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Ephemera ForeverMore
The Final - Final! 

6th in a series of Online Estate Auctions with
Amazing items from 4 Generations. 

I know.... I said the last one was final but this time it really - really is the Final - Final so this is your last - last chance. There were just too many awesome lots of Ephemera to add. 
Think of it as an early Christmas present from AuctionGrooVe

Buy your favorite "Other" something nice for Christmas that they will love ForEverMore!
(While you're at it, pick up something nice just for you)

ADDING 25 MORE LOTS BY TUESDAY evening Dec 10th.
Including: "World's Fair" with about 10 BIG LOTS featuring "Chicago" and "Places"


Stationery for Smart Little Folks
prepared by George B. Hurd & Co. Fine Papermakers New York, USA.
This exceptional little stationery set includes 20 unused pieces of stationery featuring 5 each of 4 vignettes with children in different costumes plus 15 envelopes. All in the original box. U

Ladies' Bicycle Leggings
Kalt-Zimmer's Mfg. Co. Milwaukee, Wis
Fine Overgaiters and Leggings 419 East Water Street Milwaukee, Wis.
Ladies' Bicycle Leggings Made to Order a Specialty.
These Original Antique Trade Cards are truly exceptional.
Enjoy the photos.

Indian Princess at the Waterfall.
1936 Calendar from Northshore Flower Market.
All pages complete January has a couple of pencil marks on it the rest are mint. Signed F. R. Harper.

Raphael Tuck & Sons
God's Promise
1904 Calendar
Overall Condition is Very Good However Ribbon Needs to be Replaced
as shown in photos.

Tops Chewing Gum Civil War News,
Collector Cards,
Depicting Civil War Battles.
33 Cards.

Two Antique Leather 1 Cent Postcards
Both depicting St. Rose Chapel of Perpetual Adoration,
La Crosse WI.
Postmarked June 27 & 29,

Two Antique Wood and Paper Fans
Advertising Schaettles Stores in Alma and Mondovi WI.

The Night Before Christmas
Starring Santa Claus
Art work by Frances Brundage.
Classic children's book
See Photos.

Two Ink Blotters
From the La Crosse Rubber Mills
And One from the La Crosse Clothing Company
Along with a Pamphlet from the La Crosse Rug Company.

1899 C. Schaettle & Sons
Calendar from Alma Wisconsin.
Still has the shine of new.
New old stock die cut antique calendar.
For details and condition,
 See Photos.
 7.5 by 13.25.

REUNITED after 86 years.
 Jim Lone Tree is the artist of the portrait in the center.
 E. L. Blystone was listed in Ripley's Believe It or Not
For writing over 2,800 letters on a single grain of rice.
Old Heidelberg Inn was a hot spot where everyone met to tip back a brew. Flyer added in last photo of Jim Lone Tree's father Chief Evergreen Tree as referenced on the back of the portrait.
Die cut beer stein menus from old Heidelberg Inn all have autographs from Jim Lone Tree, E. L. Blystone and other celebrities, business owners and wait staff.

Advertising and Complimentary Items
From the Schaettles Store Alma, Wisconsin.

1933 and 1934 Chicago World's Fair items.
Includes 1934 Hungarian mandolins and 1933 Germany stein and dish memorabilia.

Antique Valentine's Day Card
Featuring a Zeppelin.
Bottom piece needs a spot of glue but no aesthetic or structural damage and in overall very good condition see photos.

LIEBIG Company's Extract of Beef Only Genuine
With Signature in Blue for Beef Tea, Soup, Sauces, Gravy and Made Dishes. Spectacular three dimensional die cut advertising card in great condition.
See photos something is attached to the surface of the back of the card does not show through.

Good to the Bearer for $1 payable in goods from my store.
Chas. Schaettle. Buffalo City _______18___ Includes sixteen - $1.00 notes
 Plus fifteen - .25 cent notes.  All are in very good condition as well as the four folded notes. Antique Checks. T

Antique Bowling Medal
Awarded to and marked C. Hetzel - Prize.
Looks and feels like Rose Gold
No Marks Found.

Railroad Advertising
Century of Progress Exposition Chicago 1933.

Antique Stick Pin with Natural Stone Cabochon
Feels and Looks Like Gold
No Marks Found. 3 inches.

Beautiful Antique Cross
With a Blue Stone and a Red Stone in it.
Feels and Looks Like Rose Gold
No marks found.
2.25 in Long.

3 Vintage Stick Pins
See Photos for Condition Issues.
No marks found.

23.The Trenton potteries Trenton New Jersey 8ft table top full of business related items. Includes catalogs, stationery, correspondence, notebooks, ink blotters and even a little cast metal Tootsie toy toilet.

24.1865 in to the early 1870s. Seventy checks and memos most with tax stamps, exceptional vignettes and exquisite penmanship. Copious amounts of photos for details. T

78 Grams of Antique Dental Gold.
Great as an investment or for your next Jewelry Project. RESERVE ONLY $2000

Mechanical die cut Valentines.
Almost an all animal theme.
Includes cat dog and pig plus playing card Valentine.

Valentines with a Transportation Theme
Including Two Cars and a Boat.
Mechanical die cut Valentine's Day cards.
See photos for details.

Christmas, Valentine, Birthday and Easter.
Mickey Mouse, Olive Oyl, Popeye and other Cartoon Characters.
  We've got it all covered in this lot.
Includes some super vintage material see photos for details. 1936 Hallmark card Olive Oyl with Valentine greeting. Walt Disney,

Four Awesome Three Dimensional Die Cut Mechanical Valentine Cards.
See photos for details.

Gorgeous lot of Authentic Antique Valentines.
Girl in chair is a Raphael Tuck and Sons creation and the rest are excellent examples of world class printing.
Examine photos.

Victorian Die Cut Mechanical Christmas Card.
See photos for details.
Fragile Piece Its Amazing it's still with us.

Five items from the Chicago Century of Progress Exposition.
Included is a booklet from Seagram's, a booklet from The Crane Company, Little Orphan Annie booklet from Ovaltine, Two Pabst happy hours booklets and an Elgin watch pamphlet. All from 1933 and 1934.

