ForeverMore III -

Item Description
1.Additional Description:

ForeverMore III
Ends 6:15 pm Tues    OCTOBER 15

3rd in a series of online only Estate Auctions.
Copious amount of Fantastic Estate Items from 4 Generations


Shipping Available, 10% Buyers Fee,
Terms, Details, 3000 + photos @ 

THURSDAY, OCT 17th from 3:00 - 6:15 PM
SATURDAY, OCT 19th from 9:00 to Noon

CLICK HERE TO BID ON Antique Trenton Pottery Factory Slides AT LOT 260

2.Additional Description:
Spectacular Gold Medals
featuring black and white enamel bull's-eyes.
Probably Marksman Medals.
The 1 1/2 tall by 1 1/8 in wide medal is inscribed, 
Alma, Wisconsin 1883 and the 2 in tall by 1 inch wide medal
is inscribed  1890 Fountain City,
a town along the Mississippi next to Alma. 
No marks found. Probably gold filled 13.3 grams tw.
Removed Reserve. V

2A.Additional Description:


Piano cabinet finish appears to be original and in very good condition except for blemish on the top. Keys in good condition with small a chip on 2 of the ivories. Sound and tone is exceptional but slightly out of tune.

One Company we have worked with is 
Jacobson moving.
Give  them a call for a quote 608-784-9857


3.Additional Description:
Lucien Piccard Ladies Wristwatch in 14 karat gold with leather band.
Observed running. X

4.Additional Description:
Aberdeen Brewing Company Prima Beer
Aberdeen, Washington.
This awesome poster is from the late 1800s and in spite of the minor flaws is still the prime piece. Measurements about 15 by 20. Ephemera K

5.Additional Description:
Original Oil Painting by M. H. Lowell American Artist
1848 - 1927.

Wooded Scene in gilded frame with vintage light.
  42.5 x 25.5.    B1

6.Additional Description:
1896 Railroad Map of Wisconsin.
This linen backed map is in great condition for a 123 year old Map. 36 x 45 See photos for details. Ephemera L

7.Additional Description:
Illinois Branch Society of the Army of Santiago De Cuba
Medal. X

8.Additional Description:
La Crosse Bottling Works Trademark antique beer bottle. 8 and 1/2 in tall. Marked, "contents 7 1/2 FL OZ. Someone drank the beer. X

9.Additional Description:
Sterling silver overlay on glass bowl. Approximately 4 and 1/2 in tall by 4 and 1/2 in wide glass bowl with flowers and butterflies marked Sterling. See photos 4 condition. X

10.Additional Description:
Beautiful antique photograph on glass plate entitled
Aerial Flight
. Copyright 1894 by Arthur and Philbric.
The glass plate image  measures 5.5 by 3.75 and the frame is approximately 7 by 5. Leg folds out on back to create its own easel. X

11.Additional Description:
Knights of Columbus ceremonial sword with Scabbard and case. Length of the sword in the Scabbard is about 35 and 1/2 at about five and a half wide at the hilt. See photos. L

12.Additional Description:
Gold Pins from
Gateway Transportation of La Crosse. 

Each is marked 10K with 8.8 grams total weight (without backs)  X

13.Additional Description:
Formidable Weapon! 
Primitive Native American Indian Paleo
Stone Axe Head Artifact
6.75 x 4 x 2.25 inches.
See Lot 64 for more Native American Indian Artifacts.

14.Additional Description:
Quote from note found with buttons see last photo. 
"Army stuff of Charles Catlin Ed Mc Cormicks brother in law Spanish American War in Cuba."
OVER 60 Antique Military Buttons and more. 
Ring box not included. V

15.Additional Description:
General Store Pie Safe / Bakery Display
With screen sides, double hinged door and a Carousel.
Antiques. 24 x 27 x 24.5. B1

16.Additional Description:
Round Walnut Antique Parlor table
35 x 30. B1

17.Additional Description:
Antique Walnut Dining Room Set with
8 - matching upholstered chairs.

60 x 30 x 45 and extends to 81 inches long with two leaves.
Table matches lot number 18 & 19. Mold observed on bottoms of chairs. See photos.    B1

18.Additional Description:
Antique Walnut China Cabinet with Burl Front
45 x 62 x 16. B1

19.Additional Description:
Walnut buffet with burl walnut front
71 x 37 x 22. B1

20.Additional Description:
United States of America
1865 Land Grant
For a parcel in Buffalo County. The southeast quarter of section 6, and Township 19 north, of range 10 West, in the district of lands subject for sale at Lacrosse, Wisconsin, containing 160 Acres. Signed Franklin Pierce probably by his secretary see last photo for copy of Pierce's signature. T

21.Additional Description:
Wadsworth 14k gold ladies wristwatch
with 16 jewel movement. 
Does not run, but stops well and is right twice a day. V

22.Additional Description:
Power to the People.
Black and White poster from late 1960s. The woman in the lower left corner looks like Gloria Steinem, but not sure. 27 x 22. No rips or tears. Some pencil/pen in lower right corner. Has been rolled up for many years. We had to use weights to hold open for pictures. K

23.Additional Description:
Arcturus Coma
black light poster by Tom Korpalski circa1969.
Approximately 43 1/2 x 27 1/2. Has some staining at the top, a 2 inch rip at the upper left corner and a few small holes. Complete, no missing pieces. K

24.Additional Description:
Spanish American War
Original Mills Web Belt Plate.

Authentic cast brass plate that was used on the ammunition web belts used in the Spanish American War. 3 3/8 x 2 5/16. U

25.Additional Description:
Winchester Repeating Arms Company
Box of 22 cal. rifle cartridges. Winchester Repeating Arms Company New Haven Connecticut 18 shells in the original box. Bonus 3 shells. U

26.Additional Description:
Antique Lead Toy Soldiers and 2 Ships.
Hand written on box, "imported from Germany 1897."
22 pieces total for Blue Army and Red Army. Two pieces have no bases. 2 others have some damage. 2 and 3 inches tall. U

27.Additional Description:
Schinasi Brothers 
Turkish Cigarette Tin w
ith 1910 tax stamp.
6 x 3 inches. Advertising, tobacco, Tins U

28.Additional Description:
Wake-Em-Up Coffee Antique Tin
Formerly held 5 lbs of Wake-Em-Up Brand Coffee by Andressen Ryan Coffee Company Duluth Minnesota. X

29.Additional Description:
Original Oil Painting of Woodland Stream
illegible signature, date may be 1902? 10.75 x 13.75 in 

30.Additional Description:
Antique Pine Bar or Store Counter
70 long by 37 tall by 30.5 inches wide.
Located in basement YOU NEED TO BRING HELP.
It's not very heavy but it is awkward. 
Looks like it will fit through the basement through the door. 

31.Additional Description:
Antique Cranberry Color Glass Lamp Shade
Top opening is 5 on the inside and 7 on the outside
13.5 in inside to 13.75 outside.  

32.Additional Description:
14 K Gold
Antique Size 9 Ring inscribed B. 4.3 grams. X

33.Additional Description:
Victorian Silver Plated belt buckle.
2.75 wide X 2.25 high. Marked C & R. See photos. X

34.Additional Description:
 Coral Cameo
Victorian ring size 6.5. No marks found on ring but it appears to be gold. 4.5 grams total weight. See photos . X

35.Additional Description:
14 K Gold Victorian Scarf Slide 
1.5 wide x 1 in tall. 5.4 g X

36.Additional Description:
Moses and the Prophets
Print depicts Moses with the Prophets in a magnificent 6.5 foot x 22 inch wood frame. Print consists of 5 panels. Moses, Joshua, Elijah, Obadiah, Zephanieh, Hosea, Micah, Haggai, Malacchi, Habakkuk, Isaiah, Jonah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Amos, Nahum and Ezekiel.  See photos for names, spelling and condition

37.Additional Description:
Art Nouveau Cufflinks X 2
One pair features small pearls with mechanical snap see photos. X

38.Additional Description:
Vintage Marbles Assortment. 2 lbs, 14 oz 
Quarter used in photo for size reference. Quarter not included. 
See Marbles at Lots 38, 42, 257 and 324. X

39.Additional Description:
Antique Halloween Decorations
Includes 3 in plaster black cats, jack O lanterns, witches and black cat paper cut outs L

