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ForeverMore IV
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4th in a series of Online Estate Auctions with Amazing items from 4 Generations
Ends Tues Oct 29th

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WEDNESDAY, Oct 30 from 3:00 - 6:15 PM
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CLICK HERE TO BID ON Antique Pennants at Lot 183
Pennants X 4

The largest is La Crosse 36 in.
Milwaukee 31 in., VANDERBILT CUP AND GRAND PRIZE CUP RACE SEPTEMBER 23, 1912 at 27 in, Pewaukee Lake is 20 in. Very old but in good shape. Sports, College, Automobile, Racing, Cars, Vanderbilt, B

Inlaid Mother of Pearl, Abalone, Brass and Coral
on the back of this 4 inch small Miniature Antique Mandolin.
Strings are actually made of a flat Twisted Metal (brass?) see photos. Tuning pegs and inlay on front may be bone or? ..T



Piano cabinet finish appears to be original and in very good condition except for blemish on the top. Keys in good condition with small a chip on 2 of the ivories. Sound and tone is exceptional but slightly out of tune.

One Company we have worked with is 
Jacobson moving.
Give  them a call for a quote 608-784-9857


La Crosse Rubber Mills Company 
Book featuring over 100 Interior Photos of a Landmark La Crosse industry around 1915. Caoutchouc, is the South American - French name for the sap or latex that rubber is made from. V

7 - Vintage Wristwatches 
Certina, Hamilton, 3 - Elgin, Helbros Brevet & Timex

Certina Automatic Blue Ribbon observed running.
7 Watches in total. U

5.1978 Monte Dolack Nuclear Free Poster. Missoula County Montana Celebrating the vote to become nuclear free. 22 1/2 x 17 inches. Has some water marks on the back side. Has some light staining on the front. No rips or tears. L

Mystic Swami ~ Glass Beaded Necklace
Vintage Glass Beaded Necklace with a 27 in circumference plus a tassel that extends an additional 6 inches. Found chips off 2 elongated beads. U

Unopened Tea Box and Tins 
Unopened Box Choy Heong Dry Stem Ginger Tea
and 1 unopened Tin of Jasamine Tea Selected by Tack Kee & Co. and one open tin of Jasamine with remaining contents. (no, I didn't make up that name)

G. I. Joe Items
Official Membership Certificate with Envelope plus
G. I. Joe America's Movable Fighting Man 1965 CATALOG


Alma, Wisconsin Antique Leather Bank Bags 
plus Midland National Bank & Trust Co. of Minneapolis
cloth bag.

National Parks Association Antique Bronze Pin
by The Medallic Art Company of New York. 1 in diameter. U

Tins, Mirrors, Tape Measure and Boxes 
Antique assortment of advertising including Ben-Gay, 2 -  Mulford Tins, 2 - Advertising Mirrors, Cascarets Laxative Tin, Quality Markets Tape Measure and more... U

Cracker Jack Tin Whistle AND
(added 10/22)

Sailor Jack and Bingo

1930's Tin Litho Cracker Jack Premium. Comes complete with Antique Lipstick highlights. U

4 - Beautiful Antique Buckles.

Hometown Movie Theater
Tin Litho Hand Crank Paper Roll Cinema by Louis Marx & Company. Some repairs/modifications have been made by original owner. U

1933 Century of Progress souvenir package.
Includes Singer Craft Souvenir Package, Letter Opener and a Tape Measure. U

Graceful, Hand Crafted Bird Bowls
 The 2 Birds are 11 by 14.5 and 6.5 by 8. Large bowl is Signed Christina

Saint Joseph Workman's Cathedral Carving
in La Crosse Wisconsin, Founded 1863 

Matches another finial we discovered in earlier auction which had penciled on  back " From old St Joseph's Cathedral La Crosse, Wisconsin Back of ltar. Given to my by Joe Becker. Carved by Hackner."
14.5 inches by 9.5 wide and the 2 - smaller pieces are 4.25 in by 4.5 wide. 

Antique Clay Marbles
2 and 3/4 pounds that haven't seen the light of day for decades.
Quarter used for size reference and not included with this lot. V

Spanish-American War
Army and Navy Heroes of our late War
featuring the Battleship Olympia and portraits of the generals involved and the president. Sewing Needle package pretty much intact. Military, Advertising U

United States of America Land Grant signed 
President James Buchanan
most likely by his secretary.
Property is located in the district of land subject to sale at La Crosse Wisconsin containing 40 acres.  T

Simon & Hablig Bisque Doll Head with
Composition Body 

Open Mouth and Awake / Asleep eyes approximately 26 inches when strung Eyes damaged but look complete and repairable. Head marked 1079 13 1/2, see photos. 

Sterling Silver Buckle
3.5 by 2.25 in, Sterling Silver Ring size 5,  2 - Sterling Silver Double Pins with a 20 in chains between them, 1 in Sterling Pin and a 3/8 in Sterling Pin. U

Antique Poster from 1904.
Reliance Corset Company Jackson Michigan.
Has some water damage but still an interesting piece.
Ephemera. 20 in by 15 in.
on top of piano

Winter Scene by M. Degraff
Original Chalk Pastel

mounted in an ornate white frame with gold flowers 
31.5 in wide by 23.5 in tall. B

Antique Baskets
The larger one from the 1880s, a smaller one from the 1930s
and one from the 1920s.

4 - Stem Wind Wrist Watches
includes 3 Timex and one Myers 17 Jewel. Gold watch band is damaged Myers watch crystal is damaged and observed running as well as the two Timex watches with second hands at least for a few ticks. U

Alma, Wis.    Best Town By A Damsite.
Awesome Pennant with Photo Card insert was manufactured by  Idea Promotions, Winona, Minnesota for 
the Alma Booster Club. 9 w x 19.5 in. V

World War 1 Axis Flag Pennants
(I think)
Extremely Rare, especially in this condition as they are made of thin paper.  Pennants span 65 inches plus another 12+ inches of string. Pennants are 5.25 at widest point and 11.5 inches long. Smaller pennants are 2.5 wide. Military, WW1

Thorens Swiss Movement Music Box
Plays Laura's Theme, intermittently. Probably needs some lubrication as it will play a bit with some coaxing. U  

Antique Sewing Tape Measure marked Germany
probably made of a thick Celluloid . Measures in millimeters and inches goes up to about 40 inches or 100 m m. In good condition and works well. Ridges shown in photos almost look like cracks but manufactured that way. 1.75 wide by 1.25 in tall.    U

Rare Flint Glass Chimneys X 5
Bohemian Annealed Flint Glass

Original wrappers on 2.75 and labels on 4
11 tall, 1.25 at top and 2 inches at bottom.