Exceptional Mechanical Die Cut and Embossed Valentine's Day Cards.
The first card features a Clown on a Saint Bernard
 The second Card featuring a Couple on a Camel.

1893 Mechanical Die Cut Hold to Light New Year's Card
To Mama from Papa Depicting Two Cherubs Ringing in the New Year.
Plus a Mechanical die Cut Best Wishes Card From About the Same Era.
The photos say it all.

5 pages of Munsingwear doll cutouts. Miss Molly Munsing presented with a compliments of Charles Schaettle. Alma Ever Busy Trading Center. V

Brochures, Schedules, Timetables and Menus
From Over 10 Different Railroads.

Earliest date found is 1912.
Santa Fe the Indian Detour and Santa Fe Grand Canyon Line,
Union Pacific Railroad, Canadian Pacific Railroad, New York Central lines, Pennsylvania Limited, Southern Pacific Lines, Pennsylvania Railroad, Storied Northwest Northern Pacific Railway, Dixie flyer route, Pacific electric Railway, Illinois Central with the Floridian and the Seminole, Chicago Milwaukee and St. Paul Railroad, Rock Island Railroad and the Florida East Coast Railway.
Lots of photos with details.

Chas.Schaettle Sons 1902
Die Cut Calendar
 New Old Stock.
 7 x 9.25 inches
See photos.

Tobacco Trade Cards, Booklet, Pull Tabs and a Magazine.
Snuff and Smoking Tobacco. Includes 2 - Dr. Charcot's Nervine Tablets cards from the Eureka chemical and Manufacturing Company Manufacturing Chemists La Crosse Wis.
A rare find indeed.
Plus more amazing material check out the photos.

Great assortment of Festive Decorations
in Crepe Paper and some Cloth Items.
Includes cloth butterflies with the remaining items made of crepe paper.  Includes Chinese lanterns for candles, two lampshades and other decorative pieces plus Happy New Year party favors.

1934 Hollywood Greats
on 9 x 12 "autographed" promotional photocard.
Cast in order of appearance from top row left to right are; Fay Wray, Jean Harlow, Carole Lombard, Robert Montgomery, and Edmund Lowe. Bottom row left to right is Wallace Beery, George Raft, Mae West, Irene Dunne, Herbert Marshall and last but not least Norma Shearer.

Coins & Currency related ephemera.
Includes a republic of Cuba Lottery dated 1930 the star coin book, United States coin list, Lincoln coin catalog, Irish Sweepstakes ticket, napkin like material hundred dollar bills, 2 Franc note dated 1944, 100 million Mark note, 20 million Mark note dated 1923, newspaper ad old money wanted plus 19155 peso note from Chihuahua Mexico.
ADDED 1929 U S COINS Standard price list by Wayte Raymond Incorporated New York.

Facsimile of the Emancipation Proclamation.
Facsimile is dated 1868 and states,
 "Charles Schaettle has purchased this facsimile contributing thereby to the comfort and relief of sick and disabled soldiers."
Facsimile of the Emancipation Proclamation measures 32 x 25 and the Bill of Rights copy measures 23 by 18 inches.
Reverse side of the Bill of Rights copy States it's a souvenir of the national tour of the Freedom Train 1948. Presented as a public service by Standard Oil Company of California.

The Etude
With Magazine Issues From 1907 to 1912.
Includes nine from 1907, eleven from 1908, three from 1909, ten from 1910, eight from 1911, and one from 1912.
G 1

C. A. Wright 1905 Calendar
Featuring Four Beautiful Women.
Still has a Couple of Original Pieces of Tissue Paper Between the Pages.

University of Wisconsin 1911
and University of Washington 1910

1902 Chas. Schaettle Sons
Die cut Calendar.
 "Up-to-date Store" Alma Wisconsin.
 8 x 11.25 inches.
 New Old Stock See Photographs.

Schaettle's Alma's One Best Store 1925 Calendar
New Old Stock.
11 x 10.5 inches.

4 Photos Mounted on Cardboard
1 Postcard and Two Photos on Silk. Includes photo postcard of 
Caton Hoblit 512 lbs

Mechanical Die Cut Valentines.
Each of the six are amusing and entertaining all by themselves.
See photos for details.

50.La Crosse and area checks. Two checks are signed by Mons Anderson, an early merchant in La Crosse, a check written to The Batavian Bank of La Crosse and two checks to the First National Bank of Dubuque Iowa. Three are dated 1871 and one dated 1870. Includes a nifty leather wallet from The Merchants National Bank of Winona, Minnesota. It looks like it's never been used. T

Native American related.

  Arizona Highways 
1947 - 1961
81 Copies 

Hawaii  ~  Pre-Statehood
Includes Steamship brochures, tour guides, restaurant menus, theater guides and more.... Majority appears to be from late 1920s

Eight Bay State Milling Co. 
Wingold Flour ~ Winona, Minnesota 
calendar/ notepads. 7 - 1933/34 and 1 - 1911/12

Vintage Automobile Related Items
Including 2 copies of Ford Times, an Auto Routing Chart, Studebaker owners manual and accessories brochure, a 53 Buick advertisement,
and a Cadillac bar of soap.

6 Catalogs.
D.M. Campana art company with art supplies, Sonora periods which is a phonograph company, modeling engineer handbook for everything Brewing related. mahogany book is about Furniture,
another Furniture book and a diamonds brochure from Marshall Fields

18 Ink Blotters.
Including the Lake Superior knitting works with boy proof hose.
Two from the Cutler Magner company Salt refiners in Duluth and Minneapolis with the World War 2 tribute.
Several others including the hyperd fire Insurance Company Kirk's cyclone fancy patent selected hard wheat. Montag's fashionable writing papers and the Hoyts Eau de cologne.

Tally Cards.
Tally cards are decorative scorecards for bridge and other card games. Also Garland stoves advertising piece for baseball and other games.

Two Catalogs
The first is the simple art of wall decoration created in 1925.
It is a wallpaper sample catalog.
The second is a catalog of panoramic friezes which are long pieces of art for the wall. This was created in 1912 by the Schmidt's horning Company Cleveland Ohio.

9 Playbills from Various Productions
And a bonus picture of Errol Flynn.
Playbills include Hamlet, the Romance of the Redwoods with Mary Pickford
and The Red Shoes.