40.Additional Description:
Red Wing Stoneware
5 gallon shoulder jug good condition other than a couple of small glaze flaws. L

41.Additional Description:
         Choice Piece of Arizona Petrified Wood 
      4.75 lbs. Last 2 photos show sprayed with water

42.Additional Description:
Bennington's and Glazed Clay Marbles 
Quarter in photo for reference and not included. 
See Marbles at Lots 38, 42, 257 and 324. X

42B.Additional Description:
Porcelain Lady 12 x 3.5 
3 figures but only 1 appears to be in good condition
Smallest figure stands at 6 x 2 in other 2 measure 12 x 3.5 in
Includes 2 - Amethyst Glass 4.5 in dia x 1.75 in round pedestals.
2 Figures are Damaged. See photos       BR

43.Additional Description:
Silver and Enamel Pins
Most likely Norweigan or Danish and marked 900 with other illegible mark. Hallmark may be a goat? See photos.
1 3/8 tall by 3/4 inch wide. X

44.Additional Description:
Owl in Sterling Silver
Victorian Retractable Lead Pencil

featuring the image of an owl. Photos show extended and contracted views. Measures 1 and 7/8 and the shortest configuration and 3 5/8 and its longest. X

45.Additional Description:
1893 World Columbian Exposition
Rolled Cent and Keychain

from from 1893 Expo featuring Columbus's image. Quarter used in last photo for size reference and is not included in the lot. Coins X

46.Additional Description:
A pair of Vintage Shriner Fezzes.
To quote famous philosopher Steely Dan,
"No I'm never gonna do it without the fez on"
Tassels are shedding but fezzes are otherwise in very good condition and have been stored in their respective bags for many decades. Medinan Fez is around size 7.25 with
Aad Fez comes in around size 6.75 - 7. 

47.Additional Description:
4 Ceramic Pedestals 
2 with stickers stating 1920 Trenton pottery.
3 R 6 in diameter 1 is 5 and 3/8 diameter.

48.Additional Description:
VICTOR Watch Fob, "See The V"
Pat'd May 28, 07
Warranted Oneida Community N.Y
Victor Foot Traps Advertising. U 

49.Additional Description:
Vintage Machine Made Oriental Rug.
No readable label. See photos for condition issues.
Includes pad as shown in photos. Approximately 150 by 109 in.

50.Additional Description:
Antique Sextoblade Straightedge Razor.
With booklet and case plus blades for every day Of the week.
Patent 1909. Knives U

51.Additional Description:
Miniature Wooden toboggan w/Hand Painted Scene.
Decorative piece measures 12 x 4 in. Painted snow scene and flowered branch painted on top side. U

52.Additional Description:
The Original True Pipe Razor
The Original and Only True Pipe Razor manufactured only by George Wostenholm & Son Limited. Sheffield. With case. Knives. U 

53.Additional Description:
Two pocket knives .
Yellow handle knife is from Utica Cutlery Co. New York with the Masonic Shriners emblem on it. The other is Valley Forge cutlery co. Newark, New Jersey. U

54.Additional Description:
Metal belt buckle from Gateway Corporation of La Crosse. 3.5 by 2.5 inches. U

55.Additional Description:
Single blade knife from the Robeson Cutlery Company. Rochester New York. U

56.Additional Description:
Two small metal Banks the larger one measures 4 by 5 in and is made by Victor M Grab & Company Chicago Illinois. The second one is a coin Bank with the Sheridan trust and Savings Bank advertising on it 4738 Broadway in Chicago. Call The Well phone leader patents from 1904 to 1913 the automatic recording Safe Company called the Wealthometer U

57.Additional Description:
4 Recipe/Advertising Children's Books. Royal Baking Company, the Jello company and two from the Calumet Baking Powder Company. U

58.Additional Description:
10 pair of antique glasses. Two are from Drs. Bradfield and Smith
La Crosse Wisconsin. Another is from Julius Landjo, Milwaukee Wisconsin. ADDED ANOTHER PAIR see last 3 photos. 4 pair show some damage see photos. L

59.Additional Description:
2 books. The first is a digest of the laws of the Grand Lodge of Wisconsin Knights of Pythias published in 1885. The other is a book of poems by Samuel Francis Woolard. Entitled Dear Old Father the book has a suede cover as in is in very good condition for being published in 1910. L

60.Additional Description:
Two silent Butler's and a Cast Iron ladle with a wood handle and ornate decorations. Probably Chinese. Includes bottle opener and a letter opener both marked China. L

61.Additional Description:
8 Books.
6 Raggedy Ann books. Another is a book of bedtime verses and songs and the other is a story of Beloved Belinda by Johnny gruel. The Raggedy Ann A numbers book published on cloth shows some signs of water damage see photos. .bonus articles about Johnny Gruelle and Raggedy Ann story

62.Additional Description:
New Auditorium Milwaukee Sterling Silver Powder Box with Dragon Design and perfumed face powder leaves the directions for use inside looks like a book very ornate and Marked Silver. PLUS 6 envelopes with original perfume tissues from Grand Maison De Blanc New York with original envelope. U

62A.Additional Description:
2 - vintage electric griddles
 Smaller is The Forestek Plating & MFG.CO
6W x 6D x 4.5H. The larger griddle has no marks and is
12W x 8D x 4H. Did not test. G

63.Additional Description:
Large assortment of early razor blades and shavers many different types and styles. Most are still in the box and package.

64.Additional Description:
"8 Indian Rocks and used as tools." 
Information per notes found with rocks.
Possibly attributed to
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation. 
Several have hand impressions and several are shaped like an axe head. One was thought to be used for pounding skins another is an Indian axe with a round head found March 1991 in
Southside of San Clemente California. One piece possible pestl for grinding grains. See lot 13 for more Native American Artifacts L

65.Additional Description:
Assortment of rocks and stones. Some appear to have fossils embedded in them. Notes attached specify there is chrysocolla, malachite, agates and Micah. All different shapes sizes and colors. Anza - Borrego rocks,L

66.Additional Description:
Eight pieces of Hand Blown Art Glass.
Very colorful and unique.  L

66A.Additional Description:
Antique boxes and tins including Jello, Bakers Coconut, Bulldog bottle Caps, and more. General Store    G

67.Additional Description:
Four antique books. The first is Beautiful Thoughts by William E Gladstone published in 1901. The second is a story called Snowbound by John Greenleaf Whittier no date the 3rd is The Last Latch-String to Happiness by Nina Isabel Jennings dated 1909 6th edition and the last is a book called Poems and Stories Every Home Should Know from The Works of James Whitcomb Riley no publishing date. L

68.Additional Description:
51 polished and colorful stones. 3 in the bottom left-hand Corner are considered dinosaurs Stones. Per note in box that they were given to someone in 1937 from Vernal Utah. Dinosaurs would swallow the stones to help Digest their vegetarian diet. L

69.Additional Description:
Two Zippo lighters.
One marked Remington Rand Univac U

70.Additional Description:
3 Antique Cigarette Lighters.
1 - Clark, 1 - Ace Platanoid and 1 - Primo lighter.   U

71.Additional Description:
Original Oil Painting. Not able to find signature. Painting has come in contact with the glass and you can see in the photos. 15.5 X 11

72.Additional Description:
Rock a Tot ~ Antique Rocking Chicken
Built in 1926. Made by Mengel Playthings
the rocking chicken measures 30 in Long by 14 in wide and 17 in tall. See photos for condition

73.Additional Description:
~ 1889 ~ Sept. 25 ~1899~
inscribed on the top of this chafing-dish. Given as a 10 year anniversary gift from Ma, Phil and Edna. Approximately 9.5 in diameter. White marks in photo of top are reflections.
Bid on burner unit that fits this chafing dish at lot 278b .

74.Additional Description:
3 - Antique pitchers marked Rogers and Brothers, Waterbury Connecticut. Extra plate. The pitchers are very ornate. The tallest one measures 13 inches tall and 10 inches wide. 

75.Additional Description:
Teapot marked Manning Bowman and Company. Patent January 24th 1899. Teapot is 10 inches wide by 6 in tall. 

76.Additional Description:
Old travel or Salesman case.
3 latches and front of the case folds down.
15 wide 10 tall and 9 inches deep. 

77.Additional Description:
Two metal containers.
The smaller one has a glass lid and measures 8.5 in in diameter the larger one has a metal cover and is considered a cake tin. It measures 12 inches in diameter.