The Climax Dry Plate
Rapid Brilliant Clean Glass Plate Slides
Folding rack and a package of Blueprint Paper plus some cardboard pieces for mounting photos and three frames measuring 4.5 by 5.25, 5.25 by 5.25, 4 and 5/8 by 7.

Izaak Walton League Solid Gold screw back pin.
1.8 grams without fastener. Jewelry T

Original Watercolor Paintings of Grapes by 
Florence Schaettle, 1913. 17.25 x 22 and 17 by 23.

4 - Antique Gold Pins.
City of Trenton, Milwaukee State Normal School 1913, AHS 11 and the letter C. 

6.2 g total (14 k is 1.2g) See photos for details and gold marks. T

Knapp Electric Questioner #325
For Amusment And Instruction
Includes 14 cards and 6 of them are 2 sided for a total of 20 sides. Antique battery is awesome by itself.

Chicago and Northwestern Line Rail Road
Chicago and Northwestern Line Summer Outings Fan with Low Low Prices. 7.25 by 15 in overall dimensions. Advertising. T

The history of Buffalo County Wisconsin.
By L. Kessinger. Alma Buffalo County Wisconsin 1888.

Portrait of a Beautiful Young Lady in an oval frame
by Florence Schaettle, 1913.

. Measures 15.25 by 18.5.

Vintage Royal Mariner Portable Typewriter.

Antique Kitchen Utensils
Including wood masher and rolling pin, meat cleaver and chopper.

Various Vintage Kitchen Utensils

Silver and Enamel Pins
Most likely Norweigan or Danish and marked 900 with other illegible mark. Hallmark may be a goat? See photos.
1 3/8 tall by 3/4 inch wide.

Antique Carriers for Packages wrapped with string
one from F. R. Barron Co La Crosse Wisconsin

Halloween Items
Including 10 inch diameter Jack-O’-Lantern.

Eight pairs of antique wire frame glasses.

Antique Automotive
Atlas Burlap Water Bag
12 x 14.

Antique mantle clock with Iron case,
not working manufacturer unknown
15 x 10.5 x 6.
Repaired September 1902,
clean 11/19/15

Three Antique Child or Doll Hats
Including one from the Original Brown Derby Restaurant.

Vintage American Flyer Train Set
With Engine and Seven Cars,
Track and Transformer.

Antique Kitchen Utensils
Including spatulas spoons mashers choppers graters tongs strainers etc.

Steel Belted 54 Quart Cooler.

Two Reproduction Lanterns
One candle One oil
10 and 12 in high.

Three decorative art pieces
Handcrafted from clay by local artists
12 x 5.5, 18 x 5.5, and 9.5 x 7.

Antique Queen Anne style Hall Table with Runner
66 x 22 x 30h
Missing one escutcheon and has some damage on the top.

Very Ornate Large Gilded Picture Frame

Large Mirror with Maple Wood Frame
40.5 x 28.5 x 2 D.

Oil portrait of a fine gentleman on canvas
25 x 36
(would fit in frame in lot 56.) 

Antique Kitchen Utensils
Including sifters graters measuring cup strainer scoop juicer etc.

Glass and Gemstones Beaded Necklaces x 7
50 in  Flapper Necklace with Black, Clear and White Glass Beads and a tassel. Blue Cut Glass 40 in strand. 16 in White necklace. 27 in Yellow Gemstone with Gold Glass Beads. Blue with Black beads 20 in (damaged). 50 in Black with mat finish. 19 in Necklace in White with 7 in Bracelet (damaged) marked Japan.

Large Assortment of Bar Items
Including lots of glasses some green serving dishes an ice crusher a battery powered mixer, 8 silver coasters several corkscrews some very decorative

Gray Metal Shelf
Measures 36 in wide by 75 in tall by 18 in deep.
5 shelves,
very sturdy.

2 - vintage electric griddles
 Smaller is The Forestek Plating & MFG.CO
6W x 6D x 4.5H. The larger griddle has no marks and is
12W x 8D x 4H. Did not test. G

Assortment of glasses, decanters, bottles, decorative coasters, a metal mug from Japan, couple of serving trays and a few pitchers.
1 decanter has a chip.

Unique set of glasses with a bowl or Ice bucket?
Pattern features a raised design in the glass. One glass has a minor chip on the lip and one has a small crack. B

"8 Indian Rocks and used as tools." 
Information per notes found with rocks.
Possibly attributed to
Juaneno Band of Mission Indians Acjachemen Nation. 
Several have hand impressions and several are shaped like an axe head. One was thought to be used for pounding skins another is an Indian axe with a round head found March 1991 in
Southside of San Clemente California. One piece possible pestl for grinding grains. G

5 zodiac glasses with all the different signs on them. four matching shot glasses in different colors, two small goblet pitchers and two glasses one Blatz
and one from a hotel in Chicago.

Two very old picnic baskets,
one measures 17 x 11 and the larger one measures 19 x 12.

Four older baskets.
The largest picnic basket measures 18 x 12
the smallest basket measures 7.5 by 5 in.
all seem to be intact.

Four very old and unique baskets
the largest is 16 x 13. The deepest one has a diameter 10 in and is 8 in tall.  B

Electric Food Fixer Mixing Machine
By Dormeyer Corporation
Chicago Illinois
comes with the beaters to mixing bowls in the original cover.

Nine pieces of pottery.
Some handmade and done well.
1 marked China. The tallest one is 19 in, the widest one is 8 in diameter.

Two Terra Cotta Sculptures by Local Artist.
The larger is 10 in tall X 4/2 inches wide.
Smaller is 5 in tall by 2.5 wide. B

Print depicting boats and figures in the foreground with a city in the background. Photos show damage. 15 x 11 in. B

Childs lap desk with chalkboard, a place to keep writing tools erasers Etc. Has educational Scrolls built in and a map on the back showing United States and the products made there. 24 in by 24 in. B

7 trophies for running.
From 13 in to 7.5 in tall. See photos. B

7 -  bowling trophies.
From 20 to 5 in tall. See photos for condition. B

Two leather travel grooming kits.
Smaller marked Prophylactic.
See photos

China hutch / bar cabinet with adjustable shelves.
30 in by 72 in and about 16 in deep. B

Ross Europa 10.
Built in New York this bike has a 21 inch frame. Looks like 1960s vintage 10 speed. Tires are flat on the bottom and the top. 
See photos for details. B

5 Shelf bookcase with adjustible shelves. 
71 inches tall x 28 wide x 11 1/2 deep. K

Three Vintage Thermos bottles. Two larger ones are Stanley and small chrome one is Thermos. K

Three wood table lamps
Two work, one has minor damage the third one needs to be rewired
15, 16 and 18 in. high.

