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Cryptocrystalline Quartz

Energize your Chakra with the power of Chrysoprase aka Cryptocrystalline Quartz.

Mixed assortment of specimens as is or some cutting pieces for cabs & beads with your mad skills. Unadulterated and naturally colored by Nickel. You are buying this lot as shown in photos.

First photoshows entire lot dry, subsequentphotos showdifferent angles sprayed with water. See Video.

$78 price includes shipping to US and Protectorates via USPS priority mail. For those outside US please provide shipping information to determine your shipping cost. Originates in Brazil, ready to shipfrom La Crosse, WI.
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cryptocrystalline quartz, Brazil, beads, cabs, tinctures, inlay, specimen, metaphysical, embellishment, wire wrap, chakra, lapidary, chrysoprase

Price: $78.00

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