78.Additional Description:
4 - 1/3 Quart Dolly Madison Dairies Milk Bottles. 6 in tall. 

78A.Additional Description:
Two leather travel grooming kits.
Smaller marked Prophylactic.
See photos

79.Additional Description:
Land-grant dated 1855 to Robert Campbell, 
Musician in Captain's Crank & Clark's companies,
New York militia, War of 1812.

President Franklin Pierce's 
signature is probably signed by his secretary dated May 1st 1855. See copy of Pierce's signature. 
Land-grant is for the Northeast quarter of section 29 and Township 83 North, of range 11 West, in the district of land subject to sale at Iowa City, Iowa, containing 150 acres. T

80.Additional Description:
Bicycle Playing Cards Score Keeper.
By the United States Playing Card Company.

Keep score in style with this beauty.T

81.Additional Description:
Our Dollies and How to Dress Them
Set of four dolls on stands with eight extra interchangeable costumes easy to assemble no folding necessary Merrimack company. Also collection of Ladies Home Journal paper doll cutouts four different occasions dating back to 1921 most are 1923. Also collection of colored paper dolls.          L

82.Additional Description:
7 cream servers of different colors and varieties.
Two are from Italy. One from Japan. One from Austria.
Two are from the United States.

82B.Additional Description:
Three wood table lamps
Two work, one has minor damage the third one needs to be rewired
15, 16 and 18 in. high.

83.Additional Description:
6 cream Pitchers.
Three are very colorful. One is dated 1902. L

84.Additional Description:
2 China Dolls.
17 inch tall doll from Saigon, Vietnam dated 1971 and is 17 inches tall. The other still in the package from China, 12 inches tall. L

85.Additional Description:
2 -  Skookum (Bully Good) Indian Dolls,
one with Papoose plus third doll. Original Trademark Label on the bottom of foot. See Photos.           L

86.Additional Description:
Antique Thread, Pin cushions, buttons, tape measures,
needles, and zippers. L

86B.Additional Description:
Antique Porcelain Pitcher
9in high and bowl 14 in dia.,
Different manufacturers,
bowl has a chip under lip.

87.Additional Description:
Antique thread and needle collection.
Several pin cushions. Several small boxes of sewing silk and sewing thread. Royal Ruth Bank pins. Two tape measures and other assorted pieces. Too much to mention. L

88.Additional Description:
Collection of antique threads pins, needles, fasteners, hook and eyes, specialty needles, and some antique lace. L

89.Additional Description:
Buttons, buttons, and more buttons, mostly antique huge assortment.
Pins and needles and all the buttons you will ever need.

90.Additional Description:
Collection of antique buttons
more buttons than you can shake a thimble at.
Some wooden some metal some antique. Some ornate. Some are very old.

91.Additional Description:
Collection of buttons and thread.
Antique buttons. 3 Chesterfield cigarette boxes made of metal holding what else but buttons
and a metal pin case from Royal Bryant in London.

92.Additional Description:
The Scimitar.
The official publication of the Medina Athletic Club dated April 1930 . It comes in a wooden box with an ornate cover.        L

93.Additional Description:
Antique Wooden Condax Cigarette box from the 2nd District state of New York Factory number 405. Holds 98 cigarettes 23 large and 75 regular size. L

94.Additional Description:
Three Antique wooden boxes. One has a carving of fruit on top and slides open. One is hand carved from Guatemala. And the other is a plain box what's solid wood. L

95.Additional Description:
Sheepskin vest with Embroidered Decorations.
1960s ~ Vintage Hippy Gear.

Men's size Medium.  Fashion, accessories and clothing. Mb

96.Additional Description:
Hat box with beautiful black hat. Hat made by Modes Des Paris, Chicago Illinois. Hatbox measures 20 in in diameter by 10 inches tall. L

97.Additional Description:
Wooden Chair.
Measures 36 in tall 24 in wide and 20 in deep.

98.Additional Description:
Two dark stained wooden chairs with antique canning. Caning is not in great shape. Chairs measure 32 in tall, 18 in wide, 16 in deep. MB

98A.Additional Description:
Six Aqua Glass Plates and Five Matching Cups
. Made in France.

99.Additional Description:
Antique Oak footstool.
Made by Tonk company Chicago Illinois and New York City.
Measures 17 in wide by 18 in tall by 13 in deep.

100.Additional Description:
Rocking chair without canning.
A few minor cracks.   

101.Additional Description:
Butterfly Oil Painting
Entitled Garden jewelry
By Local La Crosse Artist.
Measures 41 in tall by 33 in wide.

102.Additional Description:
3 - Wool blankets.
Measures approximately 69 in wide by 79 in Long. Mb

103.Additional Description:
Antique Dresser Set Box.
18 in wide by 13 in Deep by 6 inches tall. Mb

103B.Additional Description:
Three vintage wood tennis rackets
Great for decorating.

104.Additional Description:
2 wall plaques. Portraits of an Angel with a baby on her back. Portraits are identical. One measures 10 in in diameter, the other 22 in in diameter. MB

105.Additional Description:
Hand Carved Wooden Figure Depicting of Mary and Jesus. Approximately 14 in tall. LR

106.Additional Description:
Elegant Lady and Mirror.
Framed in wood and gesso, mirror features the portrait of an elegant lady. Overall height is 30 in by 8 in wide. Mirror shows some wear. Mb

107.Additional Description:
4 Original paintings and one framed photograph. Photograph is dated 1926. The oval is metal and others are wood and gesso. Largest is 12.5 X 10.5, Road and Woods is 10.5 x 4.5,  Snow and Pines is 4.25 x 6.25, Oval Lake  is 4.5 x 6 and photograph is 7 x 9.  Mb

107A.Additional Description:
Four Antique Baskets.

108.Additional Description:
March 1886 Issue or The New York Fashion Bazaar
Published by George Monroe.
See photos for condition.

109.Additional Description:
Antique Children's books including Jack and Jill. Babies ABC book. Two books about Old Mother Hubbard and her dog, see photos. Three Little Kittens. Cinderella or the Glass Slipper. Aladdin or The Wonderful Lamp. Kindergarten ABC Book. Several are printed on linen/cloth material and a couple are declared un-tearable. T

110.Additional Description:
Four paintings on cardboard. Two appear to be unfinished. The height of the tallest one is about 17 in and the width of the widest one is 14 in. Mb

111.Additional Description:
6 wooden eggs and 2 Solid Wood.  Mb

112.Additional Description:
3 postcards in Metal Frames featuring children measuring 3 by 4 in. They are dated 1906 by the Simplicity company Chicago Illinois. Mb

113.Additional Description:
Cowhide Briefcase by Bosca Company Springfield, Ohio. 
18 in by 13 in. See photos. Mb.

114.Additional Description:
Ornate Antique Shelf appears to be brass but is actually plaster or gesso. Approximately 5 in deep by 6 in tall.       MB.

115.Additional Description:
Assortment of playing cards. Includes poker cards, Bridge decks, poker chips, a small slot machine (doesn't function). Metal case containing bridge deck. Mb

116.Additional Description:
Kaiser Wilhelm. World War 1 Vintage Photo. 
Wilhelm II or William II was the last German Emperor and King of Prussia. He reigned from 15 June 1888 until his abdication on 9 November 1918 shortly before Germany's defeat in World War I. from Wikipedia. Photographs. 14 x 10.5 in.     T

117.Additional Description:
Solitude by William Gibbons.
Photo of a snowy Mountainside with beautiful clouds in Banff. Photo measures 8 by 10. T

118.Additional Description:
Picture of a fish painted on a rock from Whitefish Bay dated August 23, 1903. 6 w x 5 in tall. Folkart L

118B.Additional Description:
Antique Oak Upholstered High Back Rocker.
20 x 48 x 32.

119.Additional Description:
Photo entitled Rebecca at the well dated 1906 by Pryor,
a La Crosse Photographer. Photo measures 8 by 10. T

119B.Additional Description:
Antique Oak Captains Chair
missing a spindle.
18 x 16 x 26H.