Some local some not so local. Some are full of matches some are not. A Benson & Hedges cigarettes box and a Top cigarette paper roller. Match boxes with Movie Stars.  You just can’t match this lot! K

6 cream Pitchers.
Three are very colorful. One is dated 1902. G

Children’s lot. 3 childrens books and 4 small childrens puzzles. All puzzles are approximately 9 inch x 7 1/2. Little Bright Eyes Copyright 1890 by Juvenile Publishing Co. cover is loose. Play Mate volume 1 1929. Little People’s Drawing Book by Graham & Matlack. Each puzzle is 12 pieces and all are complete. K

2 China Dolls.
17 inch tall doll from Saigon, Vietnam dated 1971 and is 17 inches tall. The other still in the package from China, 12 inches tall. G

19 books, mostly Poetry and Literature
Longfellow, Emerson, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Evangeline and more. Photos show titles. K

86.Small Solid Wood 2 shelf bookcase. 24 x 24 x 9 1/2 inches. S

Antique Porcelain Pitcher
9in high and bowl 14 in dia.,
Different manufacturers,
bowl has a chip under lip. BS

87.Lot of 19 books. Mostly novels. All are pre 1930. Please see pictures for titles. S

Crane Company collectibles.
Portrait of the founder, Richard Crane, 4 issues of The Valve World, a bronze medallion (2 1/2 in diameter) that was handed out for the 75th anniversary of the company and a small brass bell (2 x 2) that is engraved Crane Co. 1855 - 1925. K

Lot of 13 pin backs. Red Cross pins, 1933 Worlds Fair, Liberty Bond, Salvation Army and God Bless America pins. Largest is 15/16 inch and smallest is 1/2 inch. Box is not included. K

6 wood boxes.
One with Haiti carved on top, another marked Italy and one in black lacquer with butterflies. K

91.Jack Hazard Series Books. Lot of 4 in the series. Jack Hazard and his Fortunes, Doing His Best, Lawrence’s Adventurers and The Young Surveyor. Published between 1870 - 1899. K

92.Lot of 4 books. 2 copies of The Christy Girl, published 1906. The Day is Done By Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, 1896 and Young Folks Annual 1886. All have some condition problems and are fragile. K

93.Antique half table 25 in wide 26 in tall and 13 inches deep. Very solid. See photos for condition. B

Very old towel rack. Very detailed flower design that is painted and backround is a wood burning process called pyrographics.
Two small screws are missing on one side. Pyrogravure, Art. B

Samsonite Folding Table with 4 chairs
Chairs are 17 wide X 29 tall and 17 inches deep. Table and chairs in good shape except 2 seats have 1 small hole each. Photo with finger pointing is 4th chair.

96.Two bowling balls one is a Brunswick one as a Don Carter. Pair of bowling shoes, a bowling bag and a bowler's crying towel telling why you are such a bad bowler. B

Candy or Cookie "Tins" and lids (Christmas Scene is plastic).
Mrs. Snyder's chocolates from Chicago with ship. 6 pieces. B

Wooden Chair.
Measures 36 in tall 24 in wide and 20 in deep.

98.Bar accessories. A nightclub jar, can opener and Ice cracker. An ice chest with the tongs, ice crusher made by Dazey with wall mount from 1937, a Shaker decanter two older trays and a Bacardi advertising piece all you need for your Bar. B

Two dark stained wooden chairs with antique canning. Caning is not in great shape. Chairs measure 32 in tall, 18 in wide, 16 in deep. B

99.11 antique baskets, the largest is 18 by 14 by 9 inches deep. The 4 largest are over 100 years old. 1 is an easter basket from Germany. Others are from the 1920s. B

Gorgeous Painted Peacock Feather Fan.
Some damage to handle. K

Rocking chair without canning.
A few minor cracks.   B.

Hand Painted Antique Feathered Fan
with imitation ivory handle. K

102.Pierce Chicago/New York ladies sillk floral hat, headband floral peice, and a lot of hat assessories. Includes two storage boxes. K

103.Carson Pirie Scott & Co. adjustable pink hat adorned with pink flowers. Also a vintage plastic hat from Daytons, comes with flower assesorties and original box. K

Three vintage wood tennis rackets
Great for decorating.

104.Black brimmed hat marked Famous Ferry Furs since 1859 adjustable Carson Pirie Scott & Co. Also 1930s "Ahms" real fur Caracul trimmed black hat. Lot includes Hats by Sue storage box. K

105.Junia Carson Pirie Scott & Co. New York creation 22 , this black hat comes with four sets of feathers to adorn your hat. K

106.Tegge Chicago navy blue hat, purple hat with faux rhinestone embelisment, black croched hat, and a few navy blue nettings. Ths lot includes French Shop storage box. K

107.Black hat has no tag, comes with five nettingd and Marshall Fields & Co. storage box. K

Four Antique Baskets.

108.Feather and netting to adorn your hats, includes Sue's storage box. K

Hoover Wind Tunnel 2 vacuum cleaner. Works fine, has HEPA filter. Cord rewind system works. All hoses look to be intact. All tools appear to be there. MB

110.Velvet bow hat, has no mark, with colorful netting a storage box. K

111.Bradlee Hat Shop Fine Millinery Milwakee black velvet hat, includes extra netting and storage box.

A 6-pack of Cocktail Coasters depicting old automobiles including Henry Ford's first car, an Oldsmobile Runabout, Duryea's motor wagon, a Cadillac from 1903 and autocar Runabout from 1902 along with selden's motor wagon from 1877. B

113.Plastic model of an old wooden ship 16 in tall by 12 in Long. the Lifeboat sits on the deck but is unattached. Has one cannon on the deck. Fragile. B

114.Three woven baskets the largest is 16 x 12 and is 13 in tall. B

115.Large woven basket with a cover. Very colorful, looks to be from Mexico or South America. A woven purse and a smaller basket. The largest basket is 18 in in diameter. B

3 antique cake tins.
the largest and what appears to be the oldest is eight and a half inches in diameter the other two are about 7 and 1/4 inches in diameter and show a Christmas scene. B

117.13 piece tea set marked made in Japan. 4 cups, 4 saucers, 4 larger saucers and one little teapot. one serving cloth and one table runner. B

Solitude by William Gibbons.
Photo of a snowy Mountainside with beautiful clouds in Banff. Photo measures 8 by 10.