5 Magazines from 1900.
The first is American Magazine from 1913 a Sunset magazine from 1929,
and three Highway traveler magazines from 1933 and 1934 published with help from Greyhound bus lines.

2 Motion Picture Magazines
And a bonus page about what a man showed a girl.
The magazines are from 1923 and 1921.
The one with the Valentino's on the cover show some minor water damage.
See photos.

Two Magazines and a Subscription Card for Coronet magazine.
The Coronet is kind of a Reader's Digest type magazine from Great Britain it has several fold outs and even a centerfold that is kind of risque.
The other is a photo play from 1922
cover isn't attached but the magazine is intact.

Five nature magazines from 1935.
Magazine to stimulate public interest in nature.
Very good condition.
Bonus of a Brochure for an Old Timer's Baseball Dinner
Thursday February 6th 1947 in Chicago.

Picture Tutorial of Forest Lawn copyrighted 1939.
Forest Lawn is a cemetery, a mausoleum, many many things.
Also included is a pictorial map of
The Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale California.

Ten Antique Clock Windup Keys
and 2 Interesting Locks Without Keys

Five Antique Brass Skeleton Keys,
3-5 in long

Approximately 40 Antique Skeleton Keys

Approximately 90 Antique Cabinet Lock Keys
many different sizes and shapes

Approximately 200+ antique and vintage keys,
10 locks, key chains etc. and a metal covered box to keep them in
11 x 4 x 8

Eight Antique Children's Books Including
Peter Rabbit, Tom Thumb,
Aladdin, Betty Fairy Book, and Jack and Betty

Publications 1909, 1911, and 1923
copyright dates.

Electric Food Fixer Mixing Machine
By Dormeyer Corporation
Chicago Illinois
comes with the beaters to mixing bowls in the original cover.

Gold Medal Flour Cook Book
copyright 1904
Winona, Minnesota

Bay State Milling Co., Winona Mn.,
1933-34 calendar notebook is missing and 2 Mother Goose advertising booklets

Little Pickaninnies
 Children's book by Ida M. Chubb

can't make out copyright date 9.5 x 12.5

THREE - childrens books,
The Sunny Bunnies by Florence Notter copyright 1926 and a February 1935 Child Life magazine. ADDED DECEMBER 1925 Child Life see photos.

Twelve Antique recipe booklets
Advertising Calumet, KC, Royal, Dr. Prices baking powder, Royal, and Arm and Hammer baking soda, also LaCoy, Knapp’s, Karo, etc.

12 Antique Cook Books
With advertising from Ralston, Ceresota, Calumet, Domino, Jello, Knox, Bakers, KC, Rumford, and Royal

Twelve Antique Advertising Recipe Booklets
featuring Dr.Price, KC, Good Luck, Pompeian, LaCoy, Tones, Northwestern Yeast Co, Karo, Rumford, and Walkers

Thirteen Fancy Antique Greeting Cards
Including Valentines, birthday, Christmas, New Year, etc.

Friends Rolled Oats
Antique advertising cards, appear in good condition except dog and cat are missing tails

Antique Coffee Related Trade Cards Including,
McLaughlin’s, Lion, and Chase and Sanborn’s coffees

Antique Sewing Related Trade Cards
Including  Clark’s Spool Cotton, Merrill Thread, J&P Coats Spool Cotton, and Corticelli Spool Silk 21 total

Antique J&P Coats Spool Cotton trade cards,
35 total,
multiples of some

Bridge and Euchre Card Game Items
Including place cards, tally sheets, bidding wheels etc

Twenty Antique Clark’s Spool Cotton Trade Cards
Depicting The Leading Women Of The World - At Home, including Madam Chaney, Queen Sophie, Empress Augusta Victoria, Queen Victoria, Queen Margaret, and Mrs. Grover Cleveland,
Measure 5x8

Six Antique Gibsons Movie Post Cards
and Father Tucks Playground Panorama A-B-C book

Antique Soap Related Trade Cards
Including Soapine, Scourene, Sapolio, Swift’s Pride, Self-Washing Soap, Days Soap, Acme, Pearline, Automatic.

28 Antique Trade Cards
and 1 Mechanical Card from Milwaukee WI
area Manufacturers and Businesses

Raphael Tuck & Son's
Antique Die Cut Easter Cards and Poems. 
  Day Break Poem by Longfellow and
Kind Remembrance Poem by Arthur L. Salmon

Vintage Collectible Trading Cards,
13 Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back,
3 from the TV series Combat,
2 Beetles cards,
and 1 Kung Fu.

1964 Topps Bubble Gum Outer Limits Collector Cards,
8 Total.

Authentic autograph on photo of famous Star 7 x 9.5

Four Advertising Items
Including, Jello and The Kewpies Cookbook, Diamond Crystal Salt, 101 uses for Salt, New England Mince Meat story booklet,
and Wright’s Silver Cream storybook.

Three copies of The Golden Rule Magazine,
1921 & 25, 27, and 6 Lesson Papers
From The Dickson School, Chicago

Eight Antique Education Related Items
Including Composition Books, Writing and Spelling Books, a Kindergarten Technics Book, and 2 - German Books One Music Dated 1875.

Adler Collegian Clothes
advertising items, a booklet of endorsements, and a wallet.

Large lot of Miscellaneous Items
Including a Copy of The Bill of Rights,
Games, Trade Cards, Magazines, Greeting Cards, Menus, Maps, etc.,
See Photos

Two Antique Fans from Schaettles Store in Alma WI

Large Collection of Vintage Cookbooks and Cookbook Pamphlets
and some Instructional pamphlets for cookware.


Over 40 Magazines of Native American Indian Culture.
Couple of books, a couple of calendars,
and a large map of the Indians of North America
by the National Geographic Society.

17 Arizona Highways Magazines
9 Southwest art Six National Geographic And 1 Smithsonian magazines.
Most dealing with Southwest art.

Coasters and Matchbooks.
41 Matchbooks with Matches
42 Matchbooks with Just The Covers,
13 Coasters shaped like animals
and another eight from the individual drinking cup company.

Large Assortment of Music.
Song Books dating back as far as 1872.
Too much vintage music to fully explain.
Lots and lots of sheet music.