120.Additional Description:
Apollo and the Muses 
Antique print from the original classic by Baldassar
Ornate frame measures approximately 8 x 6 in. L

121.Additional Description:
Three pictorial books about Rome.
Books Feature famous Paintings, Sculptures and Buildings of Rome. T

122.Additional Description:
The Masterpieces of Greek Art by Raymond V. Shoder, S. J. 2nd edition dated 1965. Book about the Art Institute of Chicago. General catalog of the painting sculptures and other objects in the museum 1914. The Art Institute of Chicago. L

123.Additional Description:
Antique Colarette.
Worn in the late 1800s. L

124.Additional Description:
Two special pieces of straw art. Very detailed with descriptions of the art was made on back. Measures approximately 3.5 in by 5 in. T

124A.Additional Description:
Two Antique Straw Hats. Asian or Polynesian.

125.Additional Description:
Three colorful works painted on hand laid paper. Largest measures 25 x 18 and smallest is 12 by 8 in. L

126.Additional Description:
Two horn handled folding knives or pocket knives.
Possibly French fur Trader appear to be late 18th or early 19th century. Single bladed knife measures 4 in, triple bladed knife measures 3 and 1/2 in. Single blade knife has brass Loop marked depose'. The triple bladed knife has remnants of what may be silver decoration. See photos for details. W

126B.Additional Description:
Lot of Advertising Matchbooks and Covers.
Some are covers with no matches.

127.Additional Description:
Antique Brass Door Knocker. 
Approximately 3.5 inches tall. W

128.Additional Description:
World Columbian Exposition Knife 1892
Columbian Exposition of 1892 knife has spring assist blades with ornate designs featuring Columbus. Both blade tips are chipped. See photos. Measures 3 inches. W

129.Additional Description:
Spanish-American War 
War With Spain 1898 Service medal

United States Army For Service. With campaign ribbon. Measures 1 and 1/2 by 2 in. W

130.Additional Description:
Three Brothers pearl-handled knife from Germany.
Handle measures 3 in.  W

130B.Additional Description:
Mixed lot of postcards and greeting cards.
Most have not been used. Christmas, Easter and birthday.

131.Additional Description:
Unique ~ Antique Fish Bone Tweezer with Mother of Pearl Tail.
5 in Long. W

131A.Additional Description:
Three antique Acme Fry Pans and a Spatula.

131B.Additional Description:
Large lot of travel postcards,
most look to be 1950s - 1960s.

132.Additional Description:
Victorian Bone and Silver Plate Whistle.
About 3 in in length. With metal beads on chains. W

133.Additional Description:
Izaak Walton League of America.
Dedicated to preserving clean air, water, conservation and wildlife for over 100 years. Lot includes 2 - medallions and 3 - pins from the Defenders of Woods, Waters, and Wildlife. Medallions are approximately 1.5 in diameter. Pins are about .5 in diameter. W

134.Additional Description:
National Parks Association
antique bronze pin by the Medallic Art Company of New York. Measures 1 in in diameter. W

135.Additional Description:
Mickey Mouse
wrist watch made by Ingersoll, U.S. Time. Walt Disney Productions. Mechanical wind-up watch observed running. Watch face measures 1 inch in diameter W

135B.Additional Description:
Large of travel postcards from across the United States.
Some older, some newer.

136.Additional Description:
Two pieces of fur related advertising memorabilia.
Includes a Herman and Ben Marks Fur Buyers letter opener plus a pamphlet that answers your questions about furs from
Max Neuburger & Company New York. W

136B.Additional Description:
Lot of travel brochures and a menu from Melody Lane Starlite Room.

137.Additional Description:
Foote's Giant Pyrite for Crystal Radio Sets.
With Original Pyrite in colorful  advertising Tin.  
1.5 inch diameter container. L

138.Additional Description:
Republica Mexicana 5 centavos 90% Silver Coin dated 1891.
An artist turned it into a spoon. 2.75 inches long. Coins W

139.Additional Description:
Collection of sewing items including scissors, symbols, measuring tape, and more. MB

139B.Additional Description:
Hanging Wall Mirror.
45 x 18.
Has been restored.

140.Additional Description:
Large lot of sewing items including thread, snaps, pins, and a few more items. See photos. MB

141.Additional Description:
Japanese advertising fans from Honolulu along with some Porcelain pieces, and a few other items. MB

141B.Additional Description:
Queen size mattress, box spring, frame and metal headboard. Mattress and box spring are
Spring Air Brand.

142.Additional Description:
Native American Indian Crafts
Including a hand made Pipestone pipe, Sacagawea necklace, dream catchers, Thunderbird key ring & letter opener, and more.

143.Additional Description:
Oval handmade antique serving tray decorated with butterfly and milkweed
18 x 11. MB

144.Additional Description:
Beautiful Vintage Scarves x 10.
Most are not tagged but appear to be silk and rayon. 
Accessories, fashion clothing MB

144B.Additional Description:
Three Drawer Desk.
34 1/2 wide x 30 tall x 18 deep.

145.Additional Description:
Three Silk and Rayon ladies scarfs. Fashion, accessories and clothing MB

146.Additional Description:
Fine ladies scarfs in various sizes and colors.
Some have tags but most do not. Silk, rayon, and polyester materials. Fashion, accessories and clothing 16 scarfs total. MB

147.Additional Description:
Porcelain dolls along with some parts and pieces. MB

148.Additional Description:
Porcelain, composite, and celluloid dolls. No marks found. MB

149.Additional Description:
Porcelain made in Japan and the other two are celluloid
(one marked Japan). MB

149B.Additional Description:
Original Oil Painted on Glass.
15 x 19. BR

150.Additional Description:
Two porcelain baby dolls with some baby clothes.
Also two tiny holiday dolls made of porcelain. MB

151.Additional Description:
Three dolls,two with awake/asleep eyes,
2 - smaller dolls marked Germany. MB

152.Additional Description:
S & H German Antique Brown/Black Bisque
Hanna Hawaiian doll with awake and asleep eyes and a grass skirt.
7 inches. Schoenau & Hoffmeister.       MB

152A.Additional Description:
1 wood tilt top table with 2 others needing repair. G

153.Additional Description:
Armand Marseille bisque doll head plus finished porcelain head/shoulders
Porcelain doll heads, smaller bisque head marked 3200 AM2/0DEP, no marks found on large porcelain. MB

153B.Additional Description:
Three Ladies Straw Hats,
Size 7-8.

154.Additional Description:
Blue Willow dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.
Some chips and cracks, see photos. MB

155.Additional Description:
Crucifixes and more. MB

156.Additional Description:
Assortment of religious items. MB

157.Additional Description:
Image of Jesus on wood and gesso.
Antiques, art. 10 x 15 MB

157B.Additional Description:
Two sun hats! Nice straw hat is size 7-8,
Has minor rip on rim. Cream colored cotton (?) hat also size 7-8, has RP mark. BR

158.Additional Description:
Religious items including Bibles, pictures, crosses, and candle. MB

159.Additional Description:
19th Century Original Landscape oil painting
in ornate frame. No signature found. 35 x 25. B1

160.Additional Description:
Beautiful 19th Century Still Life Oil Painting in Gilded Frame
21 x 14.5. B1

161.Additional Description:
Beautiful Queen Anne Round Back Upholstered Chair
Mold observed on bottom. 27 x 33 x 28. B1

163.Additional Description:
Antique upholstered wood rocker with wicker
some damage 26 x 40 by 30. Mold observed on bottom. Has extra cushion. B1 

162.Additional Description: F
Antique wicker rocker 29 x 36 x 30,
wicker in seat needs replacing. B1

163A.Additional Description:
Wood single bed frame.

164.Additional Description:
Two paintings on Velvet in Gilded Frames from
Bergman’s Art Galleries, La Crosse,15 x 19.5. B1

164B.Additional Description:
Hand Painted Nippon Porcelain Pieces
and Two Glass Serving Dishes.

165.Additional Description:
13 Antique pocket knives, several with Mother of Pearl handles.
Some with minor damage, see photos. None over 4 in long. W

166.Additional Description:
Old-fashioned mechanical pedometer.
Seems to be complete counterbalance weight seems to move not sure if it actually counts. X

166B.Additional Description:
Two Blue Porcelain Table Lamps with Shades,
stands 20 inches tall.

167.Additional Description:
Vintage figural table lamp with three way switch works 39 in high.

168.Additional Description:
Antique mirror in decorative wood frame
27 x 17.