118.Decor. Woven hand fans, 12 pieces, the larger two that look like trees are 22 in tall. All the others are about 17 in. Woven in different styles and shapes. B

Vintage Oil Painting and 3 antique easels.
Painting by a local artist depicting a Lakeside scene, Bamboo easel at 30 in tall. The larger metal is 17 in tall and was patented on May 12th 1885. The smallest is made of wire and it looks like a chain. B

Probably 1920s Egyptian Revival era
original painting on papyrus. Frame is 14 x 18 piece is not signed.

Babys Ride and Other Stories illustrated by Miss Ida Waugh of McLaughlin and brothers New York. T

Antique Brass Hanging Oil Lamp parts.
Large assembly is 14x15. 

The Masterpieces of Greek Art by Raymond V. Shoder, S. J. 2nd edition dated 1965. Book about the Art Institute of Chicago. General catalog of the painting sculptures and other objects in the museum 1914. The Art Institute of Chicago. G

123.7 old small clocks the two on the left are for parts,the New haven clock in the center with Bakelite case works, the 2 Westclox on the right would probably work with some repair. Added Westclox with cracked crystal but it ticks and tocks. Seth Thomas travel alarm does not seem to work. SEE PHOTOS FOR LAST 2 CLOCKS.L

124.five bill/receipt holders. L

Two Antique Straw Hats. Asian or Polynesian. G

125.Miscellaneous items including hanging match box,soap dish,stone ash tray,decorative wood piece,house numbers etc. L

Three colorful works painted on hand laid paper or papyrus
. Largest measures 25 x 18 and smallest is 12 by 8 in. L

126.Seven various serving trays Aluminum, glass, hammered metal, etc., 12.5x16 is largest, 8 in diameter is smallest. L

Eight beer mugs including 4 Budweiser and 1 Olympia glass mugs and three stoneware mugs. L

W.T. & Co. 1887 oil burning stove 3.5 x 2.25, and another oil burner unknown purpose 5x3. Also including another stove 4 x 2, a portable bowl metal 4 in and a brass collapsible glass. L

Six Scissors, two Specialized Small tongs, and a
Strength builder. L

Antique Etched glass footed bowl 8 x 4.5, 2 covered etched dishes 8-9 in., and an etched glass pitcher 10 in tall. L

131.Three ceramic hot plates 6-7 inches, I hand painted tray,Japan, 7 x 10, three paint yourself wall plaques 2 unfinished, a small dish with handle 5in dia. L

Three antique Acme Fry Pans and a Spatula. G

Royal Vienna Portrait Plate plus 8  other Vintage Platters, Plates and Dishes 4 to 7.5 inch diameter. L

Beehive Honey Jar and Decor items including
Napco Fish Planter, 7 inch wood hand painted bowl, woven basket 6x3.5x3, etc. 

134.Brass items including planter 9x6 x 3.5, decorative bowls and trays, a gong etc. L

135.Painting on fabric in 9 x 7 gilded frame, and Old Curiosity Shop drawing by Resou’ 12 x 9. L

Two stoneware bowls 6+7 in., a stoneware baking mold 7x5, 2 Chelsea ivory pitchers and a 5.5 in bowl. L

Lot of travel brochures and a menu from Melody Lane Starlite Room. B

Two pieces of fur related advertising memorabilia.
Includes a Herman and Ben Marks Fur Buyers letter opener plus a pamphlet that answers your questions about furs from
Max Neuburger & Company New York.

Farmers and Merchants Bank of
Cochrane, Wisconsin

Antique Leather items including bank bag, two other tie bags, wallet, coin purse, and a canvas and leather shoulder bag see photos for dimensions. Purses, Advertising, L

Large variety of glass items including glass pestle, Candle Lamp,  milk glass etched glass frosted glass pressed glass cranberry glass etc. see photos for dimensions.  L

Three vintage prints featuring children and animals.
Largest is 10 and 1/2 by 9 oval is 4 by 6. L

Original Paintings on Plates. Windmill piece is painted on a composite material and the Winter Scene is painted on a Wooden Plate and displayed in a velvet frame. 16 x 16 and 12 inch diameter. L

141.2 vintage light fixtures 1 ceiling mount 16 x 7with 1cracked shade, and 1 wall mount 9x8 that works. L

Queen size mattress, box spring, frame and metal headboard.
FIRM Mattress and box spring are
Spring Air Brand. B

Perfume Bottles, Antique Lot
Evening in Paris, Yardley and more vintage perfume bottles and cosmetic containers. L

143.Still life watercolor in beautiful gilded frame 19.5 by 12.5. L

144.Two original pieces of Art one on right is a watercolor by local artist 18 x 13 and 9.5 x 11.5

Three Drawer Desk.
34 1/2 wide x 30 tall x 18 deep. B

145.Original painting on a wood bark canvas with live-edge wood frame 13.5 by 9 L

146.Miscellaneous glass items 3.5 to 6.5 in high and 2 to 5 in diameter L

147.Two pitchers one antique stoneware and one newer porcelain 7-9 in high 6 in wide. L

R Ramsbottom signed Vase
Roseville OH plus a  Glass Hat Stand and more. Small green vase looks like Trenton Pottery. Pieces run from 4 to 10 in high, 2.5 to 5 in wide. L

Sterling silver handled wood roller.
4.25 in Long 3.25 inches wide. T

AL-LON Never Slip Iron Trivet.
Cast iron Antique. T

1856 United States Land Grant
signed Franklin Pierce by secretary.

Property sold in LaCrosse Wisconsin. See photos for details. T

3 - Sterling Silver Belt Buckles 
One with initials WGS Plus two others. One with initial S the other has the initial W. Sterling Buckles should accommodate a 1 inch belt. T

Wingold Flour Antique Baker's hat.
Size 7 1/8. T

62 in chain with decorative slider
and very unusual mechanical clasp.
Possibly a watch fob or for a Looking Glass. T

Blue Willow dinnerware by Homer Laughlin.
Some chips and cracks, see photos.  G

Lot of 23 books.
Mostly school books. Geography, dictionary, history, arithmetic health primer and more. Some fading and wear to covers. S

156.Miscellaneous decorative lot. Round wooden shallow bowl with rosemaling measuring 11 inches in diameter, 2 wooden angels measuring 8 1/2 x 7, One angel has a broken wing. Also includes a small brass facial mask wall hanging, 6 1/4 x 4 1/2. K

Pabst Blue Ribbon Casino & Mullers Cafe at the
1933 Century of Progress Worlds Fair in Chicago.

