Ohio Turnpike Perpetual Flip Desk Calendar. LRa
Lot Number:409
Start Time:6/29/2024 2:00:00 PM
End Time:7/10/2024 12:06:15 AM
Bid Count:2
Winning Bidder:2039
Starting Bid:$5.00
Bid Increment:$1.00
Current Bid:$6.00
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Ohio Turnpike Perpetual Flip Desk Calendar. LRa

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It's Been a Long Time a Comin'
Online Auction Only 
Bidding Ends Tuesday July 9th @ 6:15 PM


It's Been a Long Time a Comin'

Online Only Estate Auction

Bids End 6:15 PM Tues July 9th

Pick-up in Onalaska, WI 54640.

Shipping Available on Select Items, so ask before you bid.



THURSDAY, July 11th & FRIDAY, July 12th





These Auction Terms can be found in each lot at the tab below lot photos 

AuctionGrooVe.com ~ Online Auction Terms Updated 6/28/24. Bidding closes for each item in the order posted on the website at the rate of 8 lots per minute. 


Bidder's Legal Responsibility; By registering and placing bids on the AuctionGrooVe.com website you have entered into an enforceable legal contract and will be held accountable to abide by all terms and conditions. 

By registering and placing bids you are agreeing to these Online Auction Terms and are entering into an enforceable legal contract. 

All Sold As-is, where-is, with all faults known or unknown regardless of verbal or written statements made, and offer no warranties whatsoever either expressed or implied.

All Sales Are Final and are non-refundable. All Sold As Is, Where Is. Do Not Bid if unsure of what you’re bidding on.  

Bidders shall rely on their own knowledge, and agree that AuctionGrooVe.com, its employees, associates, subcontractors, and sellers shall not be held responsible for conditions as to merchantability, accuracy of any written or verbal statements made, information provided regarding authenticity, condition, functionality or suitability of any item(s) for any specific or general use or purpose. Bidders shall not rely on any written or verbal statement, or claims provided by AuctionGrooVe.com. 

We are unable to test, thoroughly inspect, or completely describe every item. If damage or defects are found, we try to alert bidders in the item descriptions and photos, but we cannot guarantee that defects will be noted or visible. The absence of defects displayed in descriptions or photos does not imply condition.  

If items are described as working but found inoperable at pick-up before leaving the premises, we reserve the option to refund the actual purchase price and Buyer fees as liquidated damages. Buyers shall have no recourse if damage is visible in photos regardless of whether or not stated in the description. We offer no warranty of any kind whatsoever. Third parties may supply details and information and are not guaranteed to be accurate.

All Sales Are Final and Sold As Is, Where Is. Do Not Bid if unsure of what you’re bidding on. 

This is an internet-only auction. AuctionGrooVe.com shall not be held responsible for errors or discrepancies regarding internet connection issues, the countdown clock or extension of bids, or timely notification when you have been outbid. The bidder is solely responsible for monitoring bids and refreshing the page from time to time. Internet bidding is quite reliable but nothing is 100% reliable. If something is important to you then you need to monitor your items closely. Maximum bids can be placed to cover items and avoid missing a bid on important items up to your maximum bid amount.

Don't wait until the last minute to bid!  Unless a minimum bid per item or reserve bid notice is posted, the highest bid online at the close of bidding becomes the winning bid for that item.  

Bidding closes for each item in the order posted on the website at the rate of 6 lots per minute beginning at 6:15 PM Central Time on the posted day/date. This Auction features Automatic Bid Extension. Any item receiving a bid during the last 3 minutes of the posted end time for that item,  automatically extends the bidding 3 minutes, for that item, until bidding activity ceases for that item. 

5.5% WI Sales Tax APPLIES to this auction. Buyer must pay a 10% Buyer's Fee in addition to the winning bid amount. The total then becomes the full purchase price for each item and is the amount that sales tax is based on, if applicable. Buyer is responsible for all taxes and expenses including but not limited to, vehicle title and registration fees, FFL firearms background check, cost of removal, shipping, packaging, handling, and additional expense. 

AuctionGrooVe.com reserves the right to choose, accept, or reject any form of payment. Acceptable forms of payment: Cash, Credit Card, Bank Certified Checks, or Wire Transfer. Personal checks may be accepted if pre-approved before the last business day before the end of the Auction. Credit Cards will be charged and purchases must be paid in full within 24 hours of the close of bids for this auction. 