169.Additional Description:
Nine Vintage Decorative pillows. B1

170.Additional Description:
Victorian Era Setee' with Ornately Carved Details and Triangle Pillows
75 x 36 x 32. Antiques B1

171.Additional Description:
Decorative clay 21 in dia platter, wood bowl 13.5 x 9 35 and a clay pot 9x8. All handpainted. B1

173.Additional Description:
Red Wing mid century modern art pottery bowl number 1383 at 8 x 5.5, and 2 USA dishes number 422 7 x 4.5,and 423 8.5 x 6.5. No damage, two minor glaze flaws on number 423. B1

172.Additional Description:
Antique stoneware items, a 2 gallon jug cracked, 1 gallon crock, and a bean pot without lid that has been painted. B1

172B.Additional Description:
Miscellaneous lot of China,
including dessert size plates and bowls.
See photos for marks.

174.Additional Description:
Vintage fishing lures including Flash Eye Spoon, South Bend Super Duper number 509 and a couple others that are marked see photos. B1

175.Additional Description:
Lot of 3 Sterling Silver pieces. First is a Sombrero pin back marked 925 Silver. Next is a Dog pin back marked silver México and last is a tie clip marked Peru 925. All in very good condition. V

176.Additional Description:
Antique Mortar and Pestle 
Mortar is 3 3/4 in diameter x 2 1/2 tall. Marked on bottom OO & T.P.Co. which is Trenton Pottery. Pestle has a wood handle and pottery tip. Measures 4 1/4 long. V

176B.Additional Description:
4 - Matching Lenox Porcelain Bowls 
plus Bonus Lenox bowl.

3 small (6 x 3.5) bowls are footed. Larger one (9.5 x 5.5) and round bowl (7.5 dia) are foot free. See photos for marks. BR

177.Additional Description:
2 Page Turners.
First is a metal, possibility brass, etched with birds and flowers. Bangle is raised, decorated with a stork and flower design. Measures 15 1/2 long. Blade is loose in handle. Second is a wood turner, engraved and painted with a flower design. Measures 8 3/8 long. V

177A.Additional Description:
Antique electric kitchen appliances.

178.Additional Description:
2 Harlots
First is a partially nude women reclining in a chair. Made of porcelain. Missing her left hand. Approximately 4 inches tall. No marks. Chair is wood. Second is a painted metal box with wood lining. Has a partially nude women on top. Inside lid is marked Trade Mark Corornet Registered Austria. Has a repair to her left arm. K

178B.Additional Description:
Seven Pressed Glass Candlestick Holders,
Measurements in photos.

179.Additional Description:
Bayonet & U.S.N. WWII Sheath.
Bayonet marked Japan at base of blade. Measures 11 inches over all with a 6 1/4” blade. Stacked leather handle. Sheath is marked U.S.N. MK 2 on one side and NORD - 8114 B. M. Co 1/5 vp. Measures 13 1/4 long. V

179B.Additional Description:
Candlestick Holders
Made of Wood Glass and Metal.

180.Additional Description:
Antique Wind Up Bunny Rabbit
No rips to fur. Wind up works, slowly. Stands 13 1/2 tall. Owner thought it could be a Steiff per note found, but no marks, button or pinhole for button. Thought to be from 1925. With glass eyes. V

180B.Additional Description:
Tapered candles, votive lights, birthday candles, and liquid candle oil.

181.Additional Description:
Butterfly Tray by
James Tufts in Hammered Quadruple Plate

Features a butterfly and folded corners hammered motif. 8 1/2 x 7. Marked James Tufts Boston Warranted Quadruple Plate 3136. K

182.Additional Description:
Glass Medallion "Cameo" depicting a Roman Soldier.
It appears that there was paint surrounding the head of the Soldier to mimic a Cameo. Glass is surrounded by fancy metalwork. Blue glass jewels set into the metalwork. Possible jewelry piece 3.25 diameter.

182B.Additional Description:
Glass Amber Colored Vase, Red Class Vase, and Green Pheasant Vase marked USA829.

183.Additional Description:
Very cool old lock blade knife.
Marked on the blade, G R D with an arrow through it and France below that. Base of blade marked V.R. Handle may be bone or other natural material. To unlock the blade you pull up on the ring. Very good condition. 6 1/2 overall length. Blade is 2 3/4 long. V

184.Additional Description:
Bone handled knife and mechanical pencil.
One end is a 1 1/4 inch knife blade and the other end has a screw off cover that hides a mechanical pencil that holds pencil points. Blade is marked. Overall length is 3 inches. V

184B.Additional Description:
Hand-painted Japanese fan, 28 in in diameter.
Some damage on blades see photos.

185.Additional Description:
Miniature Powder Horn Container 
Top unscrews for Storage. 
Metals rings in the base and the top. 3 1/4 inch long. V

186.Additional Description:
Lot of 3 antique children’s books.
First is Baby’s Ride and Other Stories published by McLoughlin Brothers. No. 53 in the Over The Hills Series. Second is Sunny Days published by Mc Loughlin Brothers And Jumper the Hare Cannot Sleep 1928 published by John H Eggers Co. The first 2 books have loose but not detached pages.
Last one has wear to spine. K

186B.Additional Description:
Silver Plated Reed & Barton Coffee or Tea Pot,
marked 2970.

187.Additional Description:
Gorgeous Fairbanks Fairy Soap Advertising featuring 
Morning, Noon, Evening and Night with all sorts of interesting information printed on backs. Each panel is about 10 x 12 for a total of 4 feet total length.  Ephemera. T

188.Additional Description:
Northwestern Knitting Co circa 1897 and predecessor to Munsingwear. According to the advertising it's the America's Best Underware. Awesome artwork and loaded with information and advice. Ephemera. T

189.Additional Description:
Footed Brass Vanity Tray with Embroidered Design Border
This beautiful antique mirror has a few blemishes but piece is beautiful as found. Approximately 20 x 10 in Rises up about 1 and 1/2 inches from the table

190.Additional Description:
Decorative "Sword" made of Antique Chinese Coins
18 in Long by 4 in wide. W

190A.Additional Description:
Metal wall mount mailbox,
16 x 10 x 5.

191.Additional Description:
Medal from the National Association of Retail Druggist
From the 1926 Sesquicentennial.
4 in Long by 2 in wide. W

192.Additional Description:
Antique Brass Knife sharpener that clamps onto a tabletop. 6x3 inches. Works good. W

192A.Additional Description:
Two easels / wire stands,
each 47 in high.

193.Additional Description:
Dragon Incense Burner on Wood Base.
7 in Long 2 in tall. W

194.Additional Description:
United Spanish War Veterans 1898 to 1902.
Pin measures 1/2 inch. W

195.Additional Description:
American Red Cross Liberty Tournament 1917
Medal is 1.5 in diameter. I don't believe it's Military related W

196.Additional Description: M
United States Army Service Medal for the
Army of Occupation Military Government of Cuba 1898 to 1902.

Medal is 1.5 in diameter. W

197.Additional Description:
Commemorative Medallion of the Moon Landing July 20th 1969.
Coin contains metal from the spacecraft Columbia and Eagle.

About 1 and 1/4 in diameter. W

198.Additional Description:
Swan Works Cutlery Folding Pocket Knife 
Antler handle. Larger blade marked at base Swan Works Cutlery Germany. Larger blade is 2 inches and smaller is 1 7/16 long. Closed knife is 3 1/4 long. V

199.Additional Description:
Small Antique Flat Top Toy Trunk  
18 x 9 3/4 x 10 3/4. Original tray inside. Reminants of Paint. MB

200.Additional Description:
Antique Hanging Light 3 - Bulb Light fixture with white 16 in dia. glass globe hangs 40 inches from ceiling. Brass fixture and 3 chains appears in good condition. NOW LOT 200 B1

200B.Additional Description:
Forbes Silver Plate Co. Cream and Sugar Servers,
Marked 658 and Etched with Letter S.
Also Wilcox Silver Plate Co. Stemmed Goblet and Mug,
Marked 1201 & 3960. 4 pieces total this lot. D

201.Additional Description:
Antique hanging Coat Hat Rack 
Has 5 metal hooks with wood balls at the end. Wood backer has been refinished. Hooks fold flat. Wood board is 30 x 4. Hooks are 7 inches long. MB

201A.Additional Description:
Assortment of Kitchen Items.
Curio 16.5 in wood shelf, Braun cup, funnels, Bean-X bean slicer and Stringer, wood stove rake puller, and a Seco Sandwich Master.