Menu from the Mullers Pabst Cafe, Partial menu from the Pabst Blue Ribbon Casino showing a picture of the casino and a unused postcard, also from the Pabst Blue Ribbon Casino. K

Two sun hats! Nice straw hat is size 7-8,
Has minor rip on rim. Cream colored cotton (?) hat also size 7-8, has RP mark.

Illinois Central, Burlington, Pullman and
London Midland & Scottish Railway.

All of these were handouts at the Railroad pavilion at the 1933 Worlds Fair. The London Midlands system brought The Royal Scot Engine to show and this Pamphlet is in great condition. Two different unused postcards from Burlington, showing locomotives and railway post office. Pullman Pamphlet showing what they offer travelers. All are in really good condition. Ephemera K

The Century of Progress, 1933 Chicago Worlds Fair.
Menus, display Pamphlets, mementos in picture and more. Ephemera. K

1920’s Christmas Greeting Cards.
These are etched type greeting cards.
Approximately 27 cards, all in very good condition. K

1920’s Christmas Cards.
All in very good condition. Approximately 66 cards. K

Beautiful Queen Anne Round Back Upholstered Chair
Mold observed on bottom. 27 x 33 x 28. BS

Antique etched Perfume Bottles
All 3 are pressed glass with acid etched flowers. All will original glass stoppers. Large bottle has a chip to the outer rim and tiny chips to stopper. 5 1/2 tall x 4 1/4 at base. Smaller bottles are a pair and both stoppers have tiny chips to them. 4 3/4 tall x 2 1/5 at base. K

St. Jacobs oil Antique bottle with contents .
A compound. A liniment to relieve pain.
A  mazing.  T

Wood single bed frame.

164.Huge assortment of running medals plaques and trophies from 1980s and 1990s Sports.

Hand Painted Nippon Porcelain Pieces
and Two Glass Serving Dishes.

Bookshelf with adjustable shelves
Particle board 30 x 72 x 12. B1

6 Candy Bowls, Fire King and Pyrex 7 in pans. L

24 Blatz Old Heidelberg Beer coasters. 1933 Century of Progress World's Fair. 

4 inch diameter very good condition.L

Vintage figural table lamp with three way switch works 39 in high.

Beautiful Etched anf Gold Inlay 10 in glass
plust 10 more great pieces includes 10 in vase, covered condiment dishes in tray, Pressed glass serving dishes w/relish tray and a 7 in bowl. L

Beautiful Glass
includes 10 inch round pressed glass bowl and 8 inch pressed triangular bowl,six glasses 2 other bowls and six candle stick holders. L

Red Wing Stoneware Co.
3 gallon shoulder jug has crack and a couple chips but still a nice decorative piece. L

Victorian Era Setee' with Ornately Carved Details and Triangle Pillows
75 x 36 x 32. Antiques BS

Tree stump
great for decorating or a chopping block for that Thanksgiving Turkey.
Bring Help to haul out of basement 16w x 20h. B4

Original G.I. Joe Action Figures
These G.I. Joe's seems to have survived the battles fairly well. L

China assortment
including dessert size plates and bowls.
See photos for marks.

G.I. Joe Adventure Team Vehicle ADDED 
GI-JOE Adventure Team booklet

missing one of the stickers and part of the winch if found they will be added. 

174.Lot of 36 greeting cards. All but one are Christmas cards with one being an Easter card. All from the 1920’s. Some are hand colored. K

Large lot of Tally cards. Tally cards for Bridge or other card games. These have names and some dates. 1915 to mid 1920’s. This is a whole shoe box of cards. Very cool pieces. K

Sterling Silver
First is a Sombrero pin back marked 925 Silver. Next is a Dog pin back marked silver Mexico and last is a tie clip marked Peru 925. All in very good condition. 

Shoebox full of Antique Cards.
Valentines, Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Birthday and more. Some are post cards but most are greeting cards from the 1920's to the 40's. K

Theater Handbills, magazines and clippings.
Schubert Theatre, Davidson Theatre and more. 1900s to 1930s. K

Antique electric kitchen appliances.

Alaska-Yukon Pacific Exposition booklet from Northern Pacific Railroad, Time Table from Northern Pacific Yellowstone Line, 1909 Womens Suffrage Convention booklet, Souvenir Program for Frederic Neil Innes Day 1909 and more. Worlds Fair, Miscellaneous paper lot. Ephemera K

Seven Pressed Glass Candlestick Holders,
Measurements in photos.

179.Lot of travel Real Picture Postcards. Mostly from New York/New Jersey. 27 post cards including a fold out card or the Woolworth Building. All in very good condition. K

Candlestick Holders
Made of Wood Glass and Metal.

180.Dark brown cabinet with three shelves above to two below. 29.5 in wide 72 in tall and 12 in deep made of particle board and has adjustable shelves see photos.B

Tapered candles, votive lights, birthday candles, and liquid candle oil.

The Cliff House in San Francisco Painting on wood 1896.
15w by 6. B

Northwestern University 1851 Pennant.
24 in Long by 12 in. B

Pennants X 4
The largest is La Crosse 36 in.
Milwaukee 31 in., VANDERBILT CUP AND GRAND PRIZE CUP RACE SEPTEMBER 23, 1912  at 27 in,  Pewaukee Lake is 20 in.
Very old but in good shape. See photos for dot details on letter M of Grand Prize Pennant that must have been stuck there for decades. Should reattach with rubber cement*. I met the Director of the Smithsonian in 1988 and asked what they used to re-attach valuable stamps that fall off old envelopes and he said plain old rubber cement.* Sports, College, Automobile, Racing, Cars, Vanderbilt, Wisconsin. Located on top of piano

Pennants X 8
Collegian Clothes, Normal, Tag Day, Malta, Seattle and more...
Longest is 31 in. Sports, College, Advertising, General Store B

Hand-painted Japanese fan, 28 in in diameter.
Some damage on blades see photos.

185.22 National Geographic Magazines. the first one is from April 1916 and the newest one is from October 1928. A few have regional maps. B

186.25 modern Mexico magazines. Dating from 1903 to 1905. Lots of unique and interesting information. Also a bonus book Mexico the land of sunshine and Fortune printed in the early nineteen hundreds. B

Silver Plated Reed & Barton Coffee or Tea Pot,
marked 2970.

187.Collection of magazines from the early 60s. 11 American home 6 holiday travel magazines 3 Better Homes and Gardens and one Vogue. B

188.Set of 5 magazines from the 1930s a travel magazine two Arts and Decorations. One from 1937 called the Sphere from Christmas. B

189.10 Novels by James Oliver Curwood. the earliest dates 1910 and the latest one dates 1928. B

190.9 magazines. Two Americans, one from 1926 and one from 1928. Five cosmopolitan's ranging from 1910 to 1916 and two Sunset the Pacific monthlies from 1916. B

Metal wall mount mailbox,
16 x 10 x 5.