Large lot of Vintage Newspapers
Dating back as far as a 1914 with stuff from World War II.

Very Large lot of Greeting Cards Mostly Unused.
Hundreds of Cards,
Everything from Christmas to birthday to Easter to Anniversaries.
Lots of Envelopes Included.

Lots of Religious Articles Including an Alter Book,
several posters, a lot of small prayer sheets and some pins.

Lots and lots of Valentine's Some Cutouts
Some Foldouts Some Vintage Valentine's Cards.

Assortment of stamps & Envelopes.
Most are canceled. One cent stamps all the way to the present forever stamp. Hundreds of stamps plus stamp collecting book. B

Large lot of over 50 Trade Cards
Mostly food-related.
Late 1800s and up.

Four Trade Cards
And a few Pamphlets on Cocoa and Chocolates also a Eshadowgraphs Booklet from Malto Coco Showing you how to make Shadow Puppets.

5 Trade Cards Advertising Garland Stoves
Also a Calendar and Two Other Trade Cards.
One is Enmaline College Colors Dolls.
Also a white sewing machine company card for Cleveland Ohio.

Travel Stickers from the Grand Canyon and Yellowstone Park,
Other Stickers from 1936 through the 50s
Some Very Unique Items.

Five Empty Books
Two are for Postcards,
Two are for Photographs and
One is a Scrapbook.  

Large Vintage Scrapbook with Lots of Extra Straps
And a Few Advertising Pieces from John Mundell and Company.
Also a 1932 calendar and more scraps.
 Some Water Damage to Back Cover.
 See Photos.

4 Magazines and a Catalog.
 The Magazines are a little slice of history and so are the newspapers
Obama Takes Power, September 11th attacks, and the People magazine with
Mr OJ Simpson on the cover.

Early Home Decorating Magazines Starting with the Home Needlework Magazine from 1901 four copies.
Home Arts, Ladies Home Journal embroidery book, The home decorator from the 30s and the designer from 1909 Butterick designs for embroidery from 1914 and models and manners from 1927 from Better Homes.
The Farmers wife from 1938.

Four Life Magazines.
 Piccaso from 1968 a Special Double Issue.
1 Life from 1959 a Life from 1947 and a Life from 1943.
Two Look Magazines.
 One from 1961 and the other from 1961.
Also the Subscription Card Announcing Life Magazine.

Sharp Carousel 2 Microwave.
Seems to work well

Huge Lot of Random Pamphlets, Magazines, Advertising pictures etc.
 Some Very Interesting Stuff Including the National Geographic Magazine miniature reproductions a Life Magazine from 1929 Vol 93. A beautiful pencil drawing of the New York Minster Cathedral, treasure maps from Texoprint.
 A map of the Atlantic Ocean and just a very eclectic collection of paper material too much to photograph too much to explain lots of great material.

Large lot of Random Paper Goods
Including Photographs Advertising Pamphlets Magazines.
 A little bit of everything from the 1900s all the way up to the 40s or 50s. A special edition Of the Winona daily news flood edition unopened in package. A couple of maps South America the world and the forestry map of the United States maps are from the 20s.

Pamphlets and Small Books Some on Government Policy.
Some for the Veterans. a Radio Manual and Lots of Small Brochures on
How to Mix Drinks
How to Recognize Wines and How to Have a Good Time with Alcohol.

Three Antique Children’s Books
What Happened To Tommy, The Manger Babe, and Little Red Riding Hood. 2 are in good condition Tommy has some damage. 1916, 21, and 28 copyrights

124.12 antique postcards, five Birch bark and seven leather

Six Authentic Antique Photo Postcards featuring
Dan Patch Race Horse winning a race by a long shot,
an Early Motorcycle race,
Early Flight Aeroplanes Event. Airplanes

38+ Railroad Related Postcards
Involving Scenes Along the Routes
see photos for railroads.

Two Wooden Patio Chairs and a Table.
Cushions Included.
28 w, 30 t, 29 d.

Green Wooden Picnic Table
28 and 1/2 in wide 70 long and 29 tall.
It's a Table.

2 Plastic Deck Chairs With Cushions.
Show some wear but solid.

The Calendar of Sunshine
Featuring a 1919 Calendar and a 1922 Calendar.
See photos

1892, 1896 and 1897 Calendars.
Peep O Day die cut Calendar for 1897 appears to be in very good condition except the ribbons are disintegrating see photos for details
1896 Calendar compliments of Eddy and Eddy St Louis is in near mint condition with the 1892 die cut fan calendar showing a couple of issues but it is complete. See photos.

1901 Sweet Violets Calendar
E.C. Knoernschild 454 Ninth Street
unfortunately, there is no city or state listed. If you know the whereabouts of this location please inform the authorities or AuctionGrooVe.

Fleeting Hours Calendar 1900.
This die cut Calendar Advertises Chas Kaufman & Bros Men's Fine Clothing Chicago.
Very attractive die-cut calendar in pretty good shape for something that's a hundred and twenty years old.

Sacred Art Calendar Thoughts for Daily Meditation 1926.
Beautiful depictions of well-known Bible verses and stories.

Two Calendars with Japanese theme printed by Brown & Bigelow of Saint Paul Copyright 1904 the Artist is Alice Mar.
The larger one is 16 x 12 and the smaller one it is 14 x 11.
The larger one shows a little bit of water damage.
See photos for condition.

Two Calendars
One 1992 wall calendar by Frida Kahlo
Measures 12 x 14
and a Mexico a Calendar from 2000
From three different artists both are in great condition.

6 New Old Stock Calendars from 1914.
Measure 15 by 4.5 and Have colorful pictures on each one.
2 have compliments of Chaz Schaettle Alma Wi.
Original envelope included.

7 New Old Stock Calendars
Measuring 14 x4.5.
One has Compliments of Chaz Shaettle, Alma Wisconsin printed on the calendar. Calendars are from 1914.
Original envelope included.

7 Calendars From the 30s and 40s
One is a Very Unique Calendar from 1940.
A Business Calendar has Envelope Package and a Place to Keep Track of your Inventory, the Original Pencil is Still There.
This calendar is from Buffalo County Journal in Alma Wisconsin.
The 1937 Calendar from Lewis Bolt Company is an Ink Blotter.
Also a calendar from Hawaii 1930 and one from the Florida Agriculture Department 1934.