202.Additional Description:
Cream Of Wheat
5 - Advertising Premium Pictures that were given out free from Cream of Wheat. Display Set used in the stores to show customers.
Pictures are mounted on black mat material. First picture describes the offer.
 Image is 9 3/4 x 8 and mat is 16 3/4 x 14 3/4. K

203.Additional Description:
The Art Journal for 1881. Large book. The cover has detached as have a few of the first pages. Also some inner pages are loose. Needs TLC. 380 pages with gold leaf on edge. K

203A.Additional Description:
Pressed glass footed dessert dishes,
16 total.

204.Additional Description:
2 - AAA Never Used License Plate Toppers 
Advertising car collecitbles L

204B.Additional Description:
Nice Hartford Silver Water Pitcher,
Komex Serving 13 inch Serving Tray,
And Two More Silver Plate Trays.

205.Additional Description:
Two Antique Metal Lockboxes
8 x 4 x 3 and 11.5 x 7.5 x 2.5.

205B.Additional Description:
Silver Plated Serving Pieces along with Plymouth made Salt & Pepper,
and a Triple Plate Mug.

206.Additional Description:
Vintage Blatz Beer Tap Knob.

207.Additional Description:
Sentry Safe Waterproof fire resistant lockable chest 16 x 15 x 8 outside dimensions. L

208.Additional Description:
Red Wing Stoneware Cattail Pitcher
no chips. 9 x 5.5 at base. L

209.Additional Description:
Antique Rubber Stamps and Stamp Pads.

210.Additional Description:
Antique Pewter and Silver Picture
measures 8 x 8 at handle.

211.Additional Description:
Two portraits in very nice wood frames
9.5 x 12.5 and 12.5 x 14.5.

211B.Additional Description:
Italian Knights Painting on Glass
9.9 x 9.5.    D

212.Additional Description:
Vintage Cigarette Lighter Manufactured by Strikalite Inc. NY
looks like it may be made of catalin. L

212B.Additional Description:
Framed Print by George W. Parker 1888-1957,
15 x 18.    D

213.Additional Description:
Modern Clay Sculpture

218.Additional Description:
Five miscellaneous covered glass containers
3.5-5 in wide, 2.5-7 in high.

214.Additional Description:
Small Antique Cast Iron Balance Scale No Weights

214A.Additional Description:
Two cardboard drums with locking ring and tops.
Approximately 20 diameter and about 14 inches high.

215.Additional Description:
Two small alarm clocks made in Germany, left one works 3in dia.,
one on right is cellulite because it doesn't run, it just sits there. Could be Celluloid though.
2 3/4 x2 3/4.

216.Additional Description:
Three Trenton pottery vases
3 x 6.

216B.Additional Description:
Stained Glass Framed Oval Mirror,
13 x 15.

217.Additional Description:
Pinecone Finial and Roses Antique Brass Incense Burner
marked A.M.W Newark, New Jersey 3 x 2.5. L

219.Additional Description:
Antique wood sewing box with miscellaneous sewing related items,
12 x 8 x 5.5.

221.Additional Description:
7 knives, 6 butter knives, 10 forks, 7 various spoons.
Last 3 photos show Sterling Silver Spoon. MB

222.Additional Description:
Gemini stainless steel dinner ware set that includes 4 dinner forks, 4 salad forks, 4 spoons, 3 knifes, 2 serving spoon. Lot also includes All American fork and 14 stainless knives. MB

222B.Additional Description:
Capodimonte Woven Basket with Birds marked Italy and two other Unmarked Porcelain Pieces.


223.Additional Description:
Lady Doris Silver Plate Dinnerware,
Set includes 9 forks, 10 salad forks, 11 spoons, 11 butter knives, 14 soup spoons, and 9 long handle tea spoons.

224.Additional Description:
Selection of knives and forks, most are stainless.
20 knifes, 16 forks, 1 teaspoon, and 1 butter knife.

225.Additional Description:
Royal O. & E.G. Austria, Vienna Austria, Limoges France, Germany marked china pieces.

226.Additional Description:
Eleven sets of cups & sauces, china sets are from various makers
(see photos).

226B.Additional Description:
Three Porcelain Pieces Made in Italy,
Includes Candleholders and Cake Platter.

227.Additional Description:
Asian dishes,
some marked Japan.

228.Additional Description:
Dribble glass in original Packaging, and 2 - Hand Carved Bottle Stoppers. MB

229.Additional Description:
The Harvesters Kiddies and 
Cuesta-Rey Habana Cigars

Antique wood Cigar boxes. MB

230.Additional Description:
Beveled edge mirror measures 18 x 12. MB

230A.Additional Description:
The chimney brush includes an 8 inch round metal brush and to 6 foot fiberglass poles.

231.Additional Description:
Mother and Daughter at the Cabinet Grand Piano
Antique Oval Photograph
Mounted on wood with brass decorations on back.
Missing leg on back for easel . 9 x 7 MB

231A.Additional Description:
32 in tall wicker vase with metal insert + 2 baskets.

232.Additional Description:
Hand made doll clothes in various sizes. Includes shoes & socks, shirts, jackets, bonnets, and hats. MB

233.Additional Description:
Doll clothes, shoes, socks, bonnets, scrap material and patterns. Also a wool blanket and a pillow. MB

234.Additional Description:
2 - Brass School Bells with wooden handles. MB

235.Additional Description:
Jingle for Josaw Michigan City Indiana, small brass bells and a small Cast Iron Bell marked, Mission San Fernando Founded 1707. MB

236.Additional Description:
2 ~ Antique Match Safes in Brass and Metal. MB

237.Additional Description:
Elegant Vintage Perfume Bottle
Needs to be cleaned outside as dust has gathered in the Lacework design and inside where the old perfume has discolored.
5.25 in wide by 1.75 in Deep by 6.25 in tall. W

238.Additional Description:
13 vintage glass lamp shades
4 on right have 1.5 in dia opening the rest are a 2 in.

239.Additional Description:
Cast Iron Antique Oil Lamp Holder.
This beautiful piece hangs from the ceiling and holds an oil lamp. Very ornate cast-iron. L

240.Additional Description:
Lion Heads Glass Lamp Shades
1.5 inch diameter opening. Lampshades feature Lions heads molded into the design, very intricate and unique.
Shades are 4.5 tall and 4 in wide. L

241.Additional Description:
Counter Top Candy Display Case
Case angles back, locks and opens from the front. 
Read label in photos ..... "This case is loaned, never sold, and remains the property of D. Auerbach and Sons for the exclusive display of their candes."
Measures 9.5 in wide 10 in tall and 3 in deep. L

242.Additional Description:
Hand Carved Wood Purse
Possibly Polynesian?
Has openings for a rope or handle. 6 tall X 4 wide X 9 in Long. Carved wood no markings.
Slight damage on interior lip cannot see it when top is on . L

243.Additional Description:
Thermometer and barometer.
Springfield weather instruments.

10 in wide by 5 in tall by 1.5 inches deep. wooden base. L

244.Additional Description:
1875 Catholic Family Bible.
Gorgeous Edition with Gold Trimmed Top, Bottom and Fore Edges plus Brass Latches.
Measures 11 in wide by 13 in tall by 4 in deep. Books L

244B.Additional Description:
The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam.
Translated from the Persian by Edward Fitzgerald complete in one volume.
See photos for condition.

245.Additional Description:
Des Vaters Heimkehr
Antique Steel Plate Engraving of a family in Stuttgart Germany 
Under glass in wood frame.22 by 27 in tall.

246.Additional Description:
KC Baking Powder Can and Home Brand Coffee Tin
Antique KC Baking Powder container measures 7 X 3 in dia. The Home Brand Coffee Tin is 4 X 5 in diameter. L

247.Additional Description:
3 - Sculptures by local artist
The black one measures 7 in tall. The one on the left measures 6 in tall and the one on the right measures 5 in tall. L

248.Additional Description:
Hand Carved Native Spear, Club or Scepter
May be Polynesian. 27 inches long by 4 in at widest point. L49

249.Additional Description:
Attitude Adjuster ~ Solid Wood Billy Club 
Measures 23 in in length by 1 in diameter.
Great for those unwanted salesmen on your doorstep. L

249B.Additional Description:
Counter Top Cast Iron String Holder, Figurine of a Boy and girl Kissing and other decor items.