191.9 magazines. The Ladies Home Journal dating from 1903 to 1927. B

Early Twentieth-Century Egyptian Revival
cufflinks and shirt studs. Includes five shirt studs and one pair of cufflinks with head of the Sphinx. U

Two easels / wire stands,
each 47 in high.

193.Large lot of G.I. Joe paraphernalia. See photos. L

194.14 vintage G.I. Joe hats, various body parts and a pair of boxing gloves. L

195.Various G.I. Joe weapons including bazooka, machine guns, rifles, pistols, knives, and hand grenades. L

196.Large lot of miscellaneous vintage G.I. Joe clothing. L

197.Four original G.I. Joe dolls, two missing body parts, one wearing a diving suit. L

198.12 canning jars 7 Ball 1&2 qt., and 5 Kerr 1 qt 4 wide mouth. L

199.Nice metal table/desk lamp 10 x 14 H works. L

OK not really a grenade but it looks pretty good. 

201.Antique oil lamp parts the brass ones are Perkins and house safety lamps 3 to 5 inches high, 4 to 5 inches wide. L

Assortment of Kitchen Items.
Curio 16.5 in wood shelf, Braun cup, funnels, Bean-X bean slicer and Stringer, wood stove rake puller, and a Seco Sandwich Master.

202.Three antique irons one is a Monarch 3 x 6 and a Hot Point 4 x 7.5, the other is a sad iron without handle. L

203.Four vintage Topflite paper kites and one cloth Zimbo box kite. L

204.Eight antique cardboard file boxes 12 x 12. L

Mens antique collars and a
Leather Collar Box 
monogrammed W. G. S. 
Various sizes and styles

206.Various antique wood and paper boxes several shapes and sizes. L Added another Whitmans box.

207.Pair of wooden shoes, Chinese silk shoes size 7, two pair of miniature wood shoes, and a pr. of shoe stretchers. L

208.Wall Drug of South Dakota tin sign 23.5 x 12. L

209.Thermador vintage electric heater, 36 x 5, 9w at base, works. B4

Banner Flint Glass Chimney
Chimney 10 tall x 1.75 at top and 2.5. U

211.Beaded handbag made in Germany, 5.5 x 7. L

212.Beaded handbag with storage bag. Some minor damage to seam, see photos. No marks or tags found. L

213.El Grandee Fred Harvey 100% wool hand woven in New Mexico clutch handbag, two straw design clutches made in France, and a cloth clutch with no tags. L

214.Vintage purse handles, one made of brass and two of pewter. L

Two cardboard drums with locking ring and tops.
Approximately 20 diameter and about 14 inches high.

215.Leather and embroidered clutch bags. Smaller black clutch had beaded emblishment that may have come off, bag has no tag. Brown leather clutch pat. Sept 9 90 missing front snap and has small mirror inside. Small leather cosmetic clutch made in West Germany and black embriodered clutch no marks. L

216.Velvet clutch bads, large black has no strap and minor damage on interior material. Pink clutch includes small mirror. No tags found in these clutches. L

Three Trenton pottery vases
3 x 6.

217.Four leather clutch bags, no tags found, two are leather and two cloth. L

218.Embroidered clutch bags in good condition. Square shaped bag made in Austria and oval bag marked Petit Point made in Czechoslovakia. L

219.P. Gentemeri & Co. gloves size 6.5, came colored leather gloves appear new and never worn. Also Hansen off white cotton gloves size 10.5 and four more pairs of cotton/nylon gloves with no tags. L

220.Three antique glove strechers, small 6.5 med. 11 large 11.5. L

221.Prime Quality leather gloves size 7.5, also two leather long gloves marked Dwyer 466 table cut size 7.5. L

222.Made in France black leather long gloves size 7. Also two cotton/nylon long gloves with no tags. L

Gemini stainless steel dinner ware set that includes 4 dinner forks, 4 salad forks, 4 spoons, 3 knifes, 2 serving spoon. Lot also includes All American fork and 14 stainless knives. G

223.Two leather size 8 gloves, one tagged Fownes. Also three off white leather gloves, one marked Prima Lava washable real kid made in Germany. L

224.Black formal Sil-Satin ARIS gloves size 7.5 made in West Germany, and off white Sil-Satin ARIS gloves size 7.5 made in Germany USA Zone. L

225.Ladies seamless nylons and a snake skin belt. L

226.Pioneer Servive Money Belt of genuine Zelan finished fabric, comes with original box. L

Three Porcelain Pieces Made in Italy,
Includes Candleholders and Cake Platter.

227.Turtle keepsake box or maybe used for change purse, 3 x 4. L

4 pieces vintage vanity items made of pewter and brass.
3 are music boxes. WM Sprague clock co. New York 6" tray with medallion. Round 4.5 x 3.5 marked S.T. Paris winds and plays music. Valencia 3.5 x 4.5 winds and plays music, missing a top piece.
Pewter 6 x 3.5 box has no marks and over wound. L

Jewelry and Keepsake boxes.
See photos for marks. L

The Harvesters Kiddies and 
Cuesta-Rey Habana Cigars

Antique wood Cigar boxes. G

230.Three hand held mirrors, two round magnifing mirrors, wall and free standing mirrors, and a vanity tray mirror. L

REMOVED chimney brush 

231.Gillette, Braun, Lady Remington, and Lady Sunbeam shavers. This large lot also includes, razor blades, rador gauge, tweezers, shoe brushes, shoe stretcher, a few pocket combs, and some other miscellaneous items. L

32 in tall wicker vase with metal insert + 2 baskets.