Piggly Wiggly Calendar from 1929
Measures 18x8 in and has recipes Galore.
See photos for condition.

Calendars ranging from 1893 to 1917.
Very old some have a little bit of damage see photos for condition.
Most are very unique.

Chas. Schaettle Sons 1902 Die Cut Calendar
New Old Stock.
 7 x 9.25 inches
See photos.

3 Calendars and a Calendar Board.
The first is from 1911. 2nd from 1910 and the third one from 1907.
Compliments of Charles Shaettle, Alma Wisconsin.

22 Advertising Cards from Bohri Bros.,
 Fountain City Wisconsin

 Most are from a boot company one is from hires root beer.
 Also a calendar from 1968 with the unique picture.
A home Almanac from Bohri Bros. 1889.

Four letter awards from Alma High School 1937 1938
Also two Ribbons one from a concert band in Alma and the other for a benefit of the Alma Cemetery.

21 Pieces of Alma History.
A newspaper about the Alma Dam. Commemorative history of the Buffalo County Fair 1872 to 1982.
The dam project number for Alma 1934. And the northern Wisconsin Farmer, Two editions from 1920. And the history of Buffalo County Wisconsin copyrighted 1888.
Also a clothes hanger advertising piece.

Very Eclectic lot of Items
including a Lucky Strike Cigarette Box,
Corkscrew can opener combination,
a pencil with a little Chinese girls head on it, some tiddlywinks, some jacks. Some stamps, a perfume piece from Paris a German soldier, A pair of glasses that are very old. Also Parade corps bugle that looks like a whistle, a lucky marble and a decorative box that it comes in.

American Airlines Handheld Fan, brochures and Postcard from Northwest Airlines,
Page out of a 1947 calendar, book on The Roll the Airplane 1942 and an American Airlines Junior pilot ring.....
I hope they fix the air conditioning Before I have to fly again. My arm would get tired using that fan.

Compliments of Herald Publishing Co. Sheboygan, WIS.
1911 Calendar.
5 x 11

Gay Songsters 1903 Calendar,
4.5 x 7.5.
Also The Bright Side 1914 Calendar
Printed in Bavaria,
5 x 9.

Holiday Watercolor 1909 Calendar,
6 inches round.
Watercolor on leather and paper 1911 calendar
3 x 10.
Also two watercolor The Days of the Year 1916 calendars,
3 x11.

Advertising Fans for Schaettle's Alma's One Best Store.
 The Munsingwear Mill illustrated along with advertising information.
Fan in good condition,
see photos.
8 x 9 or 8 x 14 with handle

C. Schaettle Sons Alma, Wis. 1903 Calendar,
6 x 10.
The Young Mariner complimentary calendar Charles Schaettle Alma's Best Store, 1915 calendar
5 x 11.

1906 Complimentary Advertising Calendars for Chas. Schaettle,
Alma's popular trading center.
Four Calendars
7x 11.

Various Hand Fans,
Most are made of Bamboo.
Also one fan frame.

Cuban Post Cards,
Approximately 38 individual card and a 20 select biew booklet.

Birds Color Illustrations by Fern Bisel Peat copyright MCMXXXI .
Rags copyright 1929 illustration by Fern Bisel Peat. Wynken Blynken and Nod and other verses by Eugene Field copyright 1930.

Very Old Small Cards,
Some from 1880s.
Greetings for Christmas, Easter, Valentine's, and Birthdays.
See photos.

Mcloughlin Bros. Series childrens Books
Copyright Dates 1889-1902.
Includes Drawing and Tracing books, Laugh and Learn, Paint book, and several story books.

Vintage Story Books, Art Books, and Children's Magazines.

Play bills, Theater and Arts memorabilia, and magazine articles.
Lots to see.

Large lot of Post Cards
From Iowa, Wisconsin, and Minnesota.

Paper Doll Outfits, Furniture, and More.
 Also includes Sunshine Funmaker game cards, Spears games and pastimes, cardboard cut outs, and more.

3 pieces of Marked Scrap Gold on Right Plus a Pile of Unmarked Pieces.
Three pieces on the right include a 10 k 1.7 grams eyeglass Bridge with two pieces below marked 14k at 1.8 grams total.
The unmarked pieces on the left weigh about 6.6 grams.

Large lot of Postcards from Various States.
Some Giant Card, Souvenir Golders, and Lot of Single Cards.

6 Candy Bowls, Fire King and Pyrex
7 inch pans.

Greeting Card for All Occasions,
Some are Vintage and Some are Newer.

Vintage and Newer Greeting Cards, Most Unused.
There are also some postcards in this lot.

Vintage Halloween decorations. 
Scary cats marked Dennison USA.

Thanksgiving Turkeys Decorations.

Easter Decorations
Includes some Iron-On Decals of Bunnies and Flowers.

Christmas Cards and Story Books.

Still Life Original Watercolor paintings by local artist.
Unframed Roses 18 x 22 and Grapes 12.5 x 22.
ADDED PHOTO OF 3RD PAINTING Grapes signed Von Eagle.
11.75 x 16.25 on paper.

Air Mail paper, writing tablets, notebooks, composition books, stationery, vintage mounting corner, and more.

United States War Items
Including Souvenir Booklet 1944-1945,
War Ration Stamp Cards, Postal Savings Plan booklets, Flag Laws and Customs, and More.
Herald Examiner from 1919, two Herald American 1943, and some pages from 1946 Chicago Tribune.

Three Unsigned Oil Paintings.
Large with Two Dogs Hunting
24.5 x 18.5,
Cat Up a Tree
6 x 17,
and Black Cat
7 x 7.

Various Art Items Including Art Brochures, Winde fine prints by Wilmer and Bombois, framed Somebody Cares by Edgar Guest,
and more items.

Black and White Prints

Art Prints Ready to Frame.
Also 1925 calendar and a Oyen's Art Store La Crosse Wis 3x8.

Art prints by Henry E. Huntington, James Tyler, A.M. Boos,
and Some Unknowns.

Tapered candles, votive lights, birthday candles, and liquid candle oil.