250.Additional Description:
Miniature baseball bat.
11 in., solid wood, no markings found. L

251.Additional Description:
Gouda from Holland 
7 inch ceramic dish, not to be confused with the cheese. L

252.Additional Description:
Official badminton set by Equator
Includes 4 - rackets and four birdies may not be original to box.
The Box measures 28 in Long by 10 inches wide. L

253.Additional Description:
Miller High Life Beer 
3 Authentic Vintage Coasters from Miller Brewing Company, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. L

254.Additional Description:
Century of Progress Exposition in Chicago in 1933.
6 Blatz Beer coasters, Eitels old Heidelberg Inn measuring 4 and 1/2 inch in diameter. One Pabst Blue Ribbon coaster and two other coasters as a bonus. L

255.Additional Description: e
ll120th Anniversary of the Trenton Banking Company
December 3rd 1804 to 1924.
Commemorative Medallion by Whitehead and Hoag is 2.5 in dia. L

256.Additional Description:
Chicago City Police Antique Button.
Measures 1 inch across. X

256A.Additional Description:
Miscellaneous lot including brass ashtray, taxidermy turtle ashtray (see photos), John’s Dial-A-Drink advertising, pour spouts, Orcutts metal memo hanger, Hot Fish Shop key chain, ladies purse mirror, and Russell W. Root,  your next mayor  thimble.

256B.Additional Description:
12 Glass Plates with Bluish Tint
Seem to be in good condition.
3 Glass Butter Plates and Two Small Serving Dishes.

257.Additional Description:
1.5 pounds of Antique Clay Marbles that have not seen the light of day since they were made, until now. Approximately 162 marbles per pound. Quarter used for size reference and not included in lot. 
See Marbles at Lots 38, 42, 257 and 324. W

258.Additional Description:
Beautiful Antique Print of Young Girl
no frame measures 16 and 1/2 by 22
Marked Van art and Wolf & Lavinson

258A.Additional Description:
Curtain Ties,
approximately a dozen.

258B.Additional Description:
3 Coke Glasses.
Two appear to be in good condition.
One is a 75th anniversary glass, shows a lot of wear.
One Coke bottle that is a No deposit from 1973.

259.Additional Description:
Midnight on the Lake 
Scene with Cabin and Sailboat

 Original Antique Painting On Board, no frame. Shows numerous cracks in finish to create a unique patina. 24.5 wide by 18.5 tall.

260.Additional Description:
Trenton Potteries Company Factory Glass Slides
Calendar shows April, 1916!
33 Amazing Slides! Factory Views and Workers.

Last photo shows 3 found from groups with cracks. Difficult to see cracks, even with a light table so I may have missed 

260B.Additional Description:
7 Piece Tea Set
Including Teapot, sugar, creamer and 4 cups, and an oblong dish that looks similar. Sugar bowl has crack in one handle.
All made in Germany.

261.Additional Description:
Early 20th Century Egyptian Revival Tapestry Everything Egyptian was the Rage shortly after the discovery of the Tomb of Tutankhamun in 1922 Walk Like An Egyptian! (1987)
Applique fine linen on top of a coarse base of loosely woven linen embroidered and quilted with a depiction of King Tut. See note found attached to the back.  55.5 x 18.5 inches. Decor. Art.

262.Additional Description:
Black Amethyst Glass Candle Holders
7 pieces. The tallest one is 7 inches.
The widest two are 6 inches.

263.Additional Description:
Black Amethyst Glass.
2 serving bowls, 2 goblets, 2 coffee cups and 13 salad or dessert plates, 3 serving dishes and one plate. 21 pieces total.
The goblets are eating tall, the largest serving bowl is 9 1/2 in in diameter, the smaller dessert plates are 7 and 1/2 inches in diameter and the larger dessert plates are 8 inches in diameter.

264.Additional Description:
36 pieces of glassware most are wine glasses, a few goblets, one small picture and one heavy glass candle holder.
Tallest wine glass is 9 in tall, set of 4 are 8 in tall. see photos.

265.Additional Description:
One Black Glass and One Ceramic Bowl.
ceramic bowl measures 6 inches in diameter and about 6 in tall. Black glass bowl measures 5 and 1/2 in diameter and about 7 in tall.

265B.Additional Description:
Four Antique Easter Baskets
6-12in diameter.

266.Additional Description:
16 Sea Dollars.
Most are approximately 3 in in diameter.
One of Nature's wonders, very pretty and also very fragile.
Also includes a cow horn, 2 cow teeth and a piece of wood..

270B.Additional Description:
Two Art Pottery Wall Pockets
One made in Japan the other unmarked, has crack, possibly Weller,
9.5 and 10.5

273B.Additional Description:
Nice Brass Lamp
No shade 3 way switch,
works 6 x 28.

277B.Additional Description:
Antique Tools Including Wood Yardstick, 24 inch folding ruler wood and brass, and a brass 24 # C. Forschner scale.

278B.Additional Description:
Antique Chafing Dish with burner, patented 1895 by S Sternau and Co. N.Y. 10 x 10. Also including another 9in pan without handle. Bid on Lot 73 for another chafing dish that fits burner. 

280B.Additional Description:
Cream & Sugar Bowls
By O&E.G. Royal Austria,
chips on sugar lid.
Hand painted Nippon cream & sugar, lid missing from sugar.
Also N. Brandecker bud vase.

283B.Additional Description:
A new pair of Rally figure skates size 11 in an old pair of CCM Canada,hockey skates size 12.

284A.Additional Description:
Two antique cigarette/cigar lighters 1 battery and one AC. Automotive, tobacco 

286A.Additional Description:
Pair of tree trimmers 1 old 1 new 9 ft. long.

287B.Additional Description:
1920s Wood Doll or Childs Table
20 x 16.5 x 17.

289B.Additional Description:
Pair of Vintage Metal Adjustable Roller Skates with Key.
Manufactured by Union hardware Company USA.

291B.Additional Description:
Antique Quartersawn Oak Plate Rack
36 x 12 x 5d.

292.Additional Description:
Style by Sue Vintage Straw Wedding Hat,
includes storage box. MB

292A.Additional Description:
Metal cabinet
18 x12 x64. Missing door.

294.Additional Description:
Haviland & Company Limoges, France
 Porcelain floral design china, nine pieces total. MB

294B.Additional Description:
Six Antique glass light/lamp shades 4 inch diameter 3 1/2 to 4 inches high.
One of the etched ones has slight chip the rest appear to be OK.

295.Additional Description:
Large serving platter, bowl, serving plate, and dinner plates. Large floral platter marked Limoges LDBC France 17.5 x 12, floral bowl unmarked 9.5, rose serving plate marked Velma Bavaria 11.5, and five floral plates marked CT Germany 10. MB

296.Additional Description:
3 - Beautiful Bowls
Brass and Inlaid Enamel Cloisonne Bowl 9 x 3.
Cut, Etched and Colored on Black Glass Bowl 12.5 x 3.5,
Orange to Clear Glass with Cut and Etched Design  9.5 x 3.5. MB

297.Additional Description:
England Coalport "Indian Tree" Leadless Glaze "Bruff's" patent dinnerware. The curved edge set has 34 pieces. Another 19 pieces marked Maddock England Vitreous "Indian Tree" and one marked Myott, Son & Co. England. Most in good condition, a few chips and cracks, see photos. Last 2 photos show inventory of pieces. MB

298.Additional Description:
Rex Electric MFG. Corp. headboard Reading Lamp with 9 x 4 plastic shade. Also Wall Mount Brass Lamp for Paintings. 5 x 2. MB

299.Additional Description:
Porcelain Lamp with Man & Woman marked Germany. 14" with shade.
Ceramic Lamp marked Italy, 13". MB

300.Additional Description:
Crowne Fine Porcelain Native American Indian Collectors Doll. 
16 inches tall in original box. 

301.Additional Description:
Poke your Clinkers!
 with either one of these 2 fine Pokers.  for coal furnaces or wood stove. 45 and 36 in. G

302.Additional Description:
Two 1 gallon Stoneware Shoulder Jugs
One has a few chips the other has none.