232.Monogramed Pyralin Ivory vanity items along with hand mirrors, brush, buffer, and LaVerne Amer-lite box. L

233.Ladies clutch bag marked German Silver, 5 x 5. L

234.Thirteen purse pocket mirrors, some two sided. L

235.Antique brass floor lamp needs to be wired. 36h 8w at base. B4

236.Antique wood chair with upholstered seat. Has come unglued needs to be reglued and some other minor repairs. 26 x 32 x 20d. B4

237.Antique floor lamp, wood base metal top, works 59h 13d at base. B4

238.Two antique quartersawn oak chairs one needs glueing and the other needs recanting. B4

13 vintage glass lamp shades
4 on right have 1.5 in dia opening the rest are a 2 in. G

239.Older stop sign 24x24. L

17 in Necklace and 7 in Bracelet. Bracelet needs a link. U 

Sterling Silver Pin and Earrings
Marked Bryan

Pin is 1 3/8 square and earrings are 7/8 in square. U 

Collegian Men's Suits
Advertising Pennant

Image of Man in Suit is stitched into the Pennant.
Shows a little moth damage and appears that something was sewn on bottom at one time. 9.75 x 28 in. V

See lot 288 for Collegian Pennnants
243.Touchdown! Plastic goalpost with 8 plastic football helmets on it. Goalpost stands 7 inches tall. K

244.Johnny Lightning & Hot Wheels mixes lot. 6 pieces of Johnny Lightning track, 23 pieces of Hot Wheels track, 18 pieces of Hot Wheels track connectors, 4 pieces of Johnny Lightning track connectors, trestle pieces, banked curve and more. Box included, but is empty in pictures. The Hot Wheels track has initials on them. No cars. K

245.2 Baseball Bats. Shorter one is a Peters Shoes advertising bat. Longer one is unmarked and looks homemade. Peters bat is 32 3/4 long and unmarked bat is 39 inches long. K

246.Lot of toy guns and holsters. 5 of the toy guns are metal and 1 is plastic. Kilgore Pal, Hubley Chief, 2 Hubley Pal, & Hawkeye. K

247.Lot of 12 large scale toys. Army men, monsters, and more. 8 are marked on bottom Louis Marx & Co. Others are unmarked. Most have paint on them. Some are damaged. Stand approximately 5 1/2 inches tall. K

248.Lot of miscellaneous Plastic Army toys. Different scales. Well played with. Some various parts and pieces. K

249.Lot of 5 older noise makers. 3 are marked U.S. Mfg Co. Metal Toy. 1 is marked Kirchhof and last one is unmarked. K

Antique Toy Spinning Tops
5 metal, 1 wood. The metal tops sing when spun. K

251.Lot of 2 Louis Marx crazy Figures. One is marked, Louis Marx Manny The Reckless Mariner Nutty Mads. Second marked, Louis Marx Hawk Midel Co. 1954.

252.Ladies handbags and change purses. L

253.Various sizes and shapes of change purses and bags. L

254.Leather wallet and change purses. L

255.Leather wallet with silver details and five change purses. L

256.The Golfer bobble head made in Japan, 5" tall x 2" wide. L

12 Glass Plates with Bluish Tint
Seem to be in good condition.
3 Glass Butter Plates and Two Small Serving Dishes.

257.Universal silver coffee Percolator, maybe 10-12 cups. Did not test. L

258.Lot of 4 glass cosmetic bottles. Hinds Honey and Almond Cream, Lazells Sachet Powder and more. S

Curtain Ties,
approximately a dozen.

3 Coke Glasses.
Two appear to be in good condition.
One is a 75th anniversary glass, shows a lot of wear.
One Coke bottle that is a No deposit from 1973.

Beautiful Antique Print of Young Girl
no frame measures 16 and 1/2 by 22
Marked Van art and Wolf & Lavinson. B

259.Lot of Fragrance bottles and cosmetics items. City, Avon, Charles of the Ritz, Faberge and more. S

260.Lives of James G Blaine and John A Logan published in 1884 by the Kansas City Publishing Company. B

261.Shakespeare's Tragedy of Hamlet printed in November 1908. Some damage to several pages towards the back of the book. B

262.Practical lessons in hypnotism by William Wesley cook. Published in Chicago 1901. Damage on pages 129 and 130 only. B

263.Astrology. The Zodiac and its Mysteries by Professor A.F. Seward. Copyright 1915. B

264.32 books mostly novels. Books include the Indian drum, a dominant passion, short story writing, the victory of the will. And the Texas Man. B

265.30 books mostly novels. Books include the showboat, East of the Setting Sun, The witch. The gods and other lectures. The flirts, st. Elmo. B

Four Antique Easter Baskets
6-12in diameter.

One Black Glass and One Ceramic Bowl.
ceramic bowl measures 6 inches in diameter and about 6 in tall. Black glass bowl measures 5 and 1/2 in diameter and about 7 in tall.

266.Set of 11 books. mostly a compilation of short storiesby many authors. The English comedic humaine. B

267.A 2 book set. The Holy Bible, and science and health with the key to the scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. B

268.31 volume set of the library of the World's Best Literature. All volumes accounted for. Copyright 1902. B

269.5 volume set of books printed in German. copyrights 1864 to 1870. B

270.Set of four books The Holy Bible, the Unity of Good. The Ten Commandments, a novel and the Bible unveiled. B

271.Book of poetry by Elizabeth Browning. Very old. cover shows a lot of wear. Printed in Chicago. B

272.2 books. The value of cheerfulness and the path home. Both poetry books. B

273.Two books of poetry. John Keats poems and the toiling of Felix by Henry Van Dyke. B

Nice Brass Lamp
No shade 3 way switch,
works 6 x 28.

274.Two books. Gardening for pleasure by Peter Henderson and Strengthening the eyes by Bernarr Macfadden. B

275.Wooden bookshelf with 4 shelves. 45 in wide 49 in tall and 9 in deep. B

276.26 life magazines mostly from 1972 one issue from 1961 and several duplicates. B

277.26 issues of holiday magazine dating from 1951 through 1962. B

Antique Tools Including Wood Yardstick, 24 inch folding ruler wood and brass, and a brass 24 # C. Forschner scale.

278.30 magazines of differing titles Woman's Home Companion the American home, Keith's beautiful Holmes, picture tutorial review from 1910 the delineator from 1913

A Six-Cylinder Courtship
by Edward Salisbury field. B

280.Two books by Winston Churchill the inside of the cup, and the dwelling place of light. Both are novels. B

281.The winning of Barbara Worth by Harold Bell Wright. Published 1911. B

282.The house without a key by Earl Derr Biggers. B

283.A Modern Tomboy by Mrs. LT Meade. B

A new pair of Rally figure skates size 11 in an old pair of CCM Canada,hockey skates size 12.

284.Baree son of Kazan by James Oliver curwood. B

285.Half a rogue. A novel by Harold macgrath. Copyright 1906. B

286.The light of Western Stars. A novel by Zane Grey. Copyright 1914. B

Pair of tree trimmers 1 old 1 new 9 ft. long.