New and Old Lot!
Three Maxell DVD-R data video disc's.
The Time Tunnel view master set, includes story booklet.
 The Red Spider Mystery made in Japan.
Three packets of developing papers.
Putman, Paas, and Flecks egg dyes.

Items from the Schaettles Store.
Counter Bell, Cast Iron Hanging String Dispenser,
and a C. Schaettle Rubber Stamp.

Advertising Calendars for C. Schaettle Alma's Popular Trading Post.
Calendars for 1907 - 1910 - 1911 - 1914 - 1916.

Advertising Cards for Servus Rubber Footwear and Hoyt's Eau de Cologne, These items available at Schaettle's Store Alma, Wisconsin

Century of Progress Worlds Fair 1933 Postcards
And a few black and white photos of Chicago sites.

Valentine's Hanging Mobile,
Dated 1904.

Leather Travel Journal,
The Marvel Encyclopedia Copyright 1891,
Daily Engagements, Company handbooks from 1915 & 1923,
and a few more items.

World's Fair Memorabilia

Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition Books 1909,
And a Cliff Dweller card map of the World's Columbian Exposition 1893.

Winona Minnesota items
including Ward's Cook Book, The Merchant National Bank deposit slips, Bay State Milling Co. 1933-34 calendar.
The Winona Republican Herald 1940 pages, and Sailsbury's Confections Card.

191.Munsingwear items including paper doll cut outs and an award pamphlet given by the War Department in 1942, a Ladies Seal Pack athletics underwear brochure, and Modernaire order blank

Daughters of the Revolution,
WW1, a Letter from the Secretary of State, a photo and brochure of Wendell Wilke, an explanation of the seals of the U.S., a book of patriotic songs, a picture of 24 Presidents and a few other patriotic pieces.

A Booklet of the New Victor Records
Produced in March 1923.
Shows the new releases for January February and March of 1923.

A Warranty Deed from 1856.
An improvement bond from the town of Cicero in Cook County Illinois dated 1923 and 1931. A first mortgage for $2,500 from 1925.
An assignment of mortgage July 8th 1910 and a standard fire insurance company policy in the amount of $1,000 with a premium of $12 issued in 1914.

Comic Book about Wyoming Vacations Published in 1934
From the Wyoming Commerce and Industry Commission
And issued by the Black Hills information bureau South Dakota.

The Tiny Taxigram is a very small Newspaper from 1922
From Yellow Cabs,
an empty notebook that looks like an envelope from the Minneapolis Times. A calender from Colgate company that dates 1895 and one hazelton's pocketbook Almanac from 1895.
All very small and very cool.

Comical Postcard from 1906.
Three little cards with a comic on them and a brochure for Doctor Macneill's Hair Tonic that is very cute and if you buy it I won't shoot.

A lot that Contains Three Maps
One from the Santa Fe Railroad, one from the Northern Pacific Railroad, several books including silk its origin culture and manufacturer a small book of poems reflections of back of Beyond by Mary Hartman Barnaby who resided in Holmen Wisconsin. Several small books including a couple of notebooks, a handy helps and how to do things from the Calumet Baking Powder company, a unique health and exercise book from Milwaukee, The use of Tobacco Purity, Chasity and sound health published way back when in 1870. Several small notebooks and a pamphlet on how to entertain correctly without a maid from 1921.

Miscellaneous Items Including Pens and Pencils,
Envelope of small notepads, envelope of stickers and wrapping paper, catch up gift wrapping tape, gummed stars, and more fun items.

Huge lot of World's Fair 1933 Century of Progress in Chicago.
Golden Book on Chicago World's Fair over a hundred pages.
And beautiful little book marker, official pictures and black and white two copies, also several newspapers and newsletters. To much to list,
see photos

16 Pieces of Burlington Route Memorabilia Paper.
The first 90 years of Burlington. Escorted tours by Burlington,
A couple of dinner menus that are very cool and several brochures that fold out. One has a map.

3 Pieces of Literature.
2 from the Pullman Company that Created Railroad Cars
And One is a Scenic Way Across America Which was a Brochure Showing for Different Railroads giving you a Scenic Tour through the Colorado Rockies.

Very Unique lot of La Crosse Items
Including the La Crosse Morning Chronicle
Which is a small Magazine from 1894.
Advertising for the 3rd Annual State Track and ield Meet at the Inter State Grounds Fairgrounds in La Crosse in 1910.
Old Style Heileman's Beer Label from 1902 that is really neat, has a tear on one crease where it was folded. Couple of postcards from Walt's Diner and a 1953 La Crosse Country Club Yearbook.

203.Steamship travel brochures and information. 15 pieces plus a lot of baggage tags from the Theo Philipp General Railroad and steamship agent co. Great info on the Mololo. The flying fish, a fast cruise ship including a cabin map that shows each deck and a book showing the features. G

204.14 copies of railroad model Craftsman from the 70s. 4 issues of the Model Railroader from the 70s. Small railroads you can build from 1954 and a track plans for sectional track from 1970. G

205.Gilligan style hat size large. Was meant for Andy but he has to big of a head. G

206.Five stock certificates. Two from the Mexican Plantation of Wisconsin based in La Crosse Wisconsin. One from the Alma dry milk company, Alma Wisconsin. One from the Kusel Dairy Equipment company, and one from the Badger Realty Company, Lacrosse Wi.. G

207.2 stock certificates from the western states Oil Corporation. One stock certificate from the southern states Oil Corporation and a book from the Consolidated Oil Company on an account of their properties and activities. G

Receipts for stock certificates purchased by Purchased by Chas Schaettle from the Paine Weber and Company. Three are from Oct 29, 1929, the day the market crashed .  
A few others are soon after October 31 Studebaker stock was purchased November 11th General Electric stock was purchased November 11th U.S. Steel November 6th American Telephone at Telegraph AT&T October 31st Canada Dry on October 25th

208D.Wall Drug of South Dakota tin sign 23.5 x 12. L

209.Three large advertising pieces. Bugs baby shoes measures 20 x 15 flowers measure 18 x 14 and the young lady is a little smaller than that. See photos for condition. G

210.18 stock certificates from the Uncle Sam oil company plus a letter from the Uncle Sam Oil Company explaining the opportunity. Included is a note showing that in 1934 most of these stocks were worthless.

