI 54601

On facebook @guerrillaartshow

Gallery page @SG1311

We look forward to seeing you there.