287.On The rustler Trail. A novel by Robert Ames Bennett. 1927. B

Pennants X 2
Adler's Collegian clothes. 36 in. Advertising. Sports, collegeB

see lot 242 for Collegian Men's suits banner
Antique Feathers (12)
most are pink but there is a black a white and a gray one. B

290.2 books 1865 souvenir Dayton Kentucky encampment book and Trenton 250 anniversary of the settlement of printing 1929. B

291.Our country in War and our Foreign Relations illustrated. by Murat Halstead. Copyright 1898. B

292.Lot of perfume & cosmetics bottles and atomizers. S

Metal cabinet
18 x12 x64. Missing door.

Diego Rivera Poster ~ Unopened 
Unopened Museum Tour poster of Diego Riveras work,
Flower Day (1925).
From the museum tour in 1999 - 2000.
 Click here for Poster Image Link 

Nude Female Figure Bottle Openers
Lot of 3 metal bottle openers. Schroeder Hotels, Drink Buck National Beverage Co. and Ask for Fossco Malt Zahringer Malt Prod Co. Two are nude female figures. K

Six Antique glass light/lamp shades 4 inch diameter 3 1/2 to 4 inches high.
One of the etched ones has slight chip the rest appear to be OK.

Haviland & Company Limoges, France
 Porcelain floral design china, nine pieces total. BROKEN

Cora brooch and earrings
Enamel coloring and rhinestone jewels. Earrings are clip on. U

Effanbee Dolls Pat-O-Pat Rare Pinback button.
Pin made by Whitehead & Hoag Co. with the paper label on back. 
1 inch in diameter. U

1893 World Columbian Exposition Rolled Dime.
1 inch x 3/4 inch. U

S.S. President pinback.
From mid to late 1930s. Approximately 1 1/2 inches long. U

Rex Electric MFG. Corp. headboard Reading Lamp with 9 x 4 plastic shade. Also Wall Mount Brass Lamp for Paintings. 5 x 2. G

First set is a necklace, bracelet and earrings and second set is a bracelet and matching earrings. All are marked Weiss on back. U

300.Vintage Hawthorne table tennis set in original box. L

301.Metal shelf measuring 36 by 72 by 18. In the garage

120 American Heritage history books 1950s, 60s, and 70s. 
Book shelf not included. 

303.Pine book shelf 37 x 31 x 11. B1

304.Antique upholstered foot stool 16x11x12h. L

Antique Russwin #2 meat grinder,
and a Brighton #5 potato ricer.
11in long.

304C.Two vintage food blenders, an Osterizer Galaxie and an Eskimo Wiz-Mix both work. G

Antique Wicker Doll Buggy 24x23x11. L

A pair of original folk art paintings signed Long Beach,Cal. It appears they are painted on a cactus of some sort. They measure 13 and 14 in long and up to about three and a half inch wide.

Flower frogs and More Vintage items...

307.Seven antique storage jars 4-6 in high. L

308.Enamelware pots pans and a commode. L

Frankoma Pottery and more.
Four pieces of Frankoma Pottery on the left two little stoneware cups with pretty design and blue and in Maroon covered cracker jar cookie jar on Marcus Brown Bowl basket with a metal handle Mark 7201 USA and the vase for running strong American Youth

Weiss Jewelry
includes 1 set with necklace and matching earrings, set with a bracelet, brooch and a single earring. The darker set has had the center dangle on the necklace broken off. Will need repair. U

Sterling Silver pin
plus Wisconsin Band Pinback Buttons and Medals.
The small round silver pin is marked on back, Josten Sterling. And says Semper Fidelis on front. U

2 Piece matching jewelry lot.
Blue enamel flowers on brooch and matching bracelet. U

Three Royal Hager Art Pottery Vases,
All bottom signed,
6and 8 inches high,
all have some small chips.

313.2 cardboard storage barrels with locking metal tops. Vintage Republic Van & Storage Company Barrel from Los Angeles + red painted Barrel

Four Art Pottery Planters,
Three Haeger and one McCoy
5 to 10 inches diameter and length 3-5 in high.
Do not appear to have any chips or cracks.

314.Cardboard barrels with locking tops. Vintage Republic Barrel measures 29 tall x 20 inch diameter. Plain barrel is 30 x 20.B

315.Vintage baking supplies including advertising for Pillsbury, Calumet, and Davidson's. Over 45 pieces total here see photos

Lot of miscellaneous decorative items
1.5 to 14 inches high see photos.

316.Over 25 pieces especially if you count the tops of antique / vintage cookware.

2 Flex Seal pressure cookers plus a
Blue and white porcelain enamel roasting pan which measures 12 by 20. Not an exact fit but should work fine for roasting

318.Two vintage Guernsey Ware serving casseroles stoneware with metal racks. Extra racks to boot.

319.7 vintage and antique coffee pots with enough spare parts to build a couple more. B

320.39 pieces of English China 1910 by W H Grindley & Company LTD. Three bonus plates included.

321.30 piece set furnival's dishware from England. 1913. A few minor chips on small plates and bowls. See photos.

322.12 piece Bowl set with a bonus of two wooden bowls. assorted shapes and sizes none of them matching but an angel food cake pan from 1919 and an antique pie server.

323.1 lb of antique clay marbles that haven't seen the light of day for decades. Approximately 160 some odd marbles per pound. Quarter used for size reference and not included in lot. V

Ziprinho Wood Knickknack Shelf
20 x 7 x 9.

329C.5 - Art Pottery vases and planters 5 to 7 w x 3 to 9 h   G

Four Serving Trays,
Including 2 12 inch glass platters with etched designs,
One 10in hand Decorated with 22 K Gold,
and a 12in Fruit Bowl
Made in Italy.

Microwave or TV cart in good condition,
measures 28 1/2 x 33 1/2 x 18.

Antique Quadruple Silver Plate serving pieces,
Including four piece Poole Silver Co. set,tray is 9 in dia., a footed dish with bail handle engraved S Sept. 26, 89 9.5x4, and Superior Silver Plate Co. covered container with handles 9x5.

Ceramic Lamp with three way switch,
30 x 16.

Lamp with Glass vase and three way switch,
glass base light up with green bulb on click one & three,
30 x 14.

Brass vintage table lamp with shade,
works 29 x 16.

Three leaf shaped serving dishes One brass and copper, one glass, and one made from a clam shell and a brass scoop
7 to 10 inches long.

Antique porcelain chamber pot,
9 x 5, and a porcelain bedpan 17 x 11 x 5 has a crack.

Eight assorted glass vases
3 to 7 in h.

Six pressed glass champagne glasses and two tumblers MB.

34 Cordial, Champagne, and aperitif glassware. MB

Pictures of Memory Compilation of Samuel Francis Woolard.
Copyright June 1908 by Sam F Woolard.
Copyright 1909 by the Goldsmith Woolard Publishing Company. Suede cover.

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