211.General Oil Company 7% First Mortgage gold bonds issued from January 1922 until January 1929. Several of the bonds have coupons attached also comes with a letter on the statement of the business of the general oil company from the beginning of 1919 until 1921.

212.Stock certificate for the South American oil fields company June 4th 1928. A letter from the Wall Street Outlook enclosing 15 shares of South American oil fields and a map of the Woodsone Kansas oilfield. Also a letter from the general Oil Company stating that they are buying all the assets of the Zenith oil and gas company.

213.Incomplete calendars from the early nineteen hundreds 1 dates 1896 the rest are 1901 1919, 1920 and1909.

214.Shopping bag from the Chaz Schaettle store in Alma Wisconsin featuring Peter's Diamond Brand Shoes for every Walk of Life.

215.And eclectic lot of Wisconsin tourism memorabilia several brochures from the Dells and Door County. A book about the Orpheum Theater throughout the United States, picturesque Madison. Several Maps and some interesting items. Also an architectural plan for the Levi Withee residence in La Crosse. Architect was C.J.Ross dated 1873.

216.Collection of newspapers posters and magazine covers promo mostly from Lacrosse Wisconsin. Special Edition from the lacrosse Tribune of the Hixon house special edition of the Diocese of Lacrosse and the special edition of our Coulee region the river by the lacrosse Tribune also a poster for Black Oak Arkansas and 1972 cultural activities in Lacrosse. A bonus of for older Cosmopolitan covers very colorful.

217.Coupons advertising for OshKosh B'Gosh, Brent and Shadle wholesale Hatter's salesman's charts, Charles Shaettle Farmers expense and receipt book compliments of Chaz Shadows almost store and More coupons from his shadow and Buffalo City. Also an American birds identification book.

218.Receipts, licenses and regulations on credit from Charles Schaettle, receipt for deposit.

219.Charles Schattle, one piece of stationary, reciept book, coupons, and a credit reciept memorandum.

220.Chas Schaettle's Farmers expense and receipt book, coupons, ink blotters and packing paper. Also advertising from Oshkosh by gosh, Servus shoes ink blotters and two Calumet Baking Powder company coloring books.

221.A map of the Charles Schattles addition to Buffalo City. A letter to the from the headquarters of the Buffalo County chapter of the American Red Cross 1920. A warranty deed for Julius Julia Schattle from 1859. Carrier boys greeting from the Buffalo County Journal dated 1895 and another one from 1898. The senior class commencement announcement from 1906 Altima. An envelope from the ancient and illustrious order of the Knights of Malta based in Lacrosse. An envelope from the gland Grand Lodge of Wisconsin the Knights of Pythias dated April 6th 1871.

222.Notebook of order forms from Brandt and Schattle credit memorandums from Brant and Schattle.

223.Charles Schattle complimentary Farmers expense and receipt book, receipt notebooks, envelopes, order forms, and some stationery from Oliver clothes company represented by Schaettles in Alma Wisconsin.

Charles Schaettle's
Complimentary farmers expense book, Shipping tape and blank tags. New Old Stock

225.Historical Fine Arts series of the world Columbian Exposition held in Chicago.

247D.Lot of 12 large scale toys. Army Men, Monsters, and More. 8 are marked on bottom Louis Marx & Co. Others are unmarked. Most have paint on them. Some are damaged. Stand approximately 5 1/2 inches tall. K

318D.Two vintage Guernsey Ware serving casseroles stoneware with metal racks. Extra racks to boot. G

Posters mailers and newsprint from Schaettle's General Store in Alma Wisconsin. Several pieces are in good condition and 5 have condition problems. see photos for details. X

Charles Schaettle Store Alma Wisconsin mailing advertising piece. Two sided mailing piece in nice condition. X

1897 School tax notice collection poster from
Morrisville, Pennsylvania. X

Two Beautifully printed antique checkbooks.
1800s and the 1910s. X

324.4 posters from Schaettle General Store one has minor damage. See photos. X

Four die cut mechanical Valentine's Day cards. X

326.3 posters and one Mailer from Schaettle General Store in Alma Wisconsin one piece has minor issues. See photos. X

Helene Mora Actress on a die cut card announcing A Modern Mephisto. The strongest play of the decade coming to The Bijou Opera House. Also includes 2 die cut embossed cards Ambrosia Chocolate and Cocoa advertising card and another of a little girl plus a group of Valentine hearts. See photos. X

328.A barometer a spinning serving tray and a tie or belt rack, belt rack has two hinges that need work.

Decor including a hand-stitched tapestry with metal discs included very unique 8 x 61 Also hand-painted storks on bamboo. 12.5 x 33.

Four recipe books from the 
Century of Progress Worlds Fair in Chicago 1933
two have duplicates. X

331.Two die cuts and 1 mechanical card. All have issues but then don't we all. See photos

Liebig Companies Extract of Beef
Awesome die cut and embossed mechanical advertising cards. Cowboy on the left card unfortunately has lost his head. Cowboys on right card appear intact. Minor blemishes on outsides of both cards. See photos. X

. 10 pieces including three cars with beautiful girls on them The Glass of Fashion poster card and book with pictures of ladies dresses. A postcard set from Venice in black and white. A notebook that is blank This Is My Wish for You by Charles Livingston Snell. And a pamphlet on Rookwood pottery and  The Tepeco vases booklet is from Trenton potteries company Trenton New Jersey. V

White Rock Water
A natural water lithiated and carbonated by the
White Rock Mineral Springs in Waukesha, Wisconsin. X

La Crosse Rubber Mills
Ink blotter. It actually works see photos. X

26 placemats from the Expo 74 World's Fair Spokane Washington. A foldout of pictures from America's Exposition in San Diego California. Two pieces from the
Columbian Exposition in Chicago 1893
and a
Golden Gate International Exposition stamp from 1939
. V

Writing Tablet from the 1933 World's Fair exhibition in Chicago. 3 blank envelopes with Chicago Exposition sketches. 6 pieces of embossed stationary from the exhibition in Chicago. one piece of stationery from Chicago Illinois Century of progress + 2 greeting card type pieces with envelopes. 6 envelopes with a picture of Chicago from the century of progress exhibit. V

9 booklets from Max Factor. Hints on the art of makeup series 1 through 9 is here Published by Max Factor makeup studio Hollywood and London. copyright 1941. V

339.Two photo Prints of the President's Hotel in Chicago Illinois the larger one is 22 X12 smaller one 8.5 by 11. Also a sketch of the new Field building in Chicago and a booklet of night pictures in Chicago a famous buildings. Very unique business card from A.S. Graven Incorporated architects Chicago Illinois.