303.Additional Description:
Four Antique Wall Mount Light Fixtures with Glass Shades,
9 in. long without shades, shades are 4 x 4

304.Additional Description:
Two vintage food blenders, an Osterizer Galaxie and an Eskimo Wiz-Mix both work. L

304B.Additional Description:
Antique Russwin #2 meat grinder,
and a Brighton #5 potato ricer.
11in long.

305.Additional Description:
11 Vintage Ashtrays
some with advertising 3 to 5.5 inches in diameter.

305A.Additional Description:
A pair of original folk art paintings signed Long Beach,Cal. It appears they are painted on a cactus of some sort. They measure 13 and 14 in long and up to about three and a half inch wide.

305B.Additional Description:
Pair of Antique Scales,
Chatillon’s balance number 2, 25 pound,
And a small 6 pound,5 and 8 inches long.

306.Additional Description:
Fish Motif Tea Set
Teapot, Creamer and sugar.
Creamer has a repair. L

307.Additional Description:
40 Antique Christmas Tree Candle holders.

308.Additional Description:
Antique Glass Savings Bank
2.75 x 2.75 x 4.

309.Additional Description:
Four old glass oil lamp chimneys
7 and 8.5 inches tall, 2 and 3 inches at base.

310.Additional Description:
Vintage Halloween
Witch with a Fortune Wheel and more for Halloween parties. L

311.Additional Description:
Antique Cardboard Letter Files
Three 12 1/2 x 12 x 5 and seven 12 x 12 x 3.

311A.Additional Description:
Solid oak side table
17.5 x 17.5 x 20 h.

312.Additional Description:
Two old 100 LB burlap sacks Adolphus rice and Jolly Rogers pinto beans.

312B.Additional Description:
Three Royal Hager Art Pottery Vases,
All bottom signed,
6and 8 inches high,
all have some small chips.

313.Additional Description:
Home comfort metal bread and cake cabinet
15 x 23 1/2 x 12.

313B.Additional Description:
Four Art Pottery Planters,
Three Haeger and one McCoy
5 to 10 inches diameter and length 3-5 in high.
Do not appear to have any chips or cracks.

314.Additional Description:
Antique mantle clock with steel case, not running it is over wound
12 1/2 x 7 1/2 x 6,
appears to have a simple mechanism probably wouldn’t take much to get it working

315.Additional Description:
Lot of miscellaneous decorative items
1.5 to 14 inches high see photos.

316.Additional Description:
Four handmade pottery items,
possibly from local artists 5 to 7 inches high.

317.Additional Description:
Manning Bowman & Co HOTACOLD pitcher to keep your beverage hot or cold 1909 Pat. 5 x6.5, a stainless polar beverage server,4x4,
and a Sternauware liquid warmer with burner.

318.Additional Description:
Antique mirror with quartersawn oak frame 13.5 x 20. L

319.Additional Description:
Antique corner shelf 18.5 x 22 x 9 D. L

320.Additional Description:
Nine wood boxes, cigar, candy, fruit etc.,
largest one measures 16.5 x 11.5 x 6.5. Tobacciana. AdvertisingL

321.Additional Description:
Antique Croquet Set
six clubs and balls and two goal posts also four extra balls. B1

322.Additional Description:
3 - pieces of Burled Wood longest one is 31 inches. B1

323.Additional Description:
Beautifully Framed Antique Portrait of a Baby
26 x 30. L

324.Additional Description:
Antique clay marbles that have not seen the light of day since they were made, until now. 3.5 Pounds at approximately 162 marbles per pound or / 560 marbles approximate. Quarter is in photo for reference and not included in lot. See Marbles at Lots 38, 42, 257 and 324

324B.Additional Description:
Ziprinho Wood Knickknack Shelf
20 x 7 x 9.

325.Additional Description:
Small painted Primitive antique rocker with textile seat and backrest.
Appears it may be handmade 18 x 36 x 27. L

326.Additional Description:
Antique Underwood Standard portable typewriter with manual. L

327.Additional Description:
Child antique cookware, toaster (,works), irons, coffee pots,etc L

328.Additional Description:
Two antique mirrors with wood frames one with beveled glass
11.5 x 15 and 12.5 x 17. L

329.Additional Description:
5 - Art Pottery vases and planters 5 to 7 w x 3 to 9 h

330.Additional Description:
1955 Mercedes Benz 300 S,and 1959 Cadillac Eldorado Biarritz 1/18 V - scale models in original packaging. Automotive, Cars, Automobiles L

331B.Additional Description:
Four Serving Trays,
Including 2 12 inch glass platters with etched designs,
One 10in hand Decorated with 22 K Gold,
and a 12in Fruit Bowl
Made in Italy.

336B.Additional Description:
Antique Toaster and Waffle Iron

337B.Additional Description:
Five Glass Vases and Flower Pots
3-7 high 4-5.5 wide,
Large white vase has a slight crack,
the others are ok.

341A.Additional Description:
Microwave or TV cart in good condition,
measures 28 1/2 x 33 1/2 x 18.

342B.Additional Description:
Antique Quadruple Silver Plate serving pieces,
Including four piece Poole Silver Co. set,tray is 9 in dia., a footed dish with bail handle engraved S Sept. 26, 89 9.5x4, and Superior Silver Plate Co. covered container with handles 9x5.

343A.Additional Description:
Ceramic Lamp with three way switch,
30 x 16.

344A.Additional Description:
Lamp with Glass vase and three way switch,
glass base light up with green bulb on click one & three,
30 x 14.

344B.Additional Description:
Brass vintage table lamp with shade,
works 29 x 16.

346B.Additional Description:
Three leaf shaped serving dishes One brass and copper, one glass, and one made from a clam shell and a brass scoop
7 to 10 inches long.

354B.Additional Description:
Antique porcelain chamber pot,
9 x 5, and a porcelain bedpan 17 x 11 x 5 has a crack.

356B.Additional Description:
Large lot of antique door hardware
Including locks,latches, face plates, knobs, keys, etc.
combined with Lot No. 267 from previous auction.

358A.Additional Description:
Eight assorted glass vases
3 to 7”h.

360A.Additional Description:
Three Black Amethyst Vases
6 in h.

363B.Additional Description:
Caned Oak Foot Stool
Some damage to caning.
14 x 11.5 x 10.5

365B.Additional Description:
Eagle Glass Oil Lamp
With milk glass shade
15 x 8 no chips or cracks.

367B.Additional Description:
Two pair of Women’s Vintage Shoes
size 8 1/2 B Natural Tread and Air Step.

368B.Additional Description:
Antique Shoe Stretchers.

382A.Additional Description:
Six pressed glass champagne glasses and two tumblers.

383A.Additional Description:
34 Cordial, Champagne, and aperitif glassware.

392A.Additional Description:
17 pieces of hand painted clay art figures.

403A.Additional Description:
Three metal vases
Two matching pair are 6 in tall
Possibly made of aluminum center vase appears to be brass with enamel paint and is approximately 7 in tall.
Also has a carved wooden base.

410B.Additional Description:
Conair Luminair Mirror, Claiorl Hairdryer Conair Pro Curling Iron
and Three Combs.

411A.Additional Description:
Antique maple chair with cane seat
17 x 16 x 33.

428B.Additional Description:
by Hugh Black.
With an introductory note by W. Robertson Nicole, D.D. Published by Fleming H Revell company. Copyright 1898, 1903.
Two books exactly the same.
Covers are different colors but both are suede.

432A.Additional Description:
Three pressed glass relish tray's,
one is footed.

435A.Additional Description:
Lot of Advertising Matchbooks.
Some from La Crosse,
Hotel Stoddard, The New Villa, Freighthouse, Piggy's, Grand Canyon, Whisky-A-GoGo, Happy Chef, Pizza Hut, Rocky Rocco
and many more.

435B.Additional Description:
Pictures of Memory Compilation of Samuel Francis Woolard.
Copyright June 1908 by Sam F Woolard.
Copyright 1909 by the Goldsmith Woolard Publishing Company. Suede cover.

448B.Additional Description:
1919 Trenton Potteries notepad.
Each page has the Trenton Potteries letterhead.
Leather covers and a calendar on back page.
Ephemera 4 1/4 x 2 3/4.

450B.Additional Description:
Twelve Holiday Themed Serving Pressed Glass Serving Bowls.

451B.Additional Description:
Two Pressed Glass Baskets.

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