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What is a Flash AuctionMEGA-LOT?
We combineall No Sale Items from the final auction
tomake a
MEGA-LOT that sells to the highest bid over $1.00 per set increments. Bids start about an hour after ForeverMoreV with
Final bids ending 7:15 pm Wed Nov 20

ALL ForeverMoreV Auction Terms Apply PLUS
Flash AuctionMEGA-LOTAdditional Terms:

Buyer must pay high bid amount plusa$300 deposit, provide sufficient labor, transportation, materials and equipment to remove everything during scheduled 2 hour Mega-Lot pick up
time orForfeit paymentand Deposit.
If additional pick up time is needed, Buyer must pay$50 per hour, orfraction thereof, for anAuctionGrooVeemployee to attend.
Any itemsleft behind will result in forfeiture of entire deposit.
Mega-Lot pick up runs from 12:00 to 2:00 PM Saturday unless arrangements for Thursday or Friday pick up have been made.
Buyer's Fee and all other ForeverMore V Online Auction Terms Apply. Purchase and Deposit must be paid with cash orcashier's check. Personal or business check may be acceptable if approveda minimum of 24 hours prior to final bid
AuctionGrooVe will not ship,help load or handle
Flash Auction MEGA-LOT


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