Large lot of Chicago
paper including the Merchandise Mart Market 1953 Guide, pamphlet from the merchandise mart, info from the Art Institute of Chicago, booklet on European rooms in miniature by the Chicago Art Institute, items from the Medina Athletic Club, a few from the Stickney School circa 1930. 1953 Racing Almanac and 1946 Illinois harness racing rules regulations and conditions. Many more Chicago related items to numerous to mention.

Jim Jam Jems by Jim Jam Junior
January 1913 issue subtitled a volley of Truth. Got to be the most racist thing I've ever seen. Makes reference Jack Johnson, the famous black boxer, "married another white woman" and more unbelievable commentary. X

Illinois pennant, First National Bank of Chicago register attachment and the Tibbetts and Garland Stores of Chicago wooden box.

A Most Unique Carte de visite from Tokyo, Japan.
Card is 4.5 x 6.5. V

Carte de visite of the
New Hotel of the West Baden Springs 

in Indiana. 8.5 x 5.25
Photograph by JC Stewart. V

1846 - 1896
Milwaukee Sentinel Semi - Centennial Souvenir.

Features Pabst Brewing Company, Milwaukee's new city hall, Pabst Malt Extract, members of the City council and street views with buildings. See photos for condition. 36 x 24 inches. Beer

World War II V--Mail with
original art.
Dated December 10th and December 13th 1944. World War 2, Military.T

1898 publication titled the American Navy presented by Minneapolis times. Publication features George W Dewey hailed as the hero of Manila and numerous photographs of 30 United States Navy vessels with specifications for each. T

Pop-up 3 - D Die Cut model of the
Hotel Martinique Plus supporting letter from 1916. Model New York hotel hotel Martinique. T

Gold leaf powder and Silver powder.

1 - Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer Souvenir advertising brochure from Chicago Worlds Fair 1933. Beer 6 x 14.

13 - Blatz Beer Old Heidelberg Inn souvenir brochures from 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair most have some minor issues see photos 6 x14. There are 14 in photos 1 was taken out, you are bidding on 13. Brewerania, beer.

3 - Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair souvenir advertising die cut beer steins, an Eitel Old Heidelberg postcard postmarked 1947, and an Old Heidelberg Inn flyer 1933. Brewerania. Beer

Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer and Inn advertising beer steins, magazines and a postcard 1933-34 Century of Progress. Brewerania. Beer

Maps, sightseeing and tour guides to
Chicago late 20s, early 30s.

15 playlists and programs from 1920s Chicago theaters, see photos for various theaters.

Large lot of Chicago theater playbills, programs, and stagebills.

Miscellaneous items including note pads, address books, wallet, rules of golf, nickel silver tray from Hotel Alexandria, Carson Pirie Scott store map,etc.

Two 1930 Railway time tables Florida East Coast Railway, and Chicago & Eastern Illinois Railway

The Canadian Rockies brochure with scenes from the Canadian Rocky Mtns.

Three travel brochures from Pan American Airways, Greyhound Lines, Standard Stations Inc., and a Conoco Passport and expense book

Antique and Vintage Railroad items including Burlington, Chicago Milwaukee St.Paul and Pacific, Great Northern , Canadian Pacific, and Pacific Electric Railway.

Antique and vintage postcards from South California, Mexico, New Mexico, Villa Louis, etc., Scenic Miniature cards from California, Utah, Nashville etc., matchbook covers, and Grand Canyon photos.

363.An illustrated book of the Oct. 28,1892 fire in Milwaukee WI, and a brochure from and Sacred Heart Sanitarium also in Milwaukee

La Crosse
related items including F ollies of 59, Elks Lodge, Knights of Malta, and Bernard Maney election paraphernalia.

365.Early 1900s brochures from Seattle, Philadelphia, The Cathedral of Commerce New York, Hotel Strand Atlantic City, and Augustana Hospital Chicago.

California tourist information brochures business cards menus hotel accommodations. Including the official program of the Tournament of Roses Parade for 1938 and one for 1950. Nine booklets of famous paintings from the Guaranty Loan and Trust Co. Black and white nudes from angels to slaves. Hundreds of neat items too much to list.

Hundreds of items includingTravel brochures from the 1930s on up the into the 1960s. Hot spots include national parks state parks all sorts of vacation destinations totally vintage very cool lot of items. Fills a good-sized box. Copious amounts of photos

1930s and 40s Awesome group of Stickers
including locations and destinations such as the Grand Canyon, Yellowstone Park, New Mexico, Prince of Wales Hotel, Banff Springs, Deer Lodge Lake Louise, Rainier Park, Colorado State, Alberta Canada see photos there's a lot more. T

Maps and directories around the United States.
A Hotel directory from Chicago Motor Club. AAA tour book of the northeastern states, a map of the northeastern states by the AAA North American accommodations directory. A map of Chicago a map of Pikes Peak ocean-to-ocean Highway. A road map of the United States from the Automobile Club of California and the city map of Los Angeles from the Union 76 oil company. See photos.

World Wide Travel
Travel brochures from the 1930s on up. Includes destination such as Japan France Switzerland Greece Jerusalem Mexico Canada and who knows where else.

Travel brochures mostly from 1930s Cuba.
Two pieces from Hawaii one of the Malolo ship called the flying fish. A booklet on the story of Hawaii and travel brochures from Havana Cuba. A souvenir book from Havana. Included are some receipts from the hotel in Cuba from the 30s. Also some Hotel stationery from the hotel inglaterra Havana.

Santa Fe Railroad
memorabilia ephemeral railroadiana

Envelopes, Letterhead and Stationery from hotels all over the United States and a few from 1930s Cuba.
Too many to shake a stamp at and to many to mention. see photos.

Small comfortable desk Chair plus a
short metal wastebasket and a taller plastic wastebasket. G

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