An additional 4% processing fee is added for credit card purchases. Other pre-approved payment methods are due no later than the final pick-up day and time following the close of the Auction. International Buyers must submit payment within 48 hours of the close of bids. Insufficient funds available for payments and fraud will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.  

We want you to bid with confidence. If you have questions please contact us between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM Central Time at 608-792-2437 or Email@AuctionGrooVe.com However, do not wait until the last day as we cannot guarantee a timely response to phone or email inquiries. Check Lots # 1, and #2 for more information. 

Do not bid if you do not understand Auction Terms or procedures as you are Legally Responsible for paying for every bid you win and picking up your purchases per the terms of this Auction. Our goal is to help educate bidders to help create a satisfying Online Auction Experience for all. 

When registering to bid, you acknowledge receipt of and agree to abide by the Auction terms and information made available by AuctionGrooVe.com. Announcements take precedence. Terms may be amended by oral announcement or posted notices, which together form the contract of the sale between the successful bidder,  AuctionGrooVe.com, and the seller(s)/consignor(s) of the lot(s). The bidder is responsible for checking for updated terms before bidding. Terms will have a date and time for the most current entry if changes are made and typically will not change once the Auction starts. In the unlikely event of major changes made for any item during the Auction, active Bidders for those items will be notified via email and will be allowed to rescind their bid for those items.  Should any disputes arise,  the legal venue shall be La Crosse, Wisconsin.

Charges for failing to timely remove or pay for items won. A $30 Per Lot Late Payment /Late pick-up fee may be assessed, at our discretion, for each partial or full day beyond the payment deadline for which payment or pick-up is not made. If items are not removed by the last pick-up date for that Auction, a minimum $20.00 handling and storage fee will be assessed Per Auction Lot, Per Day. Storage fees will accrue beginning on the day following the last pick-up date posted on the AuctionGrooVe.com website for this Auction. If items are not removed by the end of the final scheduled pick up, AuctionGrooVe.com reserves the right to consider them abandoned property, with all of the buyer's rights and interests in the property extinguished. If we have to have someone meet you at the pick-up location you must pay $50 per hour or a fraction thereof, per person including round-trip travel time. If we have to sell abandoned items, Bidders will be held responsible for paying any shortfall or additional expense incurred concerning abandoned items. AuctionGrooVe.com and/or the seller reserve the right to pursue all legal remedies. 


Winning Bidders receive a Link on their invoice with a link for the Pick Up Location & Sign-Up Schedule in MEDARY WISCONSIN 54601 at a PRIVATE RESIDENCE

For shipping inquiries, email questions BEFORE BIDDING to AuctionGrooVe@gmail.com.


It's Been a Long Time a Comin' ~ Online ESTATE Auction


ENDS TUESDAY, July 9th 6:15 PM


Pick-up ~ By Appointment Only

Pick-up ~ By Appointment Only

THURSDAY, July 11th 3:00 to 6:30 PM

FRIDAY July 12th 3:00 to 6:30PM


in Onalaska, WI ~ Shipping Available on select items so ask before you bid


Auction Terms are found in each lot at the tab below the photo 

ARRIVE ON TIME. BRING QUALIFIED HELP TO LOAD, PACKING SUPPLIES, YOUR INVOICE, EXACT PAYMENT AMOUNT IN PRE-APPROVED FORM AND YOUR PHOTO ID. WE WILL NOT ASSIST WITH LOADING. If you require assistance, we may elect to help coordinate labor if arrangements are made with Buyer’s Prepaid Deposit with a minimum of 48 hours prior to the end of bidding.

**Winning Bidders will receive address, pick-up, and sign-up instructions. For shipping inquiries, email questions BEFORE BIDDING to AuctionGrooVe@gmail.com.

Pick Up Location with a Link to sign up for Pick Up Appointment, Directions, and Instructions are found on the winning bidder's email invoice.**

United States

Make sure to check the Sign up link for the Address *** This is an Estate Auction***


Thursday July 11th 3:00 to 6:30 PM


Friday July 12th 3:00 to 6